How to Pick a Wedding Band That Reflects You

Your wedding ring will most likely become your most important piece of jewelry. You’ll show your dedication and love by wearing it every day and hopefully for many more anniversaries to come. This means that it’s absolutely essential to choose a ring that you love. As a symbol of your commitment, the ring should match your personality and remind you of your wedding—so here are a few tips for how to choose the perfect wedding band.


Check the Engagement Ring


Your engagement ring is a good place to start when you’re making decisions. Are you going to be wearing both rings together, or just pick one? Most people choose to wear them together, so you can buck the trend if you like or simply follow tradition. If you do decide to wear them both, make sure that they go well together. If the engagement ring is small and simple, feel free to go big and flashy with the wedding band; on the other hand if the engagement ring is very dramatic you don’t want a loud wedding ring that competes with it. You can even stick with two subdued rings together if that’s more your style.

To Match or not to Match?


The engagement and wedding rings don’t have to match, which gives you a little more freedom to explore your own style. They should have some common elements, though, such as being made out of the same metal, having similar engravings, or using diamonds that are the same shape. This principle also holds true when searching for wedding bands with your future spouse. The two of you don’t have to have perfectly matching rings, especially if you have different tastes in jewelry—but making them radically different might not be such a good way to symbolize your unity.

Follow Your Style


Decide on a few basics for how you’d like your ring to look. For example, what kind of metal do you want? Platinum is a bit pricier but is much more durable than other metals. Gold has a distinctive color with a rich cultural history, but some people find they prefer the bright sheen of white gold. If you want a truly distinctive look, you can even go with rose gold, which gives a soft coppery tint to your beautiful ring, or get a two or three toned ring that combines the best of all of them. You should also decide what kind of gemstones you want; while diamonds are standard you can get additional stones to compliment them. Colored gemstones like rubies or sapphires are nontraditional and can really give your ring some flair.



Finally, consider personalizing the ring. If you find a design that you love—whether it’s several rows of diamonds, a simple eternity band, or a railroad ring—then you should be able to customize it to fit you and your marriage. Often you can choose the type of metal, color of the gemstones, and carat of the diamonds; you can even get the ring engraved with a special message. Personalizing the ring makes it that much more meaningful.

Wedding rings are an age-old tradition meant to create a permanent reminder of your marriage. With so many options out there, you’re sure to find a ring that fits your personality and wedding—so pick one that truly symbolizes your love.

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  1. I am not thinking of the wedding band design now because it will take more years for me to get married haha. Anyway, these are good tips to rememeber.

  2. Got no plans of getting married, but if I were to do it I would like something that’s definitely unique. I don’t want something that was just purchased in a store.

  3. thanks for the ideas recently lost my wedding and engagement ring so we are looking for a new set.

  4. Wedding band will be one of the most precious memory you can have on your special wedding day so make sure to never go wrong with it and yes -following your feelings about choosing the band is the most important and sometimes it is not the price that will count instead the longevity of the sacred relationship that you and your partner bowed together and sealed with this band.

  5. When I got married the thing to do was have a colored stone as an engagement ring instead of a diamond. My husband got me a ring with my birthstone and diamonds around the stone. I just wanted a simple gold band for a wedding ring and we got matching gold bands. I like just wearing the band bc it’s simple and reminds me everyday of my life with my husband. I do wear my engagement ring occasionally on my right hand.

  6. We are planning to renew our vows and will be on the hunt for new rings soon. I love the idea of customizing them, I have a preference for stainless steel and would love a ring using that metal

  7. I never really thought about this until now, but I guess it would be really challenging, as it has to be something that will work for many years to come.