My Top 3 Fashion Favorites from RoseGal

Rosegal is a fashion online store with stunning clothing and fashion collection from vintage to modern apparel. When I first saw their website, I instantly fell in love with it. I like how they have offered the kind of fashion and style that just never goes out of style, which is vintage. Their modern style of tops and dresses are not too strong in colors but just right, which I believe is perfect. Simple yet chic! Thus, I decided to share everyone my top 3 picks from – hopefully, I can add it to my fashion collections soon, too!


Here’s My Top 3 Fashion Favorites from

1. Elegant Rhinestoned Ten Flowers Design Hair Band For Women

I am actually eyeing on two hair bands from Rosegal but I just can’t resist this one. I love the classic and vintage feel this hair band gives. I love how hair accessories adds a personality to us, plus, the fact that wearing a hair band always gives attention to our hair and face is something you can’t ignore. It’s a very easy trick to let people draw attention to our facial features rather than to put too much attention and detail to our outfit.

Elegant Rhinestoned Ten Flowers Design Hair Band from Rosegal

2. Stylish Scoop Neck Dolman Sleeve Solid Color Sweater For Women

This sweater is to die for! Okay.. I might be exaggerating that but it’s just too adorable! I love how it gives a very sexy feel to it. Adding a black mini belt makes a difference, too and pair it with a shorts and you’re good to go. It’s just sexy and I love it. Plus, I am a fan of pastel colors so this is just perfect.

Stylish Scoop Neck Dolman Sleeve Solid Color Sweater For Women

3. Chic Style Sun Shape Design Velvet Choker Necklace For Women

I had a hard time picking out the third one as there are just so many goodies from Rosegal that I like – but I decided to choose this choker for my last pick. First of all, I like choker type of necklaces as I rarely see them on our local stores in my country and the second reason, is the part of me that wants to be Cinderella, lol! She did wear a choker, right? Haha!

Chic Style Sun Shape Design Velvet Choker Necklace For Women

What I like most in Rosegal is that their price range is actually pretty cheap and reasonable – each of it are totally affordable which makes it all worth it. Personally, this is the very first time I have seen an online shop that makes me feel like it was made for me. They have the kind of collection that I actually like! You should check them out as well. Purchasing items in Rosegal entitles you for a free shipping worldwide and it has a 30 Day Unconditional Return in case you had issues with the product – which is totally fabulous!

August 25th, 2014
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  1. Rosegal an online store for women’s dresses and accessories. This is the first time I heard of his store. I looks a complete women’s online shopping.

  2. I love the first pic – the summer dress is gorgeous. Not sure I’d look as good as that pic, lol. But it’s gorgeous

  3. Those are some great picks. I love that jeweled headband.

  4. those are really great pieces. very fashionable, vintage yet very in. my friends would love to visit rosegal. I will share this to them.

  5. those are really great pieces. very fashionable. vintage yet very in. my friends would love to visit rosegal. I will surely share this to them.

  6. The hair band is lovely. How much is it at Rosegal?

  7. Jess Scull

    Definitely checking out this store – Looks like they have great clothing items!

  8. Robin (Masshole Mommy)

    That necklace is super cute. I am going to have to go over there and check them out!

  9. Oh I love that dress! I love that hairband too! I need to stay up to date with the latest fashions, I swear I feel like a dumpy old housewife most of the time.

  10. Fantastic picks – I love that hair band as well such a statement piece and so pretty. x

  11. Those are all great options! I never do much shopping online- I always feel like things look so different in person than in a picture!

  12. Some seriously cute choices you have here! I love the flower headband. Its beautiful!!! Thank you for sharing!! =D I am going to have to check this shop out!

  13. That sweater looks great with the dress. I would never have thought of layering it like that. Love the choker too.

  14. I like the hair band. I wore a headpiece very similar to that on my wedding day.

  15. I can’t decide which I love most. These are some really cute options that I need to look at closer!

  16. These are each very feminine pieces. I have heard of Rosegal but I have never actually bought something from them. I will give that a shot.

  17. I love the outfit under where it says “Vintage.” I will check this website out!

  18. This looks like a beautiful clothing store. I love all of these things, I will definitely have to check it out. Thanks for sharing them!

  19. That headband is gorgeous. I love their style.

  20. The dress is adorable but I want that sweater! Going to check it out right now!

  21. I’ve never heard of Rosegal, but it looks like they have super cute stuff! Thanks for sharing!

  22. I have to say that I love the headband. We have been collecting headbands at our house for several years now.

  23. I really like that choker there, that’s really pretty. You have very nice taste in fashion.

  24. Fell in live with the choker too!
    Not bad in the laid back look

  25. I love their dresses and accessories. They are perfect for going out and about during the warm weather months.

  26. Love the sweater. Are chokers making a come back? I loved them back in the dya.

  27. Jennifer Williams

    I love the head band and the choker, great choices. The sweater I would probably love with a pair of leggings or jeans.

  28. Tffny

    My favorite of the three items is the hair band. I feel like something as pretty as that would cure any bad hair day, immediately!

  29. Ohhh I love the headband! It’s super cute. Window shopping online is so much fun!

  30. Chrissy

    Wow, what gorgeous items and your pictures are amazing! I will be looking into them.

  31. May

    May123ma use this promo code to get 8% discount

  32. I’m totally loving the items you shared here. I might also buy the same or similar ones after checking out the site later. Thanks for sharing! :)

  33. That dress on the front of the website is gorgeous. I love your picks too. :)

  34. When I see posts like this, it makes me want to go shopping, but I never do. I’ll have to check out Rosegal and see if they have anything to my liking.

  35. I’d never heard of them before, but they have such cool stuff. And that hair band? It’s perfect. I think I probably need one :)

  36. I can see why they’re all favorites. You’ve got such cute looks going on here!

  37. The Velvet Choker Necklace is my favorite. Is this for women only?

  38. I’ve never shopped there but I like the first two items. The headband is super cute.

  39. Pam

    Love, love, love the hair band. It is gorgeous. Love that sweater too.

  40. Ben - Gentlebim

    I’m going to have to tell my girlfriend about this. She loves this stuff.

  41. Gabby

    I love the dress in the top photo! It is so pretty.

  42. I like the sweater. Perfect for the rainy season, The style is unique and can be layered with other sheer fabric clothes.

  43. Ohh that hairband is gorgeous! You picked out some great pieces but the headband is the best. :)

  44. I’ve never heard of this store but am loving the things that you picked from it. That little dress is so cute and comfy looking. I will have to go over and look at what else they have. Thanks :)

  45. I have not heard of Rosegal, but I really love the headband. It’s really pretty.

  46. Great choices. That sweater looks so warm and cozy.

  47. I like the collar, it’s minimal but sexy too. The headband looks great too and they complement each other very well.

  48. All of the items are so beautiful! I’ll have to check out this website!

  49. Melissa Smith

    I’ve never heard of Rosegal before, but I need to check them out since I adore that headband. Thanks for sharing!

  50. I love everything in this post. I’ve never heard of rosegal before, must take a look!

  51. Just found out about that shop and it offers some really cute stuff, and the prices are cheap. How is the quality?

  52. I love that headband and I bet our daughter would too. This store is new to me but I cant wait to check them out online.

  53. I really love that hair band! I think I have to get me one of those now.

  54. I absolutely love that dress and the headband is cute too.

  55. I wish I could wear adorable things like that!! I am working on losing the weight…… day!

  56. Aneta Alaei

    Ohh the hairband is magnificent. Lord how I want that right now. WIsh I had somewhere to wear it too :)

  57. Those pieces look so pretty! I’d love them, definitely my style.

  58. I think I need a fashion how-to for choker necklaces. They don’t seem to work well with the necklines I typically wear.

  59. Those items are so Audrey Hepburn. They all look cute.

  60. Those pieces are darling– thanks for sharing!

  61. I love your choices! I gotta check out this store. I love vintage looking stuff. :)

  62. So many cute things! I love it. Thanks for sharing.

  63. I love dresses like these! Especially the one in the first picture.

  64. I just loved the Rhinestoned Flowers Hair Band .. it is beautiful…. just loved it

  65. I love how the Rhinestoned Flowers Hair Band makes one’s look be more beautiful and elegant. I love online shopping and gonna try this shop definitely.

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