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In this time and age, joining pageant beauties doesn’t come so rarely anymore. In fact, even young girls tend to participate in tons of beauty pageant competitions. As pageant specialists say, when joining pageant competitions especially for your girls and kids – fashion plays a tricky and crucial role.


Here are some tips to know what to wear for any pageant beauty competition for young girls:


1. Planning – Choosing for pageant dresses for girls is no easy task, so make sure you plan ahead of time. There is a need for thorough checking of your budget, style research, fitting and practice towards the pageant event.

2. Style Research -One of the things most people fail to realize is that they have to know what the pageant is really for… is the pageant for teenagers, for kids or for women of 20+ years of age? These things count. What you wear should actually fit the categories of the competition.

3. Pageant Dresses – It’s always best to select a full length gown for the competition and if you do wear one – do make sure it touches the floor and the shoes shouldn’t be seen all at the same time, make it to a point where your child can walk in the gown without stepping on it.

For girl ages from 4 to 12 years old, it is better for these girls to wear gowns that has straps on it. Remember to take notice of your daughter once she wears the gown – does it make her look older? If she does, then the dress might be too mature for her – work on the straps for this age range. Strapless gowns are best to be worn by pageant beauties from 16 years old and up.

4. See the Bigger Picture – Though a lot of us tend to just want to wear something really nice and beautiful. We do need to check what we wear, keeping the judges perspective in mind. Take note, that if the dress seems too wide, it will shorten your daughter’s height on stage and it will take away the attention from the girl. Also, know that there is a fine line between making a statement with the gowns you wear and being too much. After all, the judges want to see the contestant more than their dress. It’s still all about your daughter at the end of the day.

PS. Remember that high slits are best to be worn by pageant beauties over the age of 18 and up.

5. Singled Colored Gowns – In beauty pageant competitions, single colored gowns are the best choice to make! Colors actually plays a big role with your dress too. If you try to use very light colors, most likely, on stage it will appear just like white!


It’s always nice to be able to wear the dress of our dreams and this is especially true even with young girls, but do remember it’s important to not worry so much with the dress, just have fun and be confident as your attitude and aura will show during the competition. Work on your eye contact, smile and practice those graceful walks and rock that pageant beauty competition!

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  1. Wow! Can I have dresses like this for ME please? They are stunning and the girls look so gorgeous and sweet!

  2. If I had a daughter I would never put her in a pageant. But I have all boys, so no worries.

  3. I am so glad to be a mother of all boys! I think God knew what he was doing by blessing me with all boys! The girls are adorable!

  4. Lisa Jones


  5. I think for kids, they should wear outfit that stands out.

  6. Gowns for girls should be fun, bright and colorful! just like in this article. Great selection and tips!. :)

  7. I can only imagine how much goes into getting a little girl ready for a pageant.

  8. For young girls, I think single colored gowns and those bright colors really suit them well.

  9. Wanderer Juan

    Those dresses look great on those little girls. I’m sure those tips can help moms find good clothes for their daughters.

  10. Oh my… they sure do make those little girls look way too grown up. They need to be kids and have fun.

  11. Maria Oller

    while they do look lovely I wouldn’t leave my daughter who is 18 now,neither would my husband but those dresses are gorgeous!

  12. Those are some very pretty dresses! Love!

  13. We knew a young girl who did pageants when she was younger. I wasn’t impressed with the behaviors and values of most of the adults, or the ones they were teaching the children.

  14. Wow they all look so grown up! It looks like a lot of work! I’m with DeDe though…I’m glad I have a boy!

  15. These girls and dresses are adorable. I only had boys so never had to put much thought into anything like this. I was pretty much a tomboy growing up but every girl likes to get dressed up once and awhile.

  16. what have been mentioned here were correct .but aside from the sense of fashion for our young girls to perform better on stage , we have toteach them of the right attitude.Not everything glitters will make you successful , wehave to root it from the way we carry ourselves..(wow i speak as if i am a pageant expert hahaha)

  17. I would not put my daughter in a pageant until she is old enough to say she wants to compete in one. I competed when I was 16-21 years old for scholarship money which was so helpful for my college tuition and book fees!

  18. oh cutie!! love all the dresses.

  19. Asking what the kid wants will also help in planning for the outfit.

  20. I wanted my daughter to join kiddie beauty pageants but she refused. In the end its still up to the child if she wants to do it.

  21. This post is really helpful for stagemoms out there! I totally agree with single colored gowns since its more elegant and classy.

  22. wow this is like my daughter haha she got plenty of gowns and costumes in her closet because of barbie hehe nice tips here

  23. Perfect tips, but sad to say all my daughters are grown ups and my 2 apo are both boys.

  24. I think for girls they should also warm the audience with their personality.

  25. Girls also looks so cute when they dress up for pageants like this.

  26. To be honest I am sat on the fence when It comes to beauty pagents for children! I suppose in places like the US it’s the norm and I can imagine it’s great for the kids but here in the UK are culture is different and attitudes are different when it comes to that!
    I think Kids should be left to be kids and have fun! Glamorizing them up as Adults for me is a little wrong but hey that’s just my opinion!
    All the best anyway!
    – Phillip Dews

  27. These dresses are nice, but I feel they might be a little too mature for young girls. Would be great for teens, though.

  28. In a way I’m glad my daughter didn’t turn out to be a girly girl, although we do love dressing up, I imagine a beauty pageant must be hard not just for the kid but for the parent as well. :P

  29. They look beautiful but they also look so grown up. I have always been torn on the pageant thing, maybe because I was a tomboy and never understood all the girly things.

  30. These are all great tips. Those dresses are gorgeous too.

  31. I love the long dresses–very cute. I don’t think I would get into pageants if I had a daughter.

  32. This is so adorable! If I have a daughter, I will join her to a beauty pageant. Thanks for the tips! :)

  33. Cute little girls. Hopefully they are not forced to do this. Nonetheless, continue on getting that dream!

  34. Such a cute kid. Gorgeous dress for kids

  35. Beautiful gowns! How I wish to have a daughter now :( I’ll definitely let her wear one of those!

  36. I have always found beauty pageants a bit scary. There is not much similar in Finland. Even Miss Finland contest is strickly only for over 18 years old and there is no talent contest or anything, just modeling.

  37. I adore these dresses, they are super adorable. Great tips!

  38. Wow, those are all beautiful! I love the pink one the most.

  39. I always admire pageant girls. My little one isn’t into it lol.

  40. Wow! Those girls look so beautiful! I’d probably trip over one of those big, puffy gowns Jennifer Lawrence style ;)

  41. I think it’s very important to focus on having fun. These pageants can promote diligence and develop confidence in young people, and it depends on how parents are modeling behavior. There are lots of shows about pageant parents who take winning and losing too personally, which takes away from the positive experience.

  42. The white gown is a little more sophisticated and elegant-chic for the little ladies. I guess when my niece turns a little older to join a beauty contest, i can help out with her outfits! haha

  43. I love the pink gown :) Plus the young model looks happy and proud with what she is wearing!

  44. All those girls are pretty. And yes I do agree that parents should be aware how they would style there children, especially when picking the right clothes for the pageant. I don’t have plans to let my daughter on such competitions yet.

  45. Beautiful dresses, my daughter would surely love these.

  46. The whole world of beauty pageants for children is one don’t know about, this was an interesting article or that reason.

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