The Life of a T-Shirt [Infographic]

Have you ever considered trying to know or figure out how your T-shirt has been made? I never thought about it before but after reading this infographic – it made me realized how important that we know how it was made and what process it goes through.


After all, it is what we wear – we wouldn’t want to know it was made of something, you know.. different, right? It made me appreciate more about T-shirts as it took a lot of work for them to be made. I saw them in a new light, how about you?

The T-Shirt: A Closet Staple

Chances are you have a drawer full of your favorite style of t-shirt. Most people find one that they like and stick with it, using it to create outfits and complete a wardrobe. Have you ever taken the time to think about where your favorite tees come from, or how they were produced? There is much more to the process of creating a t-shirt than one may imagine.

Starting Small

By the time a t-shirt is folded and placed on a store shelf, it has been through a huge transformation. The cotton that is required to make comfortable t-shirts has to be grown from a tiny seed and harvested by farmers. Thinking about that, you can see just how much cotton is required to make all of the t-shirts that are worn across the globe.

A Worldwide Industry

Thanks to today’s global economy, many countries are able to take advantage of the international need for clothing. Often, the t-shirt that you end up purchasing was manufactured using cotton from one country, sewn in another, and shipped from yet another. What you may not realize is that it takes many different people and companies working together to produce a quality garment that can stand the test of time.

The next time you get dressed, take a look at the following infographic, and think about just how far your t-shirt may have traveled before it ended up in your closet.

Life of a t-shirt infographic
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September 11th, 2014
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47 Comments to The Life of a T-Shirt [Infographic]

  1. Nice to know this thing about clothing. Definitely, it was manufactured with so many processes before you bought it from the store.

  2. Robin (Masshole Mommy)

    I never really knew how much was involved LOL. I live in t-shirts.

  3. Fashion apparels especially t-shirts is a really business. It would be nice to put a premium on the t-shirt brand to maximize its potential.

  4. I’m a bit familiar with some of the process since our company is in the textile industry.

  5. wow , didn’t know this .. amazing kaya pala ang iba khit simple t-shirt mahal.. well now i know. thanks for the info :)

  6. Wow, that was fascinating! Who knew that all of that went into one little t-shirt?!

  7. Love the infographic. There actually is so much that goes into that comfy tee, right?

  8. Amanda Love - Growing Up Madison

    Love the infographic. I’ve never really thought about how it all come about.

  9. oh! i never thought that the process of making clothes is as hard as this.

  10. That’s a really nice shirt, thanks for explaining the process it goes through. Very informative post.

  11. How cool to see how the process works. Also I want that t-short i love it.

  12. Jennifer Williams

    I have relatives that own a cotton farm, I hear about the process of making clothing all the time. I used to love going to pick the cotton and can not wait to take my boys to pick cotton.

  13. Sometimes we get used to having and seeing something that we fail to think about the story behind it.

  14. It’s important to know where your clothes come from, start to finish. I know there are so many out there who don’t care, but we should.

  15. I love this infographic! It is good to know where your products come from and how it’s made.

  16. I guess I never really thought about where my T-shirts came from or how they were made, lol thanks for sharing this :) oh and that shirt looks great on you!

  17. I can believe those stats.. i wear t-shirt everyday.. all different kinds.

  18. I’ve never really thought about everything that goes into making a T-shirt. I can’t believe what a global process it is.

  19. There was a lot of information in this graphic. I did not realize that the USA was still the top producer of cotton in the world.

  20. Well, who knew? I’ll think of this post every time I pull out a t-shirt.

  21. Wow that is cool to see. I never even stopped to think about that before. Thanks for sharing.

  22. Very interesting! I am always fascinated with those “How It’s Made” shows. This was like a mini version of that. Who knew so much went into making a tee shirt!?

  23. maria

    I love the shirt but more importantly I love their message as a brand. Great way to be green!

  24. Very informative and interesting. Will be thinking about that infographic the next time I pick up a tee for my kids.

  25. I had to do a project in college about a similar subject except we used jeans. It’s amazing to me how much it takes to make an item of clothing. It definitely made me appreciate my clothing a bit more and it lit a fire under me to help give back to those who do make my clothes.

  26. T-Shirts are definitely a huge part of most wardrobes. I love that you can wear them casual or dress them up.

  27. Thank you for the infograph! I have a friend who orders a bunch of tshirt for printing business. She would love this.

  28. From humble beginnings they come. I love them because they’re just so incredibly comfy. I’m wearing one now.

  29. Rebecca Swenor

    This is a great post. I don’t think people really even think about the process it takes to the t-shirts they wear. Thanks for sharing.

  30. that’s a cool inforgraphic! as with any large scale industry, it takes a lot of effort and organization to bring products like this everywhere! thanks for sharing!

  31. This is just such a great infographic.Love the post and this awesome infographic too.

  32. Thanks for teaching me something today. I am loving oversized graphic tees lately.

  33. Interesting to learn the life cycle of a cotton shirt. I don’t think we ever really give it to much thought about where stuff comes from.

  34. This is awesome! Thanks for telling us about it!

  35. I was surprised to read that one farm can produce enough cotton bales to produce millions of t-shirts. That is amazing Thanks for info-graphic… easier to understand.

  36. That’s a neat infographic! I must admit, I hardly ever wear a t-shirt. I should wear them more – they’re comfy!

  37. Love the Donnas quote on the t-shirt! The whole t-shirt process is very interesting too!

  38. Pam

    Hurray for the t-shirt. I live in them and now there are so many great choices out there. This was really interesting and informative. One cotton farm = over 9 million t-shirts. Amazing.

  39. I love my easy breezy tees. I cannot even imagine my closet without them. Thanks for sharing all the info on the life of a tee

  40. I liked when you talked about the t-shirts being put together in different countries. That is so crazy and interesting!

  41. Wow, I didn’t realize how much effort is into making a tee!

  42. Very interesting info graphic, I like know the process of items, but sometimes I am a little shocked.

  43. Wow, the stats are insane! To think one farm can make 9.4 million t-shirts and there are thousands of new designs a day, makes you wonder where they all go!

  44. What a great infograph! There is so much that goes into making a t-shirt. I so much we should know of the staples in our closets.

  45. I love this kinds of shirts that make a statement but they did get into trouble in my teen years.

  46. This is a very cute illustration — the tee story!

  47. From seed to store is a great concept. I hardly ever think about clothing that way. I always think about stuff in terms of how much it cost to make versus how much the consumer ends of paying. Like $200 for a t-shirt that cost about $4 to make.

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