Prom Dresses for your Body Type

I’ve always believe that every female deserves to be beautiful. We all come in different figure and sizes but each of us would always love to look fashionable and be the best version of ourselves.


When it comes to prom dresses, One of the main key is being able to know what type of prom dress will be great for your body type. Believe it or not, not because you see how beautiful it is on a magazine or photo, doesn’t mean it will look great on you. You need to consider yourself as the subject at all times!

Prom Dresses for Plus Size Girls

If you are a plus-sized with a voluptuous body, choosing a prom dress can be quite a bit challenging. Let’s get real – not all prom dresses will look great on you but most professionals will agree to the fact that most plus-sizes will look really great with A-line gowns, which are gowns that fit by the figure with a top of which flares to design and style by the letter “A”


These type of outfit puts the focus on your bust line and subsequently stream over the ares you would like to hide. Plus, selecting an attire with a single color will even make you have a leaner shape.

Prom Dresses for Tall Girls

Being tall have a lot of advantages, from reaching higher shelves, being a fashion times supermodel and aids you when you are actively in sports. When it comes to prom dresses, being a tall girl might be a little tricky – especially when your height overs over 5’10.


The biggest issue most tall girls have is the length of the prom dress. Most prom dress are made for girls with the average height, thus the skirt length has always been the real issue. So, to fixed this type of problem, most tall girls would be great by wearing a high-low prom dresses. Then again, it’s not just limited to these type of prom dresses, one could also go for a sweetheart neckline shoulder straps with a satin skirt that features a side-slit and a long train, but I would recommended these for those who just want to look sexy. Tall girls should stay away from prom dresses and v-necklines which will elongate their body and make them even look taller, unless – they actually want that.

Prom Dresses for Petite Girls

If you are a petite short girl, you would want to stick for short prom dresses. Wearing a long dress will not only make it hard for you to dance, it will even make you more – smaller and shorter in the crowd. Ideally, it is best of the skirt of the dress should fall either above the girls’s knee or just below it. Most short girls like to wear empire waist dresses. While full on skirts are to be avoided by most petite women, if they choose to wear it, they should make sure that the top of the dress be tight or fitted. Also, backless dresses with spaghetti straps would also look great for girls with a petite frame – along with bateau short dresses for prom nights.


One of the ideal way to actually look taller on prom nights and events is to wear a dress that matches up the shoes you wear.

Please do remember that each body style has a different prom dress that will look awesomely good on them. Just by knowing what style fits your body type gives you a sure way to be the best version of yourself but you should also remember that one should be confident and comfortable with the dress they are wearing, most of all – just have fun!


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  1. I want the first picture on the right. I think this suits my body type. I’m not on the plus size but I have big hips.

  2. I just love everything that was picked out and my favorite one is the ruffled pink one. i love that your post is based off all body types and not just one.

  3. Prom dresses have come a long way since I went to school. I love that last dress, the one they match the shoes with to make you look taller.
    Thank goodness my Daughter and Granddaughters won’t be needing a prom dress any longer. But, I have 2 very young granddaughters who will be needing one in about 15 years.

  4. Love them all,I really like the second one. Plus you can wear it afterwards too
    Finding a dress when you’re tall can be a pain shorter dresses end up too short and long ones aren’t long enough.

  5. I’m short and rectangle shaped, so I always have a tough time shopping. Thankfully, prom is far behind me. These tips would have come in handy back then, though.

  6. I love the second dress at the top that is my type of dress :).

  7. I love these gorgeous dresses! That model in black hardly looks plus size.

  8. maria

    I love the styles you mentioned! My daughter is tall and doesn’t like short dresses. I love that we can opt for one that cascades. Great tips!

  9. there’s nothing ever beautiful than seeing your partner in a perfect prom dress..good one..

  10. Jennifer Williams

    It is so hard to find the right dress. I can remember a friend of mine taking months to find hers and she was still not happy. These are great tips to help find a dress that is flattering.

  11. These are really great tips for picking out a great dress whether be prom or anything really. It is hard sometimes to know what is right for your body type. Thanks for sharing!

  12. Okay, I LOVE that first black dress on the red carpet! Just my style! Ahhh, prom. Lots of good memories, for sure!

  13. So many great dresses out there. I think shopping for a prom dress is similar to shopping for a wedding dress- not every dress will look good the same on an actual person as it does on a mannequin! All about shopping for your body type.

  14. Amanda Love - Growing Up Madison

    I won’t have to buy prom dresses for another 4 years when my daughter graduates college but its good to know what to look for when shopping for prom dresses.

  15. What pretty prom dresses. It’s going to be a few years before my daughters are old enough to go to prom but I know they would love that peach ruffly one.

  16. So many pretty dresses here!

  17. Prom dresses are good when you really like the dress of your choice. More styles and colors to choose from especially online order.

  18. Those are all such pretty dresses. I love that last black one.

  19. I love how you focused on all body types and not just one!

  20. This is perfect, prom dresses for girls of every size is important!

  21. Ann Bacciaglia

    I loved shopping for my daughters prom dress. It was so nice seeing her all dressed up in all the dresses she tried on. I like how you included all body types.

  22. This is a great post. You’ve got to make sure the dress you wear highlights your positives and downplays your negatives. Too many times, I see women wearing super unflattering outfits, and it’s a shame.

  23. I think it is great that there are so many options for women with different body types. These dresses are absolutely lovely.

  24. I like the longer, more covered dresses. The ones that are super short and revealing bother me. I love the two on the red carpet. If I had a daughter, I’d make sure she was in one similar.

  25. Good points about finding the right fit. While a certain dress may look good, there is no guarantee it will look the same on all body types.

  26. Whenever i see fashion for petite girls o get jealous because they always have cute selections for that body type..

  27. great point! I always have issues finding a dress because my latina body is very pear shaped :-)

  28. Prom dresses have come a long way. Now it looks like a red carpet premiere with all of the full-length gowns and jewels and heels.

  29. I love the first pboto with Emma Stone in it..

  30. I never understood the whole prom thing but I know it’s important to young adults everywhere. For me, the perfect dress is the one that makes YOU feel good – who cares what anyone else thinks!

  31. Ann Bacciaglia

    I love the top right dresses with the colour bodice. Stunning.

  32. I would rock any dress from the above pictures. They all look princess-y even the shorter ones. Also, it’s easier to move and dance if the length does not reach the floor.

  33. I LOVE this post. I must share this with my cousins and their friends who are graduating next year. Thanks for the share.

  34. I love that last dress. I would love to see that on my daughter next year

  35. Chrissy

    The dresses are absolutely gorgeous! I love to dress up once in a while :)

  36. Gabby

    Great post! These are all so pretty. I love the prom dress that I had!

  37. I’m definitely petite, so thanks for the tips! I miss prom days

  38. When you can find the perfect dress and prefect pair a shoes for prom life is great lol Lots of pretty dresses. Makes me wish I had somewhere nice to go to.

  39. These are cute. And I agree that A-lines are great for plus size girls.

  40. I like the big fluffy ones. They are all nice.

  41. Wow what beautiful dresses those are. I love seeing girls get all dressed up.

  42. I love how you feature all body types. Thanks for a great post. I love looking at the dresses.

  43. I love the peach one! And I will second the length being a problem for talls. Story of my life :)

  44. I didn’t know to wear shorter dresses during my prom. Now I apply that to a lot of my wardrobe being a petite gal :P

  45. i admire ladies that can pull it off effortless, feminine looking.

  46. Your dress can balance out your deficiencies or highlight your assets so you should choose the one that’s perfect for your body type.

  47. Rebecca Swenor

    Interesting information about Prom dresses. I love all these dresses they are beautiful. Thanks for sharing.

  48. The orange one is so pretty! I never had a prom dress in my younger years hehehe.

  49. Dressing for prom is such a fun thing. I think it’s even more fun doing it from a mom-perspective when your daughter is excited about finding the perfect dress. You’ve showcased some really pretty ones here.

  50. I miss Prom! I went to 5 in high school and always loved getting dressed up for it! My favorite was my junior year and it was a floor length, gold, column dress. Just beautiful!

  51. I love how you included plus size women. These dresses are beautiful.

  52. These are good tips. Hopefully I can hang on to something like this for years down the line when my daughter is looking for a dress. I think she will need one for tall girls!

  53. Prom was always so fun to shop for! We loved big fluffy dresses in bright colors.

  54. Great tips! I didn`t know a lot of the things you said. The first dress looks like it fits the model so well.

  55. These are all so beautiful! I love that peach dress. Thanks for sharing the resource.

  56. Great examples for the different body types! i love the salmon colored dress.

  57. There’s definitely something for everyone nowadays. It’s nice that we’re not all stuck with one type of style.

  58. The Chef's Wife | Anne @TheSatEvePot

    Gorgeous dresses! I believe dressing for your body type or in styles most attractive for you can go a long way in boosting confidence and feeling your most beautiful self … great tips!!

  59. I have a few more years before prom is something my daughter has to think about. I am actually excited about going dress shopping with her though.

  60. All of them are really nice , but for me i prefer the second one.

  61. I would love to go back in time and rechoose my prom dress. I love all the different choices you came up with.

  62. I am on the petite side, and true enough, I go for the short dresses. (I am now too old for proms, though. wink!)

  63. omg! that orange long dress to die for! owuld love to have one of those!

  64. Wow…prom dresses have come a looong way since I went shopping for my prom dress oh so many years ago ;) These are beautiful! Thanks for sharing :)

  65. These dresses are all very stylish, and I love that they cater to every body style! It will be quite some time before I will have to consider a prom dress, however I will share with friends.

  66. We will need to get my daughter another prom dress in a few months. This will be her senior prom!

  67. Amanda McMahon

    Great post that reminds us that depending on our body type. We can’t all wear the same thing and look good, but we can find something that works good for US!

  68. I’d always go for b;ack prom dresses because it’s slimming and elegant.

  69. Wow, the second dress is beyond stunning! I really, really want to purchase it!

  70. i always thought dresses are pretty. although i am not fond of wearing them as i thought they suit the petite ladies more, but i do hope i can wear at least on special occasions, like my birthday or my little man’s graduation, perhaps! :)

    these prom dresses look really lovely. they’d make any girl standout in her prom night!

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