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I have to confess. I love tights. I super love wearing tights and when it comes to fashion, I still believe in tights! Now, don’t get me wrong, replacing your pants with wearing tights is a BIG NO. It still depends on how you are using tights in your outfits. I just love how wearing tights enables you to look fantastic in a blink of an eye. Just a minimal change would make you really cute or really sexy!


Some people even use a halloween costume tights. It’s really cute. You can use your creativity with different style and colors of tights. I also think that we shouldn’t stick with skin colors or black when it comes to tights. It’s always nice to add a hue to it – be bold with colors but don’t over do it. Depending how you wore the tights it will be perfect for casual wear, party, office wear – daily and just to every occasion will do!


I also love these tights with a lot of kawaii characters on it but I prefer them to use on casual wears only. Just for fun, since it’s really cute. I actually wore one yesterday when I went out with my family. It was pretty funny as one girl suddenly came to me shouting how cute the cat was, lol! It was a fun-filled experience if I must say, haha!


A lot of people have came to me, too – asking where I’ve bought it and such. Too bad I don’t think it’s available in the Philippines (yet) I’m not so sure as I got this from Asian Candy. They have pretty designs and I prefer their quality as well. I’m currently on an adventure to look for different kind of tights in Philippines – hopefully, I get to find a really good one.

How about you? What do you think of tights?
Again, I super love them! <3

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  1. those are unique and adorable styles of tights..I didn’t notice the beauty of tights not until you posted different looks of women rocking tights…i will consider tights to pair with short shorts or with my mini skirts..thanks for sharing:)

  2. I’ve seen these before in FB (cat tights)! I wanted to buy them but I felt like I needed to work out first so they would fit my legs lol. They’re so cute! Now I’m more determined to get one! I actually love tights, they’re best paired with cute dresses and skirt outfits which I’d love to wear really :)

  3. Some of those tights are really cute. I love wearing anything that keeps my legs warm in the winter time.

  4. I love tights, they’re great for boots and cooler weather!

  5. These tights are really adorable. I see that they are all the rage this fashion season and that many women are wearing them with booties and boots. It would be great if they came in plus sizes too.

  6. I love wearing tights as well, it makes me feel sexier. Naks hahaha,.

  7. We always experience hot weather here in the Philippines maybe that’s why I wasn’t able to like wearing tights. But your tights looks very unique and love the design.

  8. I only wear tights before in my work uniform. :)

  9. Robyn

    I love the dotted tights in the first set.

  10. I love tights as well but feel a bit too old to be wearing such. My little daughter has a few in her closet though. I love dressing her up in tights and short skirts and boots. She looks utterly cute in them. :-)

  11. I love the designed tights! I have been really wanting a pair lately!

  12. I like those tights with cute designs! Gusto ko lng makita na sinusuot ng ibang girls pero kung ako, d ko keri mag suot. Haha. :))

  13. Anita Breeze

    Those are super cute! I love the ones that have the bunnies and kitties. My teenage daughter would love those!

  14. so nice. i love tights to, i have some kitty one but would love to have other designs.

  15. All those tights are pretty cute. I don’t think I’ve worn a pair of tights since I was in grade school lol.

  16. I am not a tights wearing type of lady, but some of these are really cute! If I have an occasion where I need my daughter in tights, I may look to get her some fun ones like these!

  17. Tights are important accessory to wear especially with wearing a dress. I like to wear especially going to the church. It keeps my legs warm while wearing a dress when it is freezing outside :-)

  18. I love those tights they are too cute I think the bunny ones have to be my favourite :) x

  19. Those are too cute. I’m not sure if I could pull it off but my daughter could.

  20. I love, love, love tights! I like to wear them quite a bit. I think those kitty tights are adorable!

  21. i have never tried wearing tights, but they sure look chic + sexy. i think they go well with little dresses + mini skirts.

  22. Those are really cute, I can honesty say I have never seen black cat tights. No wonder everyone is stopping to ask you where you got them!

  23. I LOVE tights! I wear them as much as I can and love different looks and patterns. Those kitty tights are so cute!

  24. I like to wear tights when I’m running errands or working around the house. These are much cuter than my standard black tights. I like the ones with the cats on them!

  25. Very cute tights! I love tights too, and the cat one is my fave!

  26. I love tights as well. But, I can’t wear it much here since I’m living in a tropical country.

  27. I love tights! They can be really sexy or really fun. I love your cat one! Super adorable nya.


  28. I love the cat ones i may not wear ones like those green ones though lol.

  29. katherine bartlett

    I love tights so much! They are awesome!

  30. I love the colorful tights trend. I think it’s a great way to standout or add something extra to an outfit. The tights with the animal tops. Adorable!

  31. I really like tights, but normally stick to black or skin tones. I think I have to brave some fun ones

  32. Girl, I am obsessed with tights! I look on eBay at least once a week for cool new ones that I want to buy.

  33. I’ve tried searching for tights here in the Philippines but usually they have printed designs such as stripes. The only plain colors available are white and black. I’m still in search for something like those you’ve shared. ^_^

  34. I love to wear tights with my dresses especially this season.

  35. Oh yeah! tights are now back and they are now a great addition to fashion.

  36. I have learned to love tights when I came here.

  37. The cat tights looks really cute for ladies.

  38. Tights are beautiful when using boots, and other comfy blouse.

  39. I love tights, they are very comfortable to wear except for colder weather.

  40. I like the pink leggings that you have…

  41. They look cute and so ’80s (and sooo kawaii!)!!!

  42. Tights can really show a ladies curves.

  43. i would love to find a website to get some nice leggings that are good quality these looks are so cute

  44. These are so cute and fun. I love Asian inspired fashion a lot. Will have to check out Asian iCandy site to see what about stuff they have.

  45. Tights is one of my fave thing to wear during Winter times.

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