How to Wear Boots for your Body Type

There are just certain times when I am just all about boots. I personally love boots and I pair it with different kinds of outfits each time. Still, it depends on my mood if I want to look casual, sweet, sporty or like a rock star – it differs, really! I think wearing boots is sometimes sexier than a pair of heels. Then again, those are just my personal opinion and obsession regarding boots. I’d always choose a pair of ankle boots than a pair of red stilettos heels.


Again, having an awesome looking boots is one thing but to be able to pull off a whole look with your boots is another. After all, there are so many types of boots to choose from, from ankle boots, mid-calf, knee high, above-the-knee, cowboy boots, thigh high type of boots and many more. We all want to look our best, stylish for that matter as we wear boots but there are few things to consider – like our body type. Does your boots suits your body type?

Here are a few tips and guide for you to think about the next time you pair your boots with your outfit:

1. Petite Body Type – If you are on the petite side and have short legs, try wearing boots to elongate your legs by wearing a high heels or platform boots to give you an added height. Wearings boots with pointed toe also helps makes your legs look longer which is just perfect for you. When you are wearing flat boots, go for a dress or skirt that is an inch above the knee for an illusion of a taller you!

2. Hourglass Body Type – If you are an hourglass, wearing a cone heel will help balance out your curves. Also, you might try wearing rounded toe boots to complete a classic hourglass shape figure to your whole look!

3. Pear Body Type – Those who have a pear type of body usually have thick and muscular legs, thus, you would want to look as if you have a slimmer legs, right? Go for a stacked heel boots as it works best for women with curvy calves and ankles. Avoid wearing calf-length boots and go for boots that is an ankle high or those that are below the knee type of boots as it will look better on you.

4. Apple Body Type – If you have broader upper body or have a large bust, you are usually an apple body type and wearing wedges would be your best friend as it visually acts as an anchor and balances your weight at the top of your body and helps even it out – which will look great on you!

Then again – you can always wear any type of boots regardless your body type, I believe it will depend on your taste and style. Try it out yourself and don’t stick to just one type of boots – you’ll never know, right? Don’t be afraid to check out different type of boots and see what flatters you most and gives you a much polished look!


Speaking of boots, check out this awesome info-graphic about the evolution of cowboy boots. I love how it gave us information on how traditional boots and fashion boots were made and their differences!

The Evolution of the Cowboy Boot

September 24th, 2014
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52 Comments to How to Wear Boots for your Body Type

  1. I was never a boots kind of girl because I have this belief that it’s not too flattering for petite girls. I guess I havent’ found the pair that will change my mind, but I’m sure it’s out there somewhere. Your post is very interesting and informative though. It’s an excellent primer for a non-boots person like me.

  2. Robin (Masshole Mommy)

    I just bought a sweet pair of cowboy boots, but I always come back to my Uggs :)

  3. Boots are my favorite type of shoes to wear. I have so many different pairs and styles- they are great for every occasion & event!

  4. Thank you for this infograph.. :) I wanted to wear one, but wasn’t able to have one.. It’s kinda expensive here in my country.. :)

  5. There’s more to consider than I realized. Wearing boots is one of my favorite parts of the cooler weather months.

  6. I used to love boots! I wore boots a lot during our gigs back then and I wore them at 3 inches, haha. I sometimes miss having a pair, I have one here but my feet died when I wore it. :( I think my body shape had long changed since I gave birth to my 3rd child but I’m not sure I understand what stacked heels are..

  7. Thanks for the tips on boots. I like wedges!

  8. I will note all the notes here about wearing a boots. I bought an ankle boots a month ago and im planning to wear them on of these days

  9. Boots can really complement your body structure. It can highlight your key strengths and hide your shortcomings.

  10. Great info-graphic! I didn’t realize there were differences for different body types. Now I do! :)

  11. Boots are really fashionable and it comes in so many designs and types.

  12. Sharon Wong

    Love wearing boots. Thanks for sharing! :)

  13. I spent most of my life in Oklahoma. I have had more than my fair share of cowboy boots. LOL. These days its hard to find boots to go over my calves.

  14. I do love my western boots and never knew there was so much that went into ‘which is the right boot’.. I normally just choose for comfort and style.

  15. Okay, I read the title too quickly and thought you said “How to Wear BOOBS for Your Body Type” LOL I was like, oh, this will be an interesting post!!! HA! Seriously, though, great post! I never thought about boots based on body type, but it’s actually kinda brilliant!

  16. I love boots but being petite and having an hour glass figure make finding the right pair hard.

  17. Helene Cohen Bludman

    I love the look of boots, but the older I get the harder it is to find a pair that fit well and are comfortable.

  18. Pam

    I never knew that different types of boots were better for different bodies. Now I know what style to look for when I go boot shopping soon.

  19. I love this guide – I never knew these tips. I have to buy wide calf boots :(

  20. I’ve never been big into boots, I don’t find them comfortable.

  21. When I lived in England I wore boots all the time. They made me feel sexy. LOL But now as I am back in Trinidad, I don’t wear them at all. Mainly because it is too hot. Even when I am out for a night on the town, I choose to wear heels.

  22. Thank you for some great tips on boots. I love boots during winter season! They keep you warm and look good.

  23. I never fall into the body shape thing. I also believe that you should wear what you like.

  24. As an hour glass kind of girl, I think your tips are right on target!

  25. I never thought about matching up your body type with boots, I love all of them.

  26. What an interesting post. I don’t own any pairs but would love to wear some someday.

  27. Great guide! So many thing I have never considered before and should! Will now!

  28. Women apply too many rules to themselves! Wear what makes you comfortable!

  29. I love boots! I used to own a pair but they got worn out already. I really want to buy one already, preferably a below the knee type. Any brands you can recommend that are available locally?

  30. Wow, I didn’t realize any of this. Good to know for shopping for boots!

  31. I so love my boots. I practically live in them during the winter months.

  32. One can never go wrong with the perfect pair of boots. They are a staple just like a little black dress.

  33. Thank you, I have always loved cowboy boots on others, but never knew which would fit my body type.

  34. Good to know about what boots to buy! I have hated shopping for boots since I’m so short :P

  35. Very helpful! I’m a victim of wrong type of boots for my pear shaped body. Thanks for sharing, now I’ll remember that I need an ankle high or below the knee high booties!

  36. That is an informative post. I like boots, a lot, but there are some that don’t look good on me.

  37. I like the look of low boots. I think because I’m so short, they don’t make me look shorter, lol. I got a really cute pair recently that I can wear now that it’s cooler out!

  38. Thanks so much for this! I love boots but never find a pair that look right! Now I know why I am definitely an apple shape and I will be on a mission to find wedge boots! Yay so happy!

  39. I have a pair of ankle cowboy boots but never wear them. I need just the right outfit!

  40. Thanks for posting this great info on how to pick which boots are best for you. I always struggle with what style boots to get. I love this time of year when we can add boots to our style.

  41. I had no idea about these fashion tips for boots, but they make sense for sure.

  42. I love boots, and I this is a great guide. Now I know what style to look for. Thank you!

  43. I’ve been wanting to get a pair of cowgirl boots lately or at least a pair of Frye boots. :)

  44. Rebecca Swenor

    This is awesome information. I have so much trouble finding boots because of my short legs and Flinstone feet. Thanks for sharing.

  45. I am so ready for it to be boot weather. I’m due for a new pair of boots soon too!

  46. Whether you prefer to have ankle boots, mid-calf high, knee high, or even above-the-knee – thigh high –styles, as well as shearling boots and Wellington boots, there are optimal choices that will complement all elements from your boots to clothing to your body shape at the same time.

    Not to mention, you also need to consider your heel height wisely, for casual day-to-day occasion, for example, flat boots will be a more practical option than their high-heeled counterparts, while for fancier looks, ultra high-heeled platform booties are definitely a stylish, showstopping option.

  47. I never knew this. I just purchased a few pairs of boots and thankfully I bought the right ones for my body type! Sharing this list with my girlfriends. Thanks!

  48. Rob

    Great guide, but I don’t think this is useful for me. So I better forward it to my girlfriend.

  49. Great information! I rock my boots all the time!

  50. I am a boot fanatic! I love them! I am not big on the over the knee boots or ankle boots on me but I have seen other people totally rock them. I wear almost exclusively boots in the winter!

  51. Amanda Love - Growing Up Madison

    I just stick with Uggs because they tend to go with everything and they’re so comfortable. :)

  52. Carmina Asistio

    I’m so fond of boots! But I’m too short.

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