Look Gorgeous in a Hot Pink Suit

Pink is often associated with young girls and the female specie. However, when it comes to party suits, men can wear hot pink outfits to suit the theme. Wedding ensemble in pink shades looks attractive and unique. Not only the female wedding participants can wear pink but also men can wear them. Pink and its shades are not limited to bridesmaids and maid of honor because the groomsmen are wearing them to fit the wedding motif.


Prom escorts can opt to wear hot pink Spencer’s suits which could make them look fabulous during the party. The suits for the party are designed to suit your taste and it brings out your creativity in order to shine from the rest of the crowd.

Today, there are many ways to show off your charm and looks without really spending much. These suits include a jacket, pants and tie. You don’t have to look for a pair as they are already customized to make your shopping easy. There is unlimited stuff to wear for parties that you can order from online shops.


Prior to shopping, always make it a point to know your needs and the type of party that you will be attending. As soon as you receive the invite, you may ask the host by sending an email to confirm what the dress code is for the party. If it calls for a party suit, then you can pick a lot of choices online. Suits come in different colors and designs.

Some suits are paired with vest, jacket, pants and tie and some come in three-in one package. In a hot pink suit, it looks great when paired with black or white trimmings on the lapel, pockets and button covers. Wearing hot pink stuff is an alternative choice if you want to look differently at the party. Brace yourself with changes while allowing you to become the talk of the party than remains a nobody.

March 23rd, 2014
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47 Comments to Look Gorgeous in a Hot Pink Suit

  1. I am a girly girl, so I am into all things pink. I think it’s so brave for men to sport hot pink.

  2. I think hot guys have the nerve to wear pink. :) It looks good on them but most don’t like it.

  3. I’ve never tried wearing a suit. Maybe in my wedding I can wear it. haha

  4. I remember the saying that real men wear pink. It’s not in the color that proves masculinity anyway but my husband still won’t wear pink.

  5. There is a quote I’m not sure who said it first but it takes a real man to wear pink. I love that quote and these guys look great in pink

  6. I have to be honest, I love bright pink. I really don’t think it’s the greatest color for men, but some men can definitely pull it off.

  7. Being in a pink suit would really look cool and really stand out.

  8. Well, pink was a masculine color until the 20th century. And I’ve always admired guys who wear pink.

  9. HOT PINK! Yeah. Few can carry it, but if someone does it looks stunning. I’ll hit the gym first especially its a suit.

  10. I absolutely lot the hot pink jacket as a great pop of color to a suit. I don’t understand why pink was designated a girl color at all. My son’s favorite color is pink and I definitely don’t discourage it.

  11. Pink has been a nice statement for men for long time now but to wear it on a suit that is another level. I would love to wear Pink Suit too someday

  12. Wanderer Juan

    I think it takes confidence to rock pink no matter if it is just a suit or plain shirt.

  13. Men in pink really stand out. I know some men who would brave to wear light pinks but by this post, I now think bright pink looks hotter on them=)

  14. Normally I would think no, but they’re really rocking the look. I like it!

  15. Pink is one of my favorite colors. I haven’t seen many men wearing pink other then a muted or soft pale pink shirt though, it does require confidence on their part.

  16. Hot pink is actually one of my favorite colors and I like to wear it as often as possible. It’s a great color for spring and summer.

  17. I am not a huge pink fan, but I really like those pink suits. Now the hubs and I just need an occasion to go to.

  18. Definitely hot. I think I like pink on men. Shows that they are confident about themselves no matter what color they wear.

  19. I’m sorry but I personally think men look gorgeous in pink though it’s not my favorite color i’m more of a blue kind of gal.

  20. Any man that can pull up a pink suit is asdorable hehehe

  21. I would only wear a pink suit if it requires me to do so but to wear something pink in ordinary basis, I don’t think I’ll wear it. The ironic thing is, our color in Music way back college days was light pink and yes, we have to wear pink during Intramurals. :D

  22. Pam

    I love these. I think it takes a real man to wear pink and be comfortable in it.

  23. I like pink, my husband has a pink t-shirt, but I don’t think I can make him wear a pink suit.

  24. I love the color PinK! I usually see women wear pink suit, first time ko makakita ng pink suit na guy ang nagsusuot :)

  25. I think a pink suit would be stretching it for any of the men I know. Though it is quite appealing to the eye. I thing you have to either be very gay or a rock-star / celebrity to pull it off.

  26. They are looking great in pink.Maybe pink considered as girly color but still I love that one.

  27. I love pink, and I love to see men wearing pink. I’m pretty certain my husband would have a difficult time pulling hot pink off, but for those who can, it looks great!

  28. Hey if Bruno Mars can pull it off I think other guys can pull it off too..

  29. True men wears pink.! Nowadays, pink is part of men’s fashion. Everywhere and everything is complimented with pink. By that i love pink.

  30. I am not a fan of pink on men. But this is an interesting look. I am surprised I have not seen this in NYC as I am sure it would be popular here.

  31. I am so glad you wrote this post. I don’t think colors should be gender specific. In my country it is very normal to see guys wear pink.

  32. Real men wear pink and this pink suits really stands out.

  33. Hot pink looks hot! Who knew? :)

  34. Well, the black and pink combination makes it more look manly.

  35. LOL! I don’t think I like pink suits for men.

  36. Wow! I rarely see men wearing feminine colors especially for a suit. Looks cute though.

  37. I should encourage my man to wear pink hehehe.

  38. Pink on guys looks hot!

  39. Pink does look hot and can mix things up in an outfit.

  40. I love men who can pull off anything in pink. :) Who says you have to be queer or girly to be able to pull off anything in pink right? I think worn in a right way, the color pink is actually quite sexy on men. :)

  41. I like to look at men that wears pink, I think they look neat. Although I am not into pink but I admire pink color for clothing and flowers.

  42. I think a man can pull of a hot pink ensemble with ease. It makes a nice accent piece.

  43. Great read! I wonder if pink will look good on me. I’m still in doubt.

  44. Nicely written! :) I’m actually looking for a pink suit as well that i could use on events but so far i havent seen any locally yet.

  45. Time has evolved. Pink is no longer exclusive for females. Men look good in this color.

  46. I love pink shirts in men but I’m saying no to pink suits.

  47. That color looks very nice and it should be appropriate for many occasions.

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