OOTD: Sweet Rocking Days

Few days ago, I had this itching feeling to go to the mall to have my nails done at . It has been ages since I last had some pampering loving session with myself – (thanks to the busy schedule, ofcourse!) Until I ran across Bang’s Tony and Jackey Salon in SM The Block. Thanks to my favorite stylist Ms. Jenny and to their Promo Sale – I ended up getting a make over with their Korean Magic Perm System. What do you guys think? I’m still not used to the wave and the perm itself but I am loving my hair colour! Ms. Jenny even told me to go back anytime I am having troubles so she can help and guide me at any time – NOW, THAT’S WHAT I CALL SOME GOOD CUSTOMER SERVICE!

I also had the chance to do my very first OOTD (Outfit of the Day), while at it!
Wearing my favorite Forever 21 top and bangle.

Forever 21 Turquoise Bangle

What really inspired me for this OOTD is my cut-out ankle booties from Fashioncookie Shoeavenue! It’s totally my current personal favorite to the point I have been using it since the day I’ve bought it! (Yes, I’m not even exaggerating!) It give me a sense of power and confidence in my everyday life which is why I TOTALLY LOVE IT!

Now, I know doing some “rocker” type of photos are totally out of my league and I already knew that it isn’t what suits me most – but still, I can’t help but to still make an OOTD Photoshoot out of it.

I can still remember what my previous manager told me way back when I was still in a modeling agency..

“Aisha, you’re not suited to making serious faces – just do a sweet pose and smile. It is what comes natural to you so don’t try hard to make a poker face.”

Moving on, there is just one thing I realized from my first OOTD – I need more accessories, haha!

Thank God for online shopping and Zalora in which I can easily access to buy accessories and other fashion and styling necessities – hassle free! I would also like to mention and give my cousin, Kimmy Chong – a plug! She’s new to blogging and currently my partner to attending PR Events, working on OOTD Photoshoots and everything else!


So, what do you guys think? ;)


August 5th, 2013
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  1. i like your ankle boots! so cool!

  2. jo-anne

    Girl, I love the outfit. very biker chic ang peg. :)

    i didn’t know they had a promo at bang’s, I’ll try to drop by this weekend. How much is their korean magic perm?

    • Yes, they do! I just accidentally bump into them – lucky, lol! I think their promo ended July 31 or so… the day I went to them lol… hopefully they have decided to extend their promo. It was such a good one! They had the first part of my hair rebonded and the latter part in perm. It was nice overall – it includes Keratin, haircuts and other stuff for only P3500. I think it was all worth it because that system usually cost 7K overall.

      • jo-anne

        ohh… hopefully they’ll extend the promo. :) for a service like that, worth it na the price.

  3. Ooh I like that wash & wear hair. I like the color too. :)) I wish I could sport that length. haha

    You rocked the outfit sis, I like your posing on the stairs.

    • You should – you might be able to pull it off, who knows right? Never be afraid to try, ika nga, haha!

      • I am still afraid, maybe kapag hindi na square mukha ko, hahaha impossible ata. :p

  4. Cute outfit love the shoes <3

  5. Love the boots! and i think u look great eventhough u said its not ur usual style, my problem is the other way around, my style is rockish i think and i need to be more girly like hehe :)

    • Thank you! During the shoot – I was really so conscious! Lol! A lot of people told me being girly is too normal for me – this one took me a lot of effort – I had a hard time making that poker face expression, lol!

  6. Nice outfit! Maypagka fierce, i guess? hehe. nice shoes too! :)

  7. I love the outfit! Rockstar mode achieved! So love the shoes too! <3 Your cousin, is she the one who was with you during the Etude House Event? sayang, I should've met you both pala non :) See you both next time :D

    • Haha! Did I? Thank you sis! Yes, totally! I fell in love with the shoes the moment I saw it, too! Yes, true. That was my cousin. :) Oo nga eh – we should see eachother next time! I would definitely introduced my cousin to you para may kakilala naman siya, haha! <3

  8. I absolutely love Forever 21. I always find the most affordable finds that look like they cost much more than they did, like this beautiful bangle! Great outfit!


  9. Love love that ankle cut booties. You look so kickass! I actually want a perm too. What I have been doing these past few days is tie my hair in a bun then when I take it off, it’s gonna be all wavy and slightly curly! :)

    • Yeaaa.. true. Minsan lang doing that is hard eh.. kasi dba.. it can cause damage sa hair natin – tho doing perms can do damage din.. but it’s lesser kung you maintain it – have hair treatments and stuff like that. :) But yeaa – you should try! I think it would look very cute on you! <3

  10. I’ve been hearing a lot of comments na nadala sila sa sales talk sa tony hhih :) I love the new hair. ever since I did my permed hair ayoko na mag pastraight ever :) para kasing laging nakaayos pag perm yung hair :)

    btw, The shoes! The bomb :)

    • HAHA! I don’t know much.. I personally do not like Tony and Jackey – but in all Bang’s Tony and Jackey Salons – I love it! They never failed me unlike the other branches, lol! I like theirs – eventhough same lang naman sila… Bang’s is more of direct to the owner lang kasi – that’s what the sales associates told me when I asked them, hihi! 2x and more… I hated the result sa ibang branches except for Bang’s talaga! :)

  11. Nice bangles, you have my vote! Inviting you to join my book giveaway here: http://eljovenlector.blogspot.com/2013/08/book-review-paperback-giveaway-miss.html

  12. i LOVE THE LOOK!!! Ang ganda2 mo! bagay na bagay :) the hair looks great too..

  13. I think your previous boss is right. You’re more beautiful with a sweet smile on your face. :-)

  14. That’s a beautiful pair of shoes, vahgay na vahgay hehehe!

  15. You look great… the rocker/biker chick outfit goes perfectly with your angelic face. so badass!

  16. Oh how I miss going to a salon. I love pampering days, it’s my me-time, sort of day-off from mommy duties. Recently my me-time consisted of sitting in a corner and read. Darn rain!

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