#OOTD: One Of Those Days

This is actually a very late post – I had this #OOTD (Outfit of the Day) during March 2014. It was quite a hectic day for me. I met up with my best friend to do some catching up since it has been awhile since we saw each other – then a bit of shopping – okay, maybe it wasn’t a “bit” – we went shopping.


What I’m Wearing:

Style Casual Lacing Wedge Flats from Jolly Chic
Origami Black Shorts from Style Stunner Manila
Love Heart Necklace from Forever 21
Simple White Black Top from Forever 21
Black Cardigan from Cotton On
Golden “Peace” Sign Bracelet from Romwomen.com

Confessions: As you may all know – I don’t have a “thigh gap” and for some reason, I’m totally okay with it. I have always loved myself and sometimes, I love myself a bit way too much, lol! I have always love my thigh and legs despite the fact I do have cellulite here and there. I just can’t help but wearing short shorts, skirts and all the kind of outfit that makes me feel sexy – anything that shows the legs makes me feel really good – despite the fact that I’m far from thin or anything. Who cares?

I still love this photo even though I look so haggard and I was even sweating at that time, too! (It was too hot!) But, as you may all know, in my previous #OOTD: Black and Brown – I lost some weight and to be honest, I already lost more than 10lbs recently. I haven’t posted a new #OOTD to show my body transformation as I wanted to get much more slimmer and sexier this time around.

For what reason? For no reason! I just want to look good – I guess, I’m loving myself more and that fact alone makes me really happy.

PS. My thighs are actually much more slimmer now than in this photo. It makes me so happy slimming down! I can’t wait to shop for more outfits to wear! I am also doing boxing now and hoping one day, I get to have a “thigh gap” LOL!

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  1. your shoes!!! aaah,.,. im jealous!

  2. Cute origami shorts!! Looks good on you :)

  3. You look GREAT! I love your outfit and I am totally in love with those shoes. I need a pair for me!

  4. Shopping with friends is the BEST!! I have a thigh gap and really don’t like it,… but what can you do? Can’t wait to see pictures of the New You!!

  5. There’s nothing wrong with loving yourself, especially if you look that good! Love your outfit, especially those shoes! Thanks for sharing! :)

  6. Alyssa (@heyitsalyssayu)

    Great outfit! I love the shoes! And I like how you don’t care about what other people think. It’s what you think about yourself that matters. :)

  7. Black and white outfit looks great and it was nice that you mixed it up with a blue shoes.

  8. Those shorts are amazing! And the shoes- love, love, love them!

  9. I love the black cardigan! It could go well with so many things!

  10. A thigh gap? Cellulite? Girl you are way too hard on yourself. You look great! Love the outfit (Kim)

  11. i love your outfit sexy :)

  12. You look stunning! I love your shoes and how elegant the outfit is! How’s boxing so far? :D

  13. I love your shoes sis and you look good on your outfit.

  14. Those are such cute shorts. I’m planning on getting my legs in shape to wear shorts this summer.

  15. for me personally I would wear longer short like above the knees. cause of my celiulite from when I had my daughter 6 years ago and its still there. I do like this look on you though.

  16. I like your shoes,they are great.

  17. Don’t you worry about that stupid Thigh gap fashion! It is a ridiculous pressure for girls that is quite illogical! You look gorgeous and don’t let that bug you at all!
    I seriously love the Love Heart Necklace! So beautiful.

  18. Those shoes are awesome! Plus, you look totally great and I love that you do whatever you are feeling rather than worrying about what other people might think! Good for you!

  19. You look great! It’s good to be happy with your body! We don’t have to be as skinny as models.

  20. I love those shorts! You always have such cute outfits.

  21. What a cute outfit and love the shoes you look fabulous.

  22. Love the skirt!!!

  23. You look adorable and so fashionable! You are right to not worry about your legs because they look great! I admire your self confidence. All of us women should love our bodies and where what we like!

  24. I also like how you titled One of Those Days which is also OOTD like Outfit of the Day.

  25. I love this outfit on you! “Thigh cap”? I didn’t know that’s what they called it. hehehe I don’t have one either plus my thighs are a bit on the thicker side too! =(

  26. love the outfit! we have the same shorts ^_^ Ohhh hey I don’t have that thigh gap too but I’m okay with it ^_^ I love my legs as well but much better if they are slimmer din no? :D

  27. I would love to see those shoes from side view. Cute outfit

  28. The shorts style is really cute! LOL to thigh gap. I guess we all kinda like that space, or the media tells us we should anyhow.

  29. Stunning! I love your whole outfit here. I envy the shoes though. Hehe!

  30. Wow, you’re so awesome with this attire especially the shoes.

  31. I must agree love the shoes! And the outfit itself

  32. I have to agree, the shoes is really cool!

    I also love wearing shorts and I don’t care even though I’m fat hahaha cheers to us who have lots of confidence!

  33. I love the outfit! I don’t have a thigh gap as well and I am totally ok with not having one.

  34. You don’t look a bit like you needed to slim down to me. I love black and white together, and I love the length of that chain too. Very nice!

  35. No matter what, you still look gorgeous. I love that you said you love your self because it is what matters. And I love that you said, you love yourself so much that you are taking the step to make yourself look and feel good. Kudos to you!

  36. I love wearing shorts and I have cellulites too. Who cares anyway? If someone doesn’t have cellulites, that doesn’t make them perfect either. But yes, I would like to remove my cellulites but I’m too lazy to work on it.

  37. THose are very unique shorts, I thought tit was a skirt at first. And I love long necklaces!

  38. grEAT JOB ON LOSING WEIGHT SIS. i AM Looking forward to getting into a hundred. i am currently 96 lbs and wants to gain weight through building muscles and possibly lose the tummy fats.

  39. This is such a cute outfit and the shorts are perfect to keep you nice and cool during the warm weather months.

  40. my dear you look fabulous ! i can’t wait to see your new look coz you mentioned you lost weight..hope it’s not too much bec. you’re sexy in here with curves:)

  41. That skirt is so cute, I have never seen anything like it before. I bet it was a great day catching up with your friend and shopping.

  42. Love the shorts they are super cute. Cute necklace too.

  43. I really do wish I am as confident as you are although you are much more slimmer compared to me, hihi. Anyhow, I do love your whole outfit.

  44. The cut of your shorts makes it really stylish.

  45. Nice outfit! I don’t have a thigh gap myself (not even when i was really skinny, my thighs are always the fattest part of my body even though i was very skinny once) and i don’t really care-so shouldn’t you! I’m practicing yoga regularly now but more to tone myself up (because skinny and flabby’s not attractive in my opinion), be healthier and feel better for myself :)

  46. Oh that gap, my husband calls it diamond of light lol, opps.

  47. Great outfit! Well, girlfriends are the best shopping buddies, no idle moment with them.

  48. I’m not sure if I’ll ever have a thigh gap, but I’m pretty sure that gap isn’t supposed to be natural on everyone!

  49. Your outfit really blends with your white complexion especially your beautiful legs.

  50. Oh shorts pala yan sis, I thought it’s a skirt, cute naman!

  51. You look really lovely in that outfit! As they say in Tagalog, “Bagay na bagay!” Thumbs up!

  52. You look great even without a thigh gap. Guess what? I don’t have one either but it doesn’t matter. :)

  53. Looking good! Love the skirt and the shoes. I hope I can wear those kind of skirt kaya lang makikita huge legs ko. Hahaha!

  54. Looks very pretty and your definitely not overweight!

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