The Importance of Getting Married and Wedding Veils!

A lot of people think that weddings and marriage is just a piece of paper but only few people realises its importance. First of all, a wedding is a ceremony that unites two people together in marriage. It varies from different cultures and can involve an exchange of wedding vows, presentation of gifts, proclamation of marriage followed by a wedding reception later on. But did you know that getting married and being married is actually more than just those wedding formalities.

It involves a lifetime commitment with a certain person – choosing the right person to be with is crucially important as well as by choosing the wrong person will bring you sorrow and heartbreak which can also lead you having tremendous stress and health problems.

YES – health problems. These emotional and mental illness called the Heart Break Syndrome can cause you your life, says Dr. Chris Magovern, a Cardiothoracic Surgeon. He also did mentioned that these things normally happens to women – especially those of older or menopausal women. The only treatment they actually have for this is – just TIME which may take weeks, months or years. Thus it’s always important to choose wisely and carefully when our hearts are involved. Just so you know.. a young man named Colby Wysocky (yes, can you believe it? a man suffered from it!) died from the Heart Break Syndrome (also called Stress Cardiomyopathy) last July 2009 from an overdose of mental and emotional illness. Doctors have suggested that if you are on a bad marriage, it is best to just avoid your partner for your blood pressure to not rise up than usual.

The good side of it is that having a good marriage saves you from sickness and diseases – it will even make you happier, healthier and have a much more tendency to have a longer life!

Speaking of weddings, did you know that wearing wedding veils symbolises a woman’s status of purity and a from of protection from evil spirits on her wedding day? No wonder I find wedding veils very beautiful and sacred.

I recently tried to look for wedding headpieces or wedding veils that I extremely find stunning and beautiful.

1 Tier Cathedral Length Ivory Voile Wedding Veil With Lace Edge

Ivory Cathedral Length 1 Tier Lace Voile Wedding Veil

Ivory 1 Tier Waltz Length Lace Detailed Wedding Veil

I super like the 1 Tier Cathedral Length Ivory Voile Wedding Veil With Lace Edge from on the first photo. I don’t know for what reason but I’m very drawn to its simplicity and beauty.

It’s very simple yet elegant – at least it was for me.

What’s your favourite from my wedding veil list?
Oh.. and it times like this, I just can’t wait to be married. <3

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  1. Those are beautiful veils! It’s a wonderful feeling to be married to the one you love! Kelan na ang klembang for you sis? hehehe

  2. To me, marriage is much more than a piece of paper and I enjoy my marriage very much. I did know about married couples being healthier and living longer.

  3. I agree with you, having a good marriage is not only good for your heart, it is also good for your health. If you are happy and you smile often, it will have positive effects on how you feel.

  4. I hope that me and my husband can have a big wedding soon.. Thank you for sharing!

  5. Beautiful photos! I got married many, many years ago. I never had a veil though, I wore pants and a sweater. lol I am not a dress kind of person. I know a lot of ladies go crazy for their weddings, mine was under a 100 bucks! I was young and broke. Its 20 years this year though!

  6. I didn’t wear a veil at my wedding. I did have a head piece but nothing covering my face. Almost like the very first photo of the couple.

  7. I love the long lace one. They are very nice.

  8. My sister is getting married next weekend and will not be wearing a veil. Like me, she has very curly hair and she chose to wear her hair down & a veil would look absurd with the king of hair we have. I think she’s wearing a flower.

  9. ivory 1 – i like traditional – not too ornate

  10. What beautiful veils – I adore the first one so princess like I think x

  11. Wow! Congratulations on your upcoming wedding. I really like this one – Ivory 1 Tier Waltz Length Lace Detailed Wedding Veil. It is simple yet very elegant!

  12. Love the veils. Today many people forget what marriage is about. I love the tradition and those veils are so traditional…

  13. Although it isn’t something I would have worn, I do love the first one. I can see one of my girls wearing something like that someday

  14. I like that first pic on veils. Choose the one that trails :D

  15. Oh I absolutely love the first veil! So gorgeous and exactly what i wish I had on my wedding! When I got married for some crazy idea the 80’s style veils were back in style and I hated them. So I ended up having my MIL make my own veil which was a flower wreath for my head.

  16. Those are so pretty! I had a long veil for my wedding day.

  17. I think I like number 1 the best. It looks like something I had in my wedding.

  18. I agree with you in that I really like the simple but elegant veils. I’m not sure I would want one of the very, very long ones.

  19. I really like the first one. It’s simplistic, yet sophisticated.

  20. Don’t forget to invite us on your wedding day sis.

  21. I never had a “real” wedding so I do dream of the pretty dress and all of that. I like the second veil best.

  22. patricia

    I love the Tier Cathedral veil. I did not have a huge wedding but have always wanted to re-do my vows and have a bigger wedding. Congratulations on your upcoming wedding.

  23. My favorite is the one where the bride and groom are kissing

  24. Beautiful pictures. I love simple so to answer your question, I would pick the very top picture. Simple but classy.

  25. I like the first one the best, it’s simple, classy and tradition

  26. My husband and I were already wed thru civil rites before we had our Christian garden wedding. The garden wedding was definitely more memorable for us. And yes, I did wear a veil still even if we were already legally married. :-)

  27. Marriage is a very serious commitment and I love veils and traditional weddings.

  28. Simplicity is beauty so I would pick the first one as well.

  29. I love the first one. I’m a simple kind of person.

  30. Those are just some stunning pieces. Love, love, love it! Planning a wedding is something that can be stressful, but yet exciting at the same time. Marriage is something that to seal your relationship, which means you are ready to be committed to one person alone and to spend your whole life together. It’s a celebration of being united as one. :)

  31. Beautiful veils! I like the 1st picture. so pretty!

  32. These are such beautiful veils…

  33. These are lovely veils and really matches with the gown. But if I get married in church, I would choose a not so long veil.

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