Romwe Giveaway: COCO MADE ME DO IT!

Sometimes, you don’t really need to get an extravagant outfit to look beautiful. Picking out a simple tee and how you wear it makes a whole lot of difference.

“Coco Made Me Do It” Black T-shirt from Romwe is one good sample of it. It’s a simple tee made of cotton but it’s so eye catching. It gives that cool, wild, classic and casual kind of feel to your style. It’s very versatile that it can be dressed up or down, too. It goes well not only to our denim short and pants but also with our skirts, leggings, etc.


For a limited time – it goes on a $9.99 SALE, starting at 1am of 13th March GMT.

An inner coupon for you: 10%offcoco (It can save you another 10% for the cool tee on 13th March only!)

Just as Coco Chanel have said time and time again, “Women think of all colors except the absense of color. I have said that BLACK has it all.”

Try this out wherever you may go, may it be in school parties, casual or outdoor hang outs, going out with friends or doing some shopping – wherever you may go, this will make you stand out!


Romwe is also holding a GIVEAWAY for this COCO MADE ME DO IT Black T-Shirt!

Here’s the Mechanics: follow the intructions on Rafflecopter!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

1 lucky winner will be picked 5 days later.

Again, this cool tee will be only $9.99 on 13th March GMT – you can either buy it or JOIN THE GIVEAWAY to get a chance to have it, FREE!

Here is an inner coupon for you, which adds another 10% when you buy it on March 13, 2014 only : 10%offcoco

117 Comments to Romwe Giveaway: COCO MADE ME DO IT!

  1. NAME: Hazel Ann Cuarez Asoy
    Majority of my shirts are black. I love how cool and classy this shirt looks ?

  2. Haha – that is a cute t-shirt. I love the different outfits you showed it with. There are so many ways to wear it.

  3. I was wondering if this giveaway is open to Canada? This brand name is very new to me and would love the chance to win one of these shirts.

  4. Ann Cagalingan
    Unique Shirt! :D Love it!

  5. kristine Pelayo

    I love t-shirt can wear it with all outfits!

  6. Samantha Tedesco

    Love this shirt!! *_*
    Samantha Tedesco

  7. aiko borja

    NAME: Aiko Borja
    i love simple black tee’s just like this. and my favorite color is black.

  8. Elera Marie Joaquin

    Awesome giveaway! That shirt is really cool …I would really love to win it!

    Name: Elera Marie Joaquin

  9. A simple shirt yet when you wear it, you can be fashionable. One of the must haves of the girls!

  10. Alyson Climbon


  11. tiana ba

    Name: Tiziana Basile
    GFC/FB: Tiana Ba

    I really love this Amazing t-shirt, it’s so cool!

  12. ISA VAL

    love the shirt!
    fb: cogito ergosum

  13. Ok, I’m in love with this shirt. You can blame it for any style you wear! And it works for dressy and with boyfriend jeans casual. Love <3!

  14. The black shirt looks simple but the words on it are what makes the look cool.

  15. loredana battista

    is very nice :)
    fb: loredana battista

  16. Mary Anne Ramirez

    Mary Anne Ramirez

    I love black, it’s so cool and classy. That’s why I got so excited to see that the prize for your giveaway is black shirt. Hope to win :o)))

  17. Joy Merced

    It’s such a cute shirt!

    Joy Merced

  18. that’s great opportunity for any girl to win such a great giveaway.

  19. I’ve joined!

    Name: Arian Y.
    E-mail: arisinwonderlandblog @

    I love this shirt! I’ve been seeing knock offs of it everywhere because it’s that popular, I guess. But still, it would be super great to have the ‘real thing’ from Romwe, especially since I also equally love the site and have bought from them before.

  20. Lovely giveaway! I would love to pair it up with the leather skirt, looks gorg :D

  21. Jea Blancaflor

    I like black shirt.
    Jea Blancaflor

  22. Raqisah Alimona
    Black are my fave color and so I love this shirt!

  23. Divya Asha

    I’ve joined this giveaway.
    Name: Divya Asha
    I love this T-shirt. If I win, I’ll wear this T-shirt with white leggings and sunglasses.

  24. Love the shirt! There really are lots of ways to dress up a t shirt, aren’t there?!

  25. Florinda

    Love it! *_*
    Thank you for the giveaway! :)
    FB: Florinda Fraccalvieri
    e-mail: floryfrancy(at)inwind(dot)it

    Finger crossed! ;)

  26. dagmarka

    Dagmara Marut

    I think it awsome!

  27. I was wondering who Coco was. Now it makes sense! Very chic – love the simplicity of it. :)

  28. That is really cool. I would love to win it for my daughter

  29. Brigi

    Done :)
    lovely shirt :)
    P. Brigitta

  30. There are a ton of ways to wear that shirt. It is too cute. I like the plaid skirt look. :)

  31. Love this shirt! Super cute outfit ideas for it too . Looks like it would be very stylish to wear

  32. Very cute shirt, one that my Granddaughters would fight over who will wear it first. I love Coco Made Me Do It.

  33. Awe, so cute and nice price! Great giveaway!

  34. Jessica

    Lol yup the black colour and design looks nice without a lot of different pants and styles.

  35. Jessica

    ^^^^^^^ Jessica ^^^^^^^^^

  36. I love black Ts! They are so versatile and so many options to style them up!

  37. This quirky fun shirt would match with so many things in my closet. I love black/white clothing color combos.

  38. yen

    yen morales

    love the grunge design!

  39. awesome giveaway love :) hehe i love romwe and this shirt is sooo cute :D very versatile too!

  40. That’s a really fun shirt. I know several people who should wear that!

  41. This shirt isn’t something that I’d wear, but I like how versatile it is. I’m a big fan of black.

  42. What a neat giveaway! I can imagine that tshirt being a girls best friend :) x

  43. Aida Villanueva

    DONE! I love the shirt.

    Aida Villanueva

  44. Nice deal for the shirt! Would love to wear that in Summer.

  45. I like black basic tees too. Good luck to those who joined the contest.

  46. I really like how versatile this shirt is. So simple yet so many way to dress it up, or down! Love it!!

  47. I bet everyone who sees it wonders who coco is and what they made you do, lol. I love classic t-shirts, I might have to add this to my collection.

  48. Ayy badtrip ako, ayaw nila ibigay sakin ung giveaway haha! Need daw maraming fans, kaya bumili ako ng fans. hmmfff

    • Namimili pala? Akala ko kasama lang sa weekly emails nila, lol! pero cute nun shirt – gusto ko manalo – naghahanap nga ako ng ibang nag gigigveaway nyan e haha!

      • wait mo nalang ung sale $9.99 naman haha!!

  49. Tricia Ladiana

    I like the shirt because its easy to pair with other printed skirt/short.
    Tricia Ladiana

  50. Wow, I could never wear those outfits. I know a few who would though

  51. Cute shirt!! I’m a little too old for it but I know some girls would would LOVE it!

  52. Alyssa (@heyitsalyssayu)

    Cool shirt! And it can be styled in a variety of ways!! :)

  53. Cute giveaway & cute top! I totally love wearing black :)

  54. Very cute shirt and a great little giveaway. Not sure if it is for me but if I was to win, I know someone who would enjoy wearing it.

  55. Ladies are gonna love this shirt and I’m sure they’ll join this giveaway.

  56. It’s great to see how many outfits a t-shirt can look great with. Very simple and casual yet effective. Not to mention if you need a quick change, many of the outfits would be a great way to start off your work day, then switch to the t-shirt for a more casual afternoon/evening.

  57. Very cute shirt! The slogan is catchy, thank you for sharing the giveaway

  58. funny shirt. Not my style, so I wouldn’t wear it. But it works with the outfits you have it paired with.

  59. Mary Grace Goles
    Love this shirt! Simple yet fashionable!

  60. ha ha I love those shirts! So catchy
    You have a gorgeous blog with great content. I shall definitely come around more often

  61. Im a tshirt girl. lol I wear them with everything.

  62. What an awesome giveaway! :) And such a cool shirt. :) Good luck to everyone who is participating! :)

  63. Hi Aisha,
    For sure this Tee is comfy & the statement is cool.
    They might wonder who is coco? coco martin?? chooos!

    Lorie Nocasa

  64. That is an adorable shirt! I have to admit, I had no idea who Coco was, lol.

  65. $!0 is a good deal. I know a few people that would like it.

  66. My daughter would love this! She’s a big Chanel fan and I got her a bottle of perfume for Christmas that she cherishes. I’ll have to share this with her.

  67. This is a cute shirt! I know just the person that could pull it off. I’ll have to see about getting her one.

  68. Rebecca

    I really like this t-short it goes with anything plus i’m a t-short freak wear them all the time.

  69. Love it with the red skirt. Cute Shirt!

  70. What a great giveaway I love the shirt. I need to go back when I have more time to visit the site. I love it and need some things for me

  71. Love each look as they’re quite edgy and on trend. Like the houndstooth and red tartan the best!

  72. Oh, I have the same GIVEAWAY-welcome to enter and invite your friends as well :)

  73. I love this t-shirt I would love to win this. It is so cool.

  74. Haha! That looks like a silly and cute shirt! :) Perfect for cool teens or women out there! :)

  75. very versatile it is! i can pair it with anything =)

    Abbey Calvo

  76. Coco Made Me Do it looks like a really nice statement shirt.

  77. Jane Tempest

    Entered,I’m in love with this T-shirt
    FB: Jane Tempest

  78. I like the black top and the statement written on it. Romwe has beautiful clothing collection. That’s a cool giveaway by the way.

  79. I love that leather pencil cut skirt too. Pretty for slim bodies.

  80. Nice shirt I love black so I joined your giveaway. It looks very
    Jhady Schwartz

  81. Those skirts are cute, I want one hehehe.

  82. I love the one with the rugged shorts…to sexy to wear :-) Good luck everybody :-)

  83. I wonder what Coco made them do? hehehe

  84. Yay! I like the skirt. Well good luck to all who join.

  85. Super cute shirt! It’s really cute paired with some of the shorts/skirts.

  86. What a fab giveaway! Good luck to everyone!

  87. I like the print! It has that naughty image and yet funky to be stylish!

  88. Jenna Eveliina

    I love this shirt!
    Jenna Eveliina

  89. arra odeza

    commented on the shirt :) <3 love the cute statement :) i want to give it to my sis if ever I won :)

    ARra Odeza

  90. good luck for the giveaway dear :D

  91. cute shirt :)
    Love, Leonita

  92. claudine

    awesome giveaway babe! I like the outfits

  93. Mara Galang

    NAME: Mara Jerimee Galang

    I really like this shirt! Simple but the design is really rocks!

  94. Ileana

    This tshirt is sooo funny and cute! And I love how all these girls styled it :)


  95. Fabulous giveaway! I love the shirt!

  96. Sílvia Ávila

    Sílvia Ávila

    I love this t-shirt

  97. Done po.. Manalo sana :D
    Fb: Sena Agon

    super cute ng tshirt.. ayos din yung statement
    looking forwad to have this :D

  98. What a super cute shirt! And I agree. I think simple shirts make a huge statement with the right attitude. You just either have to style it with really nice accessories, or of course, the no fail, sincere smile :)

  99. oops!! guess I missed the giveaway? *giglove

  100. Black shirts (Plain or printed) are flexible to wear. I like Romwe’s collection. They always have cool giveaways! gig

  101. That black shirt looks awesome! Love statement tees and this has the coolest one.

    xx Donah

  102. Such a fun tee – I adore this pick, so fun & easy to style! <3 GIGLove

  103. love that statement shirt! Nice color and so easy to wear any time.

  104. hahaha LOVE that tshirt – it ruls, so funny

  105. Lovely giveaway, love the tshirt so much ! Is this an international giveaway darling ?

  106. ooo lovely giveaway!!the shirt is awesome!!and can match with other pieces so easily!!

  107. this is such a cute giveaway and the shirt so fun.

  108. This statement dress can be worn with skater skirts, shorts or with pants. You can make different styles wearing this top.

  109. I love the pairing with the red skirt in the last pic! Really a simple T shirt can be so versatile!

  110. I love all the combination it can made with the shirt. all looks pretty. nice post.

    GIG Love

  111. What a great slogan!
    Love the tee
    Shame I missed the giveaway :-(

  112. Romwe surely got really nice products handy :-D I’d recently ordersed 3 t-shirts and loads of jewelry . Can’t wait to get it :-D xx

  113. ive got this tshirt and am still loving it XD

  114. Ive seen this tshirt and been lusting after it! aww awesome giveaway hun!

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