How to Choose the Perfect Evening Dress

Evening dresses are not something we, women, would wear on a daily basis. We mostly tend to wear elegant evening dresses by occasion, big events, formal parties or any grand event. Though the need for evening dresses comes rarely for some people – finding the right and perfect evening dresses is always a struggle to deal with for most women.

A lot of things are taken into consideration.. like what type of evening dress would it be, what style and detail should it has and what material was used – what color should it be.


So I’ve broken down some of the main key points on what you should know in choosing the perfect and right evening dresses for you!

1. Do a Self Assessment on your Confidence Level – Having the perfect elegant evening dresses is a wonderful idea but you also need to consider how confident you can be by wearing one. Can you wear a backless evening dress? Do you have the guts and attitude to pull it off? No matter what you are wearing, without confidence, you won’t look your best whether you are wearing the most grand and perfect dress. So taking note of your confidence level is a wise choice before choosing an evening dress. It’s very important to be comfortable with what you wear as that will bring out your natural beauty. Plus, doesn’t it feel much better when you are at ease with what you wear? Again, confidence is what makes you attractive!

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2. Choosing Colors – One of the most important thing is to make sure that the color of the dress you choose and your skin color matches. Does it look good with the color of your skin tone and hair? Truth be told, but not everyone can pull off certain colors. So do try to find out what colors matches your skin tone and hair.


3. Quality materials and fabrics – When it comes to elegant evening dresses, I always make sure to go for the “quality” of the materials used. The fabric plays a big role with the quality and how the evening dress would look like, too. Some fabrics and materials used in an evening dress can encourage an itching sensation, sweating and allergy which is not going to be comfortable for you. I personally like wearing dresses with luxurious fabrics like soft silks and satin. I prefer evening dresses that looks simple yet has an elegance feel to it. It doesn’t need to have a lot of details and bead works as long as I am comfortable to it and the outfit suits me and my body type – that would be just perfect.


4. Less is More – For me, the very base of the your look is based on your evening dresses, thus you don’t need to over accessorize or put too much make up. Keep it at a mimumum, classy and natural, highlight your features! Don’t forget to add a stunning shoes, too! Being elegant is not about how much you put on but it’s about how you balance things out. It’s all about keeping things simple yet still, stunning!

Do remember that it takes planning and time for shopping. Do canvas, do research on the type of evening dresses you are interested in and see what works and what doesn’t for you. Check out DressV for more stunning elegant evening dresses, too! With DressV, you will be able to choose various type of dresses for your needs, customized for your body type, too!

February 28th, 2014
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41 Comments to How to Choose the Perfect Evening Dress

  1. I think it helps that you know what your assets are so you can highlight them in your dress.

  2. This would be nice to wear if you have a good body, but if not, consider wearing something that you’re comfortable. I prefer wearing photo #2 and #4 not so daring. :)

  3. i love the first look!! i would have worn it in my prom if uso na yan dati..

  4. Undoubtedly awesome design,but yes unless you’re not in good shape these dresses are not for you at all.

  5. choosing the perfect dress depends on one’s height and body, no matter how beautuful the dress is, it will not look good if not properly fitted :) i like the dress in the first photo :)

  6. Lovely dresses. I like dress #1 and #3. I agree with you, when it comes to evening dresses or any dresses perhaps, we should really choose something that we are confident.

  7. this is informative post for me since i used to buy an evening dress once a month,and your image dress is elegant nice choice….thanks for this

  8. I think also, the fabric, color and style for evening dresses are more pronounce when dressing on occasions especially evening time.

  9. I don’t go any place that would require a evening gown/dress. If I did I would love the red dress on the bottom reminds me of my wedding dress

  10. I always have problems with choosing the right evening dress. I’m not as fit as I used to and tend to be insecure oh how my limbs would look with a dress haha! But I find inspiration from celebrities who are not as skinny as the typical models.

  11. Dresses should go with your body structure and the occasion.

  12. I have never gone to an event that would require me to dress like that, but I will keep these tips in mind should I ever get invited to one.

  13. Love this advice! I only need an evening dress every few years and it’s so hard to find just the right one that I’m comfortable in, is age appropriate, and that looks nice. And having a more “boyish” figure, it’s especially hard to find something that looks good.

  14. Those dresses featured are gorgeous. I love the very first one and the orange one the best

  15. These dresses are gorgeous. I think the right dress can make an amazing statement so it is important to choose wisely.

  16. I can not tell you how many times I purchased an outfit or dress and then when it came time to actually wear it out did not have what it takes to do it. I have seen many that over accessorized, I have a friend that does just that. Maybe I will share this with her as a hint!

  17. Oh my gosh! That first dress is so elegant and I love the color. It is true that in order to choose the right dress, you must know your body type, the color that compliments your skin complexion, the style, etc. :) These are some gorgeous dresses.

  18. While I don’t have the body for it, I really love that first one! It’s just so unique!

  19. I have one evening dress – it’s black and very conservative. Because you’re right, confidence is everything, and that dress makes me confident that I’m not a fashion disaster LOL.

  20. I would go for the blue and red, not so bare.

  21. These are very helpful tips in choosing the perfect evening dress.

  22. The sample above are so revealing at the back, but the color is good. There are some evening dresses that signifies beauty and character to the wearer.

  23. I’m jealous of the bodies here. So slim and they look really good in their gowns. Stunning selections of gowns.

  24. I wish I could wear a beautiful evening gown someday. :)

  25. That was a nice way to frame the post, with the great tips. I love the faux cut-outs on the first dress, that’s nice!

  26. mel

    Those are some beautiful dresses! I would love to go to a party and wear one each week!

  27. Oh my! These are very sexy dresses!

  28. If I’m to wear an evening dress, I think it’ll be much modest than those in the photo.

  29. You should also choose a dress that matches your skin tone.

  30. Pretty dresses! If i ever get a chance to wear one I’ll remember this.

  31. I always have to try on a dress and see if the color will match with my skin tone. Sometimes I will see nice dresses on a mannequin or model and would think it would look nice on me but doesn’t lol

  32. I love the red dress! I agree with your tips. You can’t just put something on without considering that it may not be for you.

  33. Nahihirapan talga ako sa pagpili ng dress because of my body structure. I’m too thin na kapag nag suot ng gown ay mukhang hanger o d kaya parang poste. Hehe. When it comes to evening dresses, I like those na hindi masyado labas ang kaluluwa. May pagka conservative kasi ako. Haha. By the way, I soooo love the color nung dress #01! :)

  34. I agree that you should first assess your confidence level when deciding what evening dress to wear.

  35. These are gorgeous, I visited the website once and and was in awe of their selection.

  36. Dress V looks to have a lot of really nice dresses for ladies for formal wear.

  37. Your key point number 4 is right on the money. Over accesorizing takes away the real beauty of the person.

  38. I love the sleek and elegant cuts of these evening dresses.

  39. The fabric, the cut and style, and the personality of the wearer are the most vital in wearing the evening dress.

  40. The personality of the evening dress wearer must be considered first.

  41. I have to agree with the Less is more concept as elegant dresses does not need much accessories.

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