Nordstrom, The Best Place to Shop for Fashion and Style!

Nordstrom has been one of the leading fashion retail industry since 1901 and they have been in the industry for a reason. The materials of their clothing have great quality and no matter if you are a petite, plus size or a pregnant woman – you have something to shop for in Nordstrom.


Plus, they always, always and always offer free shipping and free returns to their clients, all the time.

It’s really a shop that has everything you will ever need from men, women, kids, teenagers clothing line to accessories and beauty tools – they just have it all! If you have a Nordstrom promotion code, you’ll be able to save much more, too! They have collection to branded items and have a place for discounted items all the time, as well. One of the things I truly love about Nordstrom is how they give emphasis on their take with fashion and style. After all, fashion does fades but style never does.


Fact: Fashion is “what is out there” – what is available in the stores and primary interest of people and celebrities, etc.. Style is “what is in here” – sense of who you are, your identity, perception of who you are.


With fashion, its what you wear but with style, it’s all about who you are. I like that kind of concept for a shop because most shop I know are just all about the fashion. I honestly tend to shop for clothes that matches my style not the fashion. After all, fashion takes our attention away from ourselves while style brings the attention directly to ourselves. That is such a beautiful thing, don’t you think?


Though Nordstrom have boutiques in various places, make sure to check out their online shop as well. You can definitely save more than 50% discount on their discounted fashion items. Plus, they always have a discounted items to offer from men, women and kids’s clothing. Thus, it is a must to check it out their online shop!


If you don’t have a Nordstrom discount code, feel free to use this “Nordstrom Promo Code” to get the most of the shopping experience in Nordstrom. Having Nordstrom coupons will always be worth it as they have so much to offer, like free samples, high value free gifts on your purchases, discounts on new arrivals and you can sometimes get 60% off on some items as well. So always make sure to check what is available on Nordstrom coupons to make the most of it!

55 Comments to Nordstrom, The Best Place to Shop for Fashion and Style!

  1. I love Nordstrom! I really love to go during the holiday when they have a live piano player and right when I enter I go straight for the kid’s section. Great kid clothes and shoes.

  2. I personally love that black dress towards the bottom top photos and I can just see my 7 year old wearing some of those pretty little girl dresses. At 60% off I could get both the dress for her and one for me.

  3. Loving the stripes and polka dots dresses. My relatives abroad also shop at Nordstorm and they’re telling me that Nordstorm is like the Ayala Malls here.

  4. Love Nordstrom but to be honest, can’t afford to shop there. In a previous lifetime yes. But now as a SAHM, I’m lucky if get to purchase something from Nordstrom Rack.

  5. I LOVE Nordstorm’s. I love that that I can get great deals on cute clothes for our entire family there.

  6. Robin (Masshole Mommy)

    I shop at Nordstrom all the time. They have so many amazing things.

  7. When first visiting any fashion site, I first look forward for the items on sale. Definitely those marked with 60% discount are eye-catching!

  8. The nordstorm looks like a great place to shop as they have great designs.

  9. Rashell Abril

    Nordstrom is the place to shop. These are lovely clothes.

  10. I’ve always dreamed of going to nordstrom shops abroad after seeing them in different tv shows. They have such a great selection of clothing! I’m sure the online shop won’t disappoint as well.

  11. We have a couple of Nordstroms near me but I don’t frequently shop there. They’ve got some really nice stuff so I should shop there more often.

  12. Nordstrom promocode for discount ?! Yes please!! I love the little girls dresses too! Thanks.

  13. LOVE Nordstroms! Best customer service and they always have the cutest clothes.

  14. It’s my first time to heard about Nordstrom.. It’s good that it has myriad of brands!

  15. I love their clothes. I never thought about the difference between fashion and style! I am learning so much from you and love to read your blog. I never cared about any of this before. I grew up with all brothers and never fixed my hair just wore it long with no makeup. Even my husband noticed that I have started wearing makeup sometimes and when I get out of the house which isn’t very often I always try to dress different with more of something but it is because I am learning it from you. You teach without making me feel stupid since I am a middle aged woman and should already know this stuff but it doesn’t come easy for me! So thank you!

  16. It’s nice to find bargains in their online shop. It’s also nice that they have items for men, women and kids.

  17. I am afraid we don’t have a Nordstroms near me which makes me sad. It sounds like you can save a lot of money there.

  18. I love the blue dress. Very modest fashion for church… and since I’m extra petite, it will actually be longer on me.

  19. Those are some super cute styles! This mama needs to go shopping!

  20. Thanks for the coupon code! I hardly ever shop at Nordstrom’s, but I have to say that I LOVE that navy and white polka-dot dress! Too cute!

  21. I love shopping at Nordstrom. I try to comparison shop and they are usually the best prices on shoes.

  22. I always have really good luck when I shop there too. They always have the latest trends in all price points.

  23. Nordstrom is awesome. Whenever my girlfriend and I have to go to an event, we swing by Nordstrom to see what they’ve got. We always find something!

  24. Nice to know. Nordstorm seems like a really great place to shop. I will check them out.

  25. What some gorgeous ideas – I’ve never shopped at Nordstrom before but I would definitely love to. x

  26. I LOVE that striped dress. It’s very sassy.

  27. Those are super cute outfits. Love them all.

  28. Catherine S

    All the outfits look really cute. I love to shop at Nordstrom they usually have great clearance items.

  29. I used to shop here when I was younger all the time. Now, that I’m older. I go to just treat myself when I reach my goals.

  30. Nordstrom has the best clothes! I love shopping there!

  31. I love Nordstrom and really have to make a conscious effort not to go shopping there every week!

  32. They’re supposed to open a Nordstrom here soon. it’ll be the first in ther egion and i can’t wait!

  33. You know, I have never shopped at Nordstrom before. Probably because we don’t have one in our area, I never think about them. I will go check out their online deals. I am totally digging that polka dot dress!

  34. Very stylish clothes featured. I haven’t shopped at Nordstoms in a while but when I did I found a sweet pair of boots at a great price.

  35. I can never find anything I like at Nordstrom for some reason. I do love that blue polkadot dress though!

  36. those are some really cool outfits! I haven’t shopped at Nordstrom in forever

  37. All of the looks are cute!

  38. Dana

    I love Nordstrom.You can never go wrong there. I have bought from them when I was pregnant and after I lost all my pregnancy fat, and there is just a wide diversity there of quality clothes for every size.

  39. Nordstrom really does have a good selection of great stuff. I love their sales too.

  40. there are some great outfits here! I love the little girl stripe dress- so cute! And no one can go wrong with down stripes, hides it all very well! :)

  41. Wow, diverse range of products! And free shipping!Love the black and orange dress so much!

  42. Pam

    I love Nordstom. Quality clothing and there are times when you can really find discounts and that helps. I love Nordstrom Rack also. Now those are great prices.

  43. ooh, I like that polka dot dress!

  44. jane

    very nice! i always love free shipping! would love to try this shop later on!

  45. So, as I scrolling down seeing the pictures, everything looked great. I had to go back though because that bag… the animal print one… oh my! I want it!

  46. Rebecca Swenor

    I have never shopped at Nordstrom’s before. These are very cute outfits and I love the leopard purse. Thanks for sharing.

  47. I do love that polka dot dress! Nordstrom is one of my favorites for sure.

  48. We used to have a Nordstrom close to us when we lived in Palm Beach. There’s not one where we live now, and I miss it.

  49. These are the cutest outfits! I need to take a trip to Nordstroms!

  50. We actually have a new Nordstrom opening here soon!

  51. I love going to Nordstrom! Def one of the places i go to splurge on a few stuff ?

  52. Many, many years ago when I worked in retail (a store similar to TJ Maxx) we would get a lot of items that came from Nordstrom. They always had such class pieces.

  53. I’ve never come across Nordstrom before, but they look like they’ve got a great range

  54. I’ve never been to Nordstrom personally but I’ve shopped their website. Nice collection here.

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