Latest Hairstyle Trend for 2010

I’ve always been a fan of Blair Waldorf, not only with her fashion sense but even with hairstyling trends that she once started, or should I say – revived from the most popular TV Series, Gossip Girl.

This hairstyle trend is an exquisite of a woman, always accompanied by beauty, excitement, colour and passion. From which, we call this

“The Beverly Soft Band” Hairstyle Trend for 2010.

To copy this style, following the given instructions below:

1. Roll your hair up with large curlers

2. Take the curlers out and tease the top part of your hair.

3. Place one of the soft bands and push it towards the back of your hair.

4. Place the second soft band so the two stones are staggered.

At the same time that I fell in love with this hairstyle, I also fell in love with Evita Peroni.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, everyone! Enjoy the holidays!

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  1. i also like blair :D and the hairstyle is pretty neat. tapos i have always wanted to cry curls. kaso i'm afraid that i might not be able to pull off the look :D kekeke~

    thanks for sharing by the way :D

  2. heya sis. i love using headbands so thanks mucho for sharing this. imma try it right now. ahaha :D

  3. headbands sometimes hurt my head so i stay away from them :( theyre so cute though !

  4. The hair style is really pretty well. It can give nice look on casual wear. I like those hair bands too much. Thanks for tips to make this kind of hair style. It is nice to visit this site.

  5. I love their accessories. Especially yung una nilang pinakita. <3
    I love Blair din! HAHAHA

  6. oh. I always use headbands back then. But now, I don't ROFL. kasi, wala akong magandang headband. haha

  7. wow, thanks for d tip, i love using headbands p nmn. nice hairstyle.. :)

  8. just dropping by, haha naligaw ata ako, pambabae to

  9. weee, I'll definitely do this haha. I want to do this, I wish I had curlers.How much kaya un?Matagal ko na gusto gawen un.Debale , sa JS namin I'll try to do this, yay!Thanks for sharing this weee.

  10. Wow… I'm so going to try this… ^^ It looks easy but I'm not sure if my hair will curl. T.T It's too bagsak eh.

  11. .Good article worthy of appreciation.

  12. dang! sayang ! maikli pa ung hair ko so head bands don't really look good to me… di ko lang alam if bagay kung may curls ^^
    ma try nga!

  13. I love Blair.. and the headbands are so blair. :)

    gorgeous.. :)

    But Serena's hair is easier to immitate.. lol

    happy blogging.

  14. aww adorable , really i love them, thanks for sharing ^^ but now my hair is short, i was looking something natural in internett to make grow up my hair fast :(

  15. thank you for sharing the video.
    me to i love the fashion state of blair.
    sayang ito coz i have short hair.

  16. Gee, kelangan ko na talaga magpahaba ng hair. I miss doing things on my hair.. dati lage ako naka curl.. lol.

  17. ang elegant nya! yet easy to do. I'll try that pag pumarty ako! haha.. thanks Aisha! you rock!
    Happy New Year!

  18. i dont think i there's a remedy for my hair..
    if there's one thing about me needing change it would be my hair. that is why i am fond of using baseball cap..

  19. oh i love blair fashion sense too, kahit hindi ako fan ng gg. how i wish magkaface shape kami ni blair ng mgawa ko rin yang mga hairstyle na yan, mahirap kasi pag round face eh.

  20. wow. Magiging patok cguro yan this 2010. haha, try ko nga minsan. HAPPY NEW YEAR!

  21. That looks beautiful! I'm not into that though.. Haha.

    Happy New Year! :)

  22. wow i love the soft band. i really love the fashion trends of blair, so eyecandy..
    anyways! happy new year.

  23. lagi naggaganyan si anne curtis sa kanya ko lang yan nakita hehe.. di kc ako mahilig sa headband hehe.. pero pretty cool for girly type.. Happy new year!

    Got a new blog post for my new site. Pls comment thanks

  24. ohh.. nice one sis.. I remember the times when I bought the blair bands from you.. remember mo sis?? andito pa sila hanggang ngayon..:) do you still sell those kind of bands?? or may new stocks ka sis??:)

    anyways, HAPPY NEW YEAR sis!:)

  25. Works for me! Happy New Year!

  26. I'm a major Blair Waldorf fan as well! I will try doing this myself, especially now that I have long hair already!

    Happy New Year!

  27. great blog, happy new year wishes!

  28. wow!! blair's hairdo!! =) love it! thanks for sharing… i love blair.. seriously shes soooo freakin pretty!

  29. I love Blair's hairstles! I wish I could do that to my hair kaso maikli pa buhok ko ngayon eh!

  30. Oh wow. I SO LOVE THE TUT VIDEO!! :) Namiss ko long hair ko. :{ Thank you for sharing anyway! :) I will go out now to buy some hair clips and all that. Klase na bukas eh!

  31. I so agree. I wear headband once again after so many years because of Blair. Teeeheee.

    Here's to 2010!!!

  32. OOhhh! I so love Blaire! She's fabulous! Thanks for sharing this wonderful Blair-like hairstyle!

  33. Wow! I love it. Unfortunately, hindi ako bagay sa headband. :(

  34. Stylish headbands you have there. :)

  35. unfortunately, headbands hate me!!!! Hahaha. But I think I'll try this some time. My hair always look so droopy kasi =)) Thx bebi!

  36. waaw . so cute sis , i wanna try but , that kind of headband doesn't fit me . :(

  37. Thanks you Blair. The hairstyle is really pretty. I just love it.

  38. I love Evita Peroni too. Let fashion goes to your head!

  39. One more i want to say is, people will give their comment if they are understand what they read. In my opinion, people who read without understand seems won’t give their comment and just type ‘nice post’ or ‘great job’

  40. I love Blair’s hairstles! I wish I could do that to my hair kaso maikli pa buhok ko ngayon eh!

  41. waaw . so cute sis , i wanna try but , that kind of headband doesn’t fit me . :(

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