#OOTD: Black and Brown

It’s been awhile since I had an #OOTD posted on my blog (Outfit of the Day) and this came in very unexpected. Today was quite a hectic day, it was full of surprises – both the good and the bad but then again – that’s life. It’s always full of ups and downs and surprises all around. Don’t you think?


Lately, I have been spending too much time shopping – mostly online shopping. It’s quite addicting at times, especially those who actually sell good stuff on Instagram. Seeing those awesome reviews from different people, too. It’s tempting especially when you see a really great product being sold at a cheaper price! I recently received an item I bought on Instagram and coincidentally – I also received a great gift which I added to my newest fashion collections!


What I’m Wearing:

Black Romper from Plussionista
Black Ribbon High Wedge Heels from Forever21
Black Sunnies from SM Accessories
Cosplay Ball Dual-Purpose Long Curly Hair Wig from Tmart – feel free to check more Cosplay Wigs on their website!

I am totally in love with this Black Romper from Plussionista! I have been eyeing it for quite sometime until I finally gave in and just bought it, haha! I normally wouldn’t buy any clothing online since it’s hard to see if it will fit you or not – especially since I am not the skinny type of woman who gets to wear anything I want, lol! It’s also made in Jersey Fabric which made it really comfortable to wear.


The wig was a total surprise on my part – I never wore a wig before so it’s all new to me. I had problems picking this package up since Tmart made a few hiccups in sending me the package – but all came out well – after, like.. almost 3 months? Lol. It was no big deal to me but the problems picking it up on the postal was a headache! Those curls were fabulous – something I can never achieve with my real hair, Lol!

PS. What actually made me happier was the fact I look slimmer here. Big thanks to the Black Romper and the color BLACK!!

March 14th, 2014
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  1. You are so pretty – you need to post pictures of yourself more often!!! And I do love that outfit. You look fantastic!

    • Thank You, Robin. I’m actually trying to post more, lol – sometimes I just tend to forget, haha! But I will! :D

  2. I really need to add a black romper to my wardrobe.

    I follow a lot of clothing companies and makeup companies on Instagram and have never made a purchase yet- I’m very tempted though.

    • You should! It’s super worth it! They have small to big sizes which is actually perfect – the quality is good as well! <3

  3. You look awesome! I love the dress – and your little camera is super cute!

  4. I love the shoes and the wig looks fabulous on you! I would love to have curls like that without a wig (as I’m sure you would as well!)

  5. Bryan

    I’m so addicted to online shopping too. Glad you’re happy with your purchases!

  6. nice outfit!

  7. I definitely love the romper and the wig really looks good on you! ;)

  8. You look fab on your outfit! And the wig looks just perfect with the whole look.

  9. This is a really nice outfit and your hair looks glorious. I love the contrast of the hair color and the black jumpsuit.

  10. Love the homper and the hair! <3 I would love to buy one for me too! :D Bagay sayo ganyan hairstyle :)

    • *romper -__- haha

      • Haha! I was thinking din kanina – homper? haha! Anyway, thank you sis. I’ve always like this type of hairstyle – ang hirap ma-achieve in real hair, lol!

  11. Kimberly

    Your pictures are everything and your #OOTD is giving me life. You rocked it out. Love it.

  12. That is a very nice and comfortable look :) I could wear that…if only I was 25 years younger, heheh

  13. I’m not a big fan of Romper although you look really cute in it ^^
    Recently bought a wig too but since my real hair is quite long I’m still tweaking on how I hide my hair inside the wig without making it like I have weird shape head #LOL

  14. Those wig look so real on you it fits the skin tone of your face… I love it <3

  15. It is a beautiful wig and sorry you had some issues with it at the post office. And that romper looks nice. Never owned one since I thought I won’t look good in a romper. Looking gorgeous, you are! I buy a lot of things online and yes it is an addiction. LOL!

  16. I love the outfit it goes well with shoes too!!

  17. What a beautiful hair dear :D

  18. I love the hair! and outfit. I need some wigs or hair extensions. I’ll have to check out TMart.

  19. you looks lovely,I like your style and colour both.

  20. Looking good, there! I can totally relate with the being hesitant to buy clothes online and worrying if it might fit me, especially the sleeves since i seems to hoard all of my excess errr meat on my arms and thighs *LOL*. Love your shoes, btw!

  21. Love love love your last shot sis, parang manika hehehe.

  22. Love the outfit, love the hair, love the makeup, love it all!

  23. That romper makes you look sexy! :) Ooh, I’m curious, what sort of trouble happened with your shipment from Tmart?

    • Upon the shipping details, they placed a different “name” on the “name area” and placed my information details on the “address area” – which actually made them THINK I wasn’t the person who is to received the parcel – but it was using my name on the address and mailing address, lol. >.< So, instead of reaching me in just weeks for a package to come - it reached me more than 3 months! >.< After 3 months, the people in the postal office won't even believe me since - the name was different. -.- It was crazy, lol.

      • Oh my gosh, how stupid and what a hassle! :P But at least you have it now and that ordeal is done and over with! :P Thanks for letting me know! :D

  24. Love shopping period and taking pics. You look great by the way!

  25. Looking good!

  26. What? That is a wig? I haven’t seen a wig look so natural before. I was seriously oogling over your hair then found out it was a wig. I seriously love it! You look amazing!

  27. OMG!!! You looked so gorgeous <3 And loving your extension babe xx

  28. It’s really flattering on you, super cute! How fun to be able to sport some curls for a change.

  29. Your hair’s beautiful with curly at the end, made you awesome to look with black and brown outfit.

  30. Sia

    At 5’10 I have to be very careful about wearing rompers and jumpsuits. Sometimes they just turn out all wrong, especially if the length is too short. Fortunately, you look like you’re the right height to pull it off.

  31. This is awesome combination for your OOTD, and you can find some other partner outfit for your hair.

  32. I love the outfit. The heels and the romper are adorable!

  33. The outfit is great and you look fantastic. I love the hair. I would be glad that I wouldn’t have to keep that up on a daily basis but it is really stunning.

  34. I love rompers and you look so good in them. And your hair! I’m so jealous!

  35. Wow you’re gorgeous and love the outfit it’s perfect on you.

  36. I love your hair. It looks so amazing. I love it!

  37. That’s such a cute jumper! And I’m totally jealous that you get to wear shorts! It’s still cold here!

  38. If I could rock that romper, I definitely would but it just wouldnt look right on me. However, it looks fabulous on you! By the way, I absolutely love your hair!

  39. Nice outfit. I like wearing rompers especially during summer season.

  40. The wig didn’t look like a wig and you were able to carry this look well.

  41. The long brown hair also made you look really sophisticated.

  42. That is a cute romper! Sorry you had such a hard time with the delivery, it was worth the wait though, it looks fabulous. :)

  43. I used to wear rompers when I was single but now di ko na kaya icarry lol.

  44. This is a great look on you. I would not have known this was a wig! It looks good.

  45. That outfit looks great on you! And I love the wig too!

  46. I love your curly hair! It really suits you!

  47. Oh goodness, I’m gonna try wearing a wig and see if my hubby even notices LOL You look fantastic!

  48. Love the outfit but the photos took a really long time to load for me.

  49. Can I just say that I envy your curls so much! It suits you well :) Thanks for sharing your OOTD.

  50. Your romper looks really cute! Bagay na bagay sau. ^_^ Ang the wig, parang ang haba2x. Ang ganda ng curls nya. Kaso hindi ba mabigat? Hihi. :))

  51. Your black dress, shoes and brown-curly hair looks stunning.

  52. Black really looks good anytime. I love your romper. And the wig doesn’t look like a wig. I thought it was your real hair. Great getup!

  53. Very cute romper! Looks quite comfy as well. I can never pull off a wig :P

  54. Mina Slater

    You look great and I think the wig is a nice hair color for you. I love that romper, I can never find ones I like even though I’m small. I find most are too short but the one you got is just right! I want to buy it.

  55. very nice romper sis! and you look very cute with that hairstyle of your wig! I have a couple of wigs too which my daughter and I plays a lot hehe x0~

  56. I thought Tmart delivers straight at the customer’s order. Isn’t it that way and I still have to pick the item up from the postal office?

    • That’s supposed to be that way – but it wasn’t the case with my situation – I had to picked it up from Postal.

  57. Oh I love your outfit, you have great taste for fashion. You also have the most amazing wigs. You should really become a model, you are beautiful.

  58. You have such a wonderful face of angel. :)

  59. You’re really pretty with the black dress and brown wig.

  60. A pretty with a beautiful outfit.I love to see girls with a long curly hair :)

  61. Wait a second.. That’s a wig? It doesn’t look like a wig! Nice one! No one would ever notice that you’re actually wearing a wig.

    And all I can say is, having a black dress/clothes is really a great bonus in the wardrobe. :D

  62. I like how you are able to create such complete nice outfit – especially how brave you are to wear a wig – it looks so perfect on that outfit and on your face – I wonder if you can also wear short wig sometimes.

  63. I love the Romper! And I am in LOVE with that wig! Both look great on you!

  64. katherine

    I love that outfit and the wig is beautiful!

  65. I love your shoes, so cute! And your hair, I must say I’m impressed. It looks so legit. :)

  66. That black romper looks good on you and the wig as well. Not many can pull it off that well.

  67. I think you look great in your outfit. I never would’ve guessed you were wearing a wig. It looks so natural.

  68. The black romper fits you well and i like what you did with your hair. Sooo chic! :)

  69. The outfit looks pretty. You look great in them.

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