Top 5 Picks for My TideStore Wishlist!

If you have been my reader from quite some time.. you’d know by now that branded clothing doesn’t really matter so much for me. It’s all about the type of clothing, how it looks like, affordability and its quality! I tend to shop online way too much and one of the shops I have come across is Tide Store Online. I loved how they have a lot of fashionable items with a reasonable and affordable price which promises all in good and top quality materials, too!


I like the fact that they have a lot of Fashionable Korean Clothing to offer as well. Now, I am not really a K-Pop Lover or anything and I don’t really like listening to Korean music and what not.. but I love their fashion sense! What really got me so interested with Tidestore is the fact that there are so much reviews per item throughout their online shop.

Most of the time, that is what really matters, right? When you get to see people’s feedback from the product you are eyeing on – it says a lot on how customer satisfaction is really being met! Since it is November – it’s finally my birthday month! Thus, I decided to put My Top 5 TideStore Wishlist to share with everyone.

1. Comfy Contrast Color Lace-Up Elevator Heel Sneakers and Sweet Korean Style Comfy Shoes with Bow Knot

Okay. I know I should only choose one but I can’t help it! I love both of these sneakers and to be honest.. I was eyeing 2 to 3 more pairs of their sneaker collection! I like both of these colors and the style just fits my personality as well. I love them both, lol! The pink sneakers with a bow knot is just so adorable and I love how I see myself casually rocking those red contrast elevator heel sneakers, too! I just can’t choose one, haha!


2. Chic Korean Style Leisure Long Sleeves Cotton Day Dress

From their collection of Korean Clothing, this is one of my favorite. I remember when I went to Taiwan.. I was actually looking for something similar to this dress but I wasn’t able to find one – and I can’t believe I am seeing it here in Tidestore, haha! I’ve always wanted a long sleeves cotton dress and pair it with some tights.


3. Comfortable Loose Euramerican Lapel Trench Coat

Another one I like this this Loose Euramerican Lapel Trench Coat from their Women’s Outerwear. The style is just perfect and I love loose coats yet doesn’t make you look so baggy – it still gives you that classy feel to it. Plus, it’s so perfect to use during my travels abroad.


4. Solid Color Sleeveless Mesh Irregular Hem Slim Dress

Oh gosh! I am pretty sure everyone already knows this by now.. but I could never resist a pretty black dress such as this one! It’s really adorable and I love everything about it! It’s actually one of Tidestore BEST SELLERS with tons of reviews as well. The best part is that I saw this in their Black Friday Deals from its regular price of $89.00 down to $31.79 – now that’s awesome, don’t you think?


5. Black Sequin Neck Line Corset

My last pick would be this Black Sequin Corset. I don’t really have any specific reasons for it.. its just that I never really wore one before, haha! I have heard a lot of good things in wearing a corset.. thus, I think it would be good to have one and give it a try myself, hihi!


That’s it for my wishlist! I know when it comes to online shopping.. one major concern is the size – thus, I was really glad that they also offer clothes in wide range of sizes and they have plus size collections, too!

Interested with Tidestore? Here – do check these places out, you may find something that interests you:
Tidestore Black Friday Deals:
Tidestore Women’s Outerwear Clothing:
Tidestore Korean Clothing inclusive of Free Shipping:

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60 Comments to Top 5 Picks for My TideStore Wishlist!

  1. A good corset has been on my wish list for ages. This one is beautiful!

  2. courtney

    Those pink shoes are to die for!!! Wish I had a pair sitting in my closet ;-)

  3. I love it all! You have some beautiful items. I will be back :)

  4. Amanda

    I love that red jacket, it is adorable! And the pink tennis shoes are amazing!

  5. So many cute outfits here. Love the dresses but think my corset days are over!

  6. Chrissy Mazzocchi

    I really love the slim dress and corset! I’ll have to check this site out.

  7. The day dresses look so comfy. Perfect for the fall/winter seasons.

  8. Loooove that second last dress! Gorgeous.

  9. I love everything korean form music to their fashion sense and food, this store sounds like one i should check out.

  10. My favorite color is red, but those “Sweet Korean Style Comfy Shoes with Bow Knot” are adorable.

  11. The pink shoes are so fun. What a clever collection of fashion.

  12. Wow! I love that little black dress with the flared skirt. I could see myself wearing that one!

  13. I love those red and silver high top sneakers. Red is my favorite color and they are relay stylish.

  14. Ahhhhhh – I love that irregular black hem line dress…I would love to have that in my closet – it’s so me. The green dress is cute, and that corset is a real hot number. You have good taste!

  15. I love your wishlist of clothes. The jacket would be on my have list as well.

  16. I love the trench coat and the dress. So pretty!

  17. kendall

    Cute stuff! So colorful and fun!

  18. Both the red and pink shoes look great! I love the pink ones more, just ’cause I love pink! :)

  19. Cute choices! I like the red shoes and the little black dress the most. Thanks for sharing!

  20. michele d

    Love the trench coat. I owned one like that but it no longer fits me. Loved the way it looked on me.

  21. I love the pink shoes with the bows SO much!!!

  22. All of your picks are amazing, you’ve got great taste.

  23. You have the best wishlist! Good choice

  24. I really love your wishlist! It’s definitely something I would wear too especially the cute high top sneakers. Thank you for the post!

  25. Very nice, I really love the dress and the coats. I didn’t know about this store, thanks for sharing!


  26. LOVE the coats because they are long and flowy and because they do not have buttons or zippers.

  27. I actually love the dress in the very first pic. I’ve never heard of this store before. I’m going to check them out now.

  28. These are some really beautiful clothes and the shoes oh the shoes! The pink ones are my favorite although I could see why you would also love the red ones. The pink ones with the bow I have to have so I will be checking those out immediately!

  29. Jennifer Williams

    So many cute items. I love the red Lapel Trench Coat, that is something I would love to add to my wardrobe.

  30. I love the coats and dresses the most. You have a great sense of style for sure!

  31. I adore those wedge sneakers and black dress! :)

  32. Okay, those shoes are SO CUTE!!! Love how they’re dressy, but still sneakers!

  33. Robin (Masshole Mommy)

    That corset is hawt. I bet my husband wouldn’t mind if I got one!

  34. I love the pink comfy sneakers shoes.

  35. The dress is nice, I’m not one for fashion or things, but the dress is very pretty!

  36. Oh how I love the cotton dress. All the selections are great but I know I could pull that one off.

  37. I’m loving that corset!!! Thank you for sharing

  38. I love your selections! That trench coat is so unique – love the cut and color!

  39. I love that long-sleeved dress. It’s so pretty and versatile!

  40. Clearly I need to shop there. I love the shoes, dress and jacket. Such beautiful clothes.

  41. Nice lists. The fashion pieces are so amazing. Thanks for sharing.

  42. Everything is so adorable! I especially love the red trench.

  43. I love the pink pumps with the box! How cute are they.

  44. I’m loving #4. I really need to add that dress to my collection!

  45. Ann Bacciaglia

    Happy Birthday. I hope you have a great day. I love the dresses and the shoes.

  46. The pink shoes with the bow are really cute and remind me of what some of the gals would wear in Shinjuku. Also, I am actually going gaga over the black dress… very elegant.

  47. Oh I love that little black dress! It’s very classy!

  48. That little black dress is GORGEOUS! I’ve seen it around Pinterest I think somewhere – glad I know where to buy it now.

  49. Love the shoes! Kung malapit ka lang sis, bigay ko sayo yung corset ko na di man nagagamit hehehe.

  50. These are such fun picks! I’m absolutely in love with the sneakers!

  51. Jenise @

    Very cute items. Will definitely have to check out the tide store!

  52. I love that red trench coat! I would love to have something like that.

  53. Elizabeth Obih-Frank

    Fab wishlist! Love that Lapel Trench Coat. So classy.

  54. I’m too old to rock those pink sneakers, but they are cute as can be. I think my daughter would look good in them, but she likes less girly things things (she’s not frilly… and I guess that comes from being raised w/three brothers ;) ). You’ve got a lot of cute things here.

  55. I am totally in love with that black dress it is so amazing.

  56. Those are great picks! I love the pink sneakers and the black dress

  57. I love that dress! I need to pick one of those up!

  58. Melissa Smith

    The dresses & coat are so my style! Although I’m sure my hubs would love it if I could rock that corset. LOL

  59. I´m very used to looking at KPop fashion because of my teen girl. :) You need to be quite thin for most of the models though.

  60. Loving the trench coat and the black dress. Looks so fashionable! I want them all!

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