My Wedding Dress, My Wedding Dream… ME GETTING MARRIED!

The best gift every man could give their woman is not just based on love, fidelity, trust and understanding nature. These things are very important, ofcourse… but I believe that an utmost commitment towards a one woman is the best gift every man can give, simply because it’s the whole package. Marrying someone is not just for the fact of marrying a person but also signifies that you are willing to give that person everything that you are.

It’s about willing to share your life with someone, growing old with someone, making them happy (and vice-versa), having a new chapter of your life with someone – being there for them at all times and loving them unconditionally.

Oh, I’ve caught your attention, didn’t I? I’m not really getting married at the moment but I am here to talk about my views on marriage and weddings. I never really thought about it.. until recently. I’m not really the type to think too much of the future. Thus, to be honest.. I do not have a wedding dream at all but I’ve always had a clear vision on whom I wanted to marry and whom I want to spend my whole life with. I think, that is the most important thing…

Being in an LDR relationship, me and my boyfriend have talked about the future many times. I think that being in an LDR, it’s very important that the two of you are always in the same ground, same thought in mind.. thus we talk about these things. We may not be together physically, but we share the same dream and values – well, most of the time, hehe..

One of the things that really struck me was the part when he told me… “Marriage is what you wanted, right?” Personally, I was like.. “What?” but I answered with an.. “I guess..” then, he kept saying something about.. me being not sure if it is him that I wanted. I said I was sure.. then he goes saying, then if you’re sure.. it’s not an “I guess” – “It is what you wanted.”

Now, that I thought about it.. He’s right. I had a clear vision of it – so ofcourse, I wanted to marry him. I just never thought about it in that sense before since I was just too focus and would be satisfied on just being happy with that one person I’m madly in love with.. Just him alone is enough and marriage was out of the question for me at that time. I guess things tend to change when you get older..

Anyway, moving on..

I tend to browse wedding dresses and magazines before.. but unlike other women, I tend to really not care about it. I used to not dream of marriage or weddings at all but it was only recently when I was browsing in Dress First for wedding gowns and dresses, I noticed that things made me feel quite different. It started after that conversation.. whenever I look into wedding dresses – I really can’t explain what I think and feel anymore. It gives me a certain wedding kind of vibe, a certain happiness within me that I cannot explain.

Maybe, it was because that I finally have realised my own views in terms of weddings and marriage.

So anyway, it made me browsed for wedding gowns and dresses that I like if I ever get married…

There are a lot of wedding dresses – it differs from A-Line or Princesses, Ball Gowns, Empire and Mermaid wedding dresses. You can check more of these in Dress First. Their prices are actually reasonable and in high quality, too.

I also think that these wedding dresses would give any woman a perfect fit if you wear a Cotton Strapless Lace-Up Front Busk Closure Shapewear. It will really make you totally fabulous and sexy! Weddings are totally inspiring and brings happiness to everyone, don’t you think so?

One day, I know I’ll get married in the most simplest manner, with a simple yet very elegant looking wedding dress with the man I love most and that alone would make me the happiest bride in the world. :)

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  1. the red one attracts me most

    • I know! I remembered my cousin’s wife wearing something like that – IN RED, TOO! – when they got married. :)

  2. I love everything, I wish I planned my wedding and wore that fabulous dress. I love that BIG BLING BLING! Best wishes hehehe ?

    Rochelle Rivera

  3. OH. MY. GOD!!! all the dresses look so stunning! Just imagining if you’re wearing one of these… GORGEOUS!!! the cake looks delish too!!!

  4. The ring looks gorg! :)
    The last dress looks simple!
    I want that! ^^

  5. I absolutely love the ring! How beautiful. I like the champagne/cream colored dress the most!

  6. Awww marriage is a HUGE thing :) I’m glad you and your bf talked about it and are on the same page :) that’s really good! hehehe Now just to wait it out ’til he proposes hehe so exciting!!!!
    that ring is really pretty and different! and love all the dresses! very princess like :D

    • Yes, I’m happy about it, too! THOUGH! lol! I guess no would would ever know all about what I’ve been through all these years lol! But I am happy and very contented right now, lol!

  7. OMG! I am dying over that red dress! So pretty! Marriage is a serious topic and I am glad that you and your boyfriend talked about it! I hope his proposal is a grand one!

    • Haha! I’m not really expecting anything of grand or whatsoever – none like that at all! Just him being able to open up and tell me about his thoughts about us already made me super happy!

  8. It’s a good feeling to read stuff like marriage in a blog, most especially if the blogger is somewhat you knew ever since blogging became “that” famous. Indeed time flies too fast! It’s rare to guys to think about wedding especially if they’re in their 20s (well, atleast most of the guys I do know) and knowing your boyfriend and you talks about marriage for your future is indeed a manly and very sweet gesture! I was looking for your desired wedding invitation in this post (oops — designer alert, haha!) Can’t wait for the proposal! <3


    • So true. He is the only manly and sweetest person I know of! <3 HAHA! No, no. We still have so much things to do – we need to save more and be stable muna, hihi! Just that conversation and thought of him telling me those stuff – already made me so happy – like tons! <3

  9. Looking at those dresses makes me want to have another wedding.

  10. Wow! <3 Good thing you and your bf are on the same page when it comes to this. :) LDR is a challenge and I admire you both :) The dresses and ring, ohhh so pretty! <3

    • Indeed a challenge, I’d say! LDR is always difficult kaya.. it’s always best if you are very certain that it’s person whom you really want to be with.. hehehe.. :)

  11. I love all the dresses you chose! I wish there were sites like this with affordable wedding dresses eleven years ago when I got married.

  12. Marriage — that one too is on my list. Hopefully, someday, with the right man. I like the cake and the 4th photo of that wedding dress. It’s simple and attractive. :)

    • Yes and I do believe that the secret to elegancy is just to SIMPLICITY! :D Aww, I’m sure one day… sooner or later, that rightful man will come along <3

  13. My daughter is in a long term relationship and sometime we browse the web for dresses, etc. I will have to show these to her.

  14. Ooh love all the dresses and that ring.. GORGEOUS! Thanks for sharing!

  15. Waaah I really thought you were getting married na! Haha! But I’ll be looking forward to that in the future! ;)

  16. Katherine

    Beautiful beautiful beautiful! I am so ready to get married…again :)

  17. andi

    gorgeous, simply gorgeous!

  18. Wow! Gorgeous dresses. Hope things turn out well with you and your bf! :D

    XO, Mish @

  19. It’s fun to think about choosing a dress, ring, and beautiful cake. Thanks for sharing!

  20. those wedding dresses are all fabulous, any bride will simply look beautiful in them

  21. Those are fabulous gowns, I love the red one.

  22. I love the wedding gown on the top right among the four. I always wanted a wedding gown that isn’t white.:)

  23. While reading your post kinikilig ako ahaha hindi ko alam bakit! Naisip ko na rin to but not now. Pag stable na lahat! Ayy hanggang ngayon nakasmile pa ako :D But well it’s every girls dream I hope he’s the one for you na!

    • Haha! Same here – the thought of it is brings so much happiness – sobrang satisfying! HAHA! <3 It is every girl’s dream to get married though ngayon – it’s my dream to get married to my boyfie.. <3 HAHA not to get married na but to get married to him, lol! Yes. I know he is the one for me, one thing I am sure of.. hihi! Ikaw din sis! <3

  24. I love everything and the dresses are just beautiful! :)

  25. Wow, LDR is really a tough situation to be in. Hats off to you, guys. Love the ring and the wine red wedding dress.

  26. It is every woman’s dream to have a grand wedding. :)

  27. Wow! You have put a lot of thought into it! I had no idea what I was going to do when we got engaged lol we ended up paying for everything ourselves so it was a very small wedding just after we graduated from college. I wouldn’t trade it for the world :)

    • I actually thought I didn’t put a lot of thought into it though lol! :) This is the first time I thought about it hehehe.. Yes, I know.. it’s that special, isn’t?

  28. So…. are you going to let your boyfriend read this post so he knows exactly what you expect from him? LOL… just kidding. I like the first dress you have pictured with the cake. Beautiful

    • Haha! My boyfriend checks my website every now and then.. sometimes he reads when he miss me – sometimes, he just scans around, lol! I do think behind everything else, whether he reads about it or not. He does know what I deserve and all that.. and without me saying it up front, he gets the diea – since the first conversation came from him not me, lol! HAHA! I like that first dress too – it’s the one that totally caught my eye! <3

  29. These are some gorgeous dresses. I am sure you will look good in any wedding gowns once you decide to get married. :)

  30. I love those dress but have to admit the beige one attracts me the most. I am so fair white does not work but beige is great!!

  31. Melanie S.

    It certainly is a magical day, and there’s nothing like a gorgeous wedding dress.

  32. This brings memories of my wedding. My husband was the sweetest boyfriend then and had a really big role during the wedding prep. My gown was an empire cut dress with a fully beaded tube bodice. Our wedding was held in a beautiful garden and there were real butterflies flying around. It was my dream wedding made real by my hubby. <3

  33. I’ve been married for 11 years and I STILL love looking at wedding dresses! There are so many gorgeous ones out there. And i love how elegant they are. They are just beautiful!

  34. The red dress is stunning!

  35. Such a gorgeous post but it doesn’t sounds like you’re ready for marriage.
    When the time is right you’ll know. Don’t rush, but dreaming is nice.
    I love the red, very non-traditional but gorgeous!
    The ring is stunning!

  36. Pretty dresses! I like the non traditional way of things so red wins me over :)

  37. These dresses are gorgeous! I cannot wait to get married. Great post!

  38. It is all so beautiful!! The ring is pretty <3 x

  39. All the dresses are amazing and i love the ring i think if i could do my wedding over again i would choose the red dress :-)

  40. Nicole A.

    I love the flowers on the first dress! Getting married is so exciting!

  41. Those are lovely dresses!

  42. Everything is so beautiful and I love the second dress (champagne colored) and the third!!

  43. I can tell you are the type of girl who is into princess-type things! I’m sure your wedding will be beautiful. As hard as it is, being in a LDR is totally worth it. My husband and I unfortunately had to do the long-distance thing for a long time, and now that we have been married for a few years, sometimes we don’t even remember that it was a LDR for so long. :) It’s worth it and will seem like a small amount of time in the future when you’re looking back! :)

  44. I agree that when thinking and planning a marriage you both need to be on the same page. Those are some beautiful dresses. I remember my own wedding, I was a bundle of nerves but I wouldn’t change my day for anything.

  45. Weddings are beautiful all the glamour and love. However, being married is more than a wedding it is HARD work much more than anyone can tell you. If you marry the right person but if it is the wrong person it can be very difficult.

  46. Very serious subject. One of life’s more important events. I love the red dress its very different.

  47. Very serious subject. One of life’s more important events. I love the red dress its very different..

  48. These are some lovely wedding gowns. I like a simple one yet lovely. I like the one with shape wear as well as it gives you that vavavoom shape on your special day. :)

  49. Everything is gorgeous!

  50. I loved wedding gowns, but my favorite is the red one.

  51. Love looking at wedding cakes and dresses. I think the most important thing is finding the right person and then you will have the right wedding. ;)

  52. These are lovely. Getting married is every girl’s dream and they have gorgeous options now.

  53. Getting married is exciting, all the glams and other things just makes you giddy.

  54. Those are really pretty wedding dresses!

    I used to not want to get married. But as I grow older, I realized that I do want to be in a life long commitment. It’s just that, as of now, I am not emotionally prepared for the “I do” part. It will take time but I know that, ultimately, it’s what I want.

  55. Youve made some great selections. Im sure whenever that day comes it will be a magical one :-)

  56. I wore pants & a fancy shirt for my “wedding” (if you wanna call it that)… would have liked the nice dress and all though. Maybe someday xD

  57. Elisebet F

    Long-distance relationships are hard, I know! My husband and I lived apart our first year of marriage, including all but the last two weeks of my pregnancy. Even now after 2 1/2 years of marriage, I’ve never seen my husband every single day for even three weeks let alone longer. Communication and similar values are what makes it work.

  58. Oh I love that first photo with a cake on the left. It’s simple and elegant. I love that :D

  59. I am really loving that ring!

  60. I love looking at wedding dresses. They are all very beautiful but I love the shiny beige one most. Whenever your bf pops the question, I’m sure you will look lovely in whatever dress you pick.

  61. Happily married for six years, and I STILL love looking at wedding gowns!

  62. We haven’t had a church wedding but hubby promised me will have one on our 10th year anniversary.:)

  63. some nice dress options. i had a custom made one – i’m short and was without a real budget and we had it made in india.

  64. My husband is an OFW so I understand how you feel. I’m sure you two will be so happy together when the time comes that you settle down. I’m sure you will be a pretty bride!

  65. I think I want to wear that red gown when we renew our vows on our 10th. Hmmm…must work hard on still looking good when I reach 40. :-)

  66. Those are beautiful and dainty wedding dresses. for sure when the time comes, you’ll be a very beautiful bride.

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