#Giveaway: Stretch Back Hollow Black Lace Dress from Zarop Fashion

Hello there, my lovely readers! It’s been awhile since we had a giveaway and I’m very glad to let you girls know that I recently had a collaboration with Zarop Fashion in giving away this lovely little black dress. No matter where you are in the world, you can participate in this contest and get your chance to win this lovely dress. If you are a man who randomly visits my website – fret not – you can also participate and get yourself a chance to give this as a gift to your special someone, whether it be your girlfriend or wife! Perfect, don’t you think?


Just so you know, Zarop Fashion specialized in making celebrity clothing for women based on Europe, USA, Ukraine and Russia style. They are also a professional online shop that sells high quality celebrity and trendy clothing which are all fashionable and affordable to each of your needs.


One of the few things I truly like about this dress is the fact that it’s not just available for petite women to wear, they actually have sizes for those who are a bit on the plump side. So, if you think you have a bit of extra weight and still want to get the chance to get this dress, please feel free to join – they do have a size for you, too! In any case you don’t want to join the giveaway yet want to get your hands on this dress, you can also save tons of money as they are having a price drop on this lovely little black dress from $37 to $9.9 on April 28, 2014 GMT (Free Shipping!).

This lovely European style little black dress is perfect for any occassion and date nights you might be planning ahead! You can wear it during Spring, Summer and Autumn, too! I personally am fond of LBD as you can always either turn it sweet, sexy and professional depending on how you wear it, when you wear it and how you accessorized and match things up. Don’t you think this dress looks versatile for different times and occassions too? Get your chance to win this dress, may it be for your daughter, yourself, your wife or girlfriend – it’s a lovely one that every lady deserve to have! (Remember, this is a Worldwide Giveaway, too! So, do share it with your friends and family!)

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94 Comments to #Giveaway: Stretch Back Hollow Black Lace Dress from Zarop Fashion

  1. This is sooo cool! I gotta use for lots of occasions because the color (black) and the cut of the dress can both look classy and casual — depending on your accessories and footwear. I just entered! Hoping to win! Haha. Thanks for this! ^^

  2. Nice dress and that is a great price as well!

  3. that’s a very chic dress. every woman needs a black dress in their closet. well good luck to those ladies who will participate!

  4. I have a few things that have lace backs, but I don’t wear them often because then I can’t wear a bra.

  5. Janice Que

    If I ever get the chance to win this I’m going to wear this gorgeous dress to my friend’s debut party :)

  6. this fits in you, you’re gorgeous, and this would be perfect for summer

  7. LUV all little black dresses! I just bought a lace black shirt yesterday and I love it! Good luck to all those who enter the contest!!

  8. This is an elegant looking dress. Ladies would love this and join your giveaway.

  9. Very pretty little black dress with a new design! I love it!

  10. Gemma

    It’s really nice. I would wear it on a evening party with a blazer and a jewelry belt.


  11. That is the perfect little summer dress– and for only $10? What a steal.

  12. that is a pretty black dress perfect for any party.

  13. Love that dress, a great twist on the basic black dress. I can’t believe what a great price it is too!

  14. It’s a really cute dress. Shame I just no longer have the legs for dresses any more!

  15. Oooh, what a lovely dress. I have a feeling it would not be in my size though.

  16. Sophisticated Black dress from Zarop! Love to wear it on my Friends b-day party!

  17. That’s a cute dress! I can’t tell the length, how long is it?

  18. This is a very cute dress! It is my daughter’s style.

  19. Nice dress and a great giveaway! Thank you in advance for allowing me to win it for my wife!

  20. I’m not much for pleats but I’m entering the giveaway anyway. This would make a fabulous gift.

  21. jessica chan

    i’d wear it everywhere! =)

  22. That’s a really nice dress, I know a certain girl who’d look great in it.

  23. Every girl needs a black dress. This one is great

  24. I love this dress! I have a family BBQ Blowout coming up in the summer and this would be perfect at it, as I have lost some weight since the last time any of my family has laid their eyes on me! I would love to totally rock this dress!

  25. This dress is super cute! My oldest daughter would love it

  26. That looks like it would be flattering for all shapes.

  27. That is a beautiful dress and I know someone who would love to have it. She needs something for a pick me up right now.

  28. Chasity Boatman

    Beautiful dress. I bought a similar one from Urban Outfitters. I love dresses that have something special about them.

  29. That is such a pretty dress. It looks really comfortable too.

  30. This dress is nice, but I can never find dresses in my size, therefore I never wear them..

  31. Lulu

    I’d wear this beautiful dress to summer parties…

  32. this is so pretty! i could use a new lbd.:)

  33. this sure looks like a chic LBD, perfect for those formal functions + a weekend night out with the girls!

  34. Rain Gatdula

    Perfect outfit for dates especially with my man! :) Any occasional that requires semi formal and even in parties! :) also bar hopping hehe :)

  35. Cherry Ann Punzal

    Black dress is really beautiful & trendy! If given the chance to own this, I’d like to wear on my cousin’s birthday. Since the theme is black & white, I belong! :)

  36. A lady can never go wrong with a black dress. It’s timeless and classy – definitely a piece that every woman should invest in.

  37. It’s a pretty dress. They say everyone needs a little black dress. :)

  38. sherry ann gole cruz

    this is one elegant dress,i would wear this to my sister in law wedding,i would look stunning in this dress,super love it!

  39. I think I would have loved that 15 years ago. It’s a cute dress.

  40. Super cute dress! I love the subtle sexiness, yet gracefulness of the laced back

  41. I would actually probably wear it on a date with my boyfriend – Not sure where, probably out to a nice restaurant.

  42. So pretty! It’s a new twist on the “little black dress” concept!

  43. I would use it as a date night dress. I would wear it when we go out to a nice restaurant :)

  44. mel

    I absolutely love this dress! I could definitely see myself wearing it to a cocktail party!

  45. Karin Shaim

    I would wear it to work and I would wear it with black heels and a brown bag

  46. I love the design at the back, this LBD is a must have.

  47. Never heard of the site before, sounds like a neat resource. Love the dress too!

  48. It’s also nice that they have all the different sizes for ladies.

  49. I would totally wear the in a dinner date with my honey. You can’t go wrong with a little black dress.

  50. Christine Marie F. Delgado

    this dress is so cute and looks elegant :)

  51. Such a lovely dress. I like the lace back pattern. Good addition to any closet.

  52. This is a really cute dress! I love lace backs on shirts and would totally love this dress for myself!

  53. This dress looks really cute! Good luck to everyone who’s participating!

  54. tiana ba

    lovely dress! It is so sweet and romantic!

  55. This would be great to wear on a date.

  56. milù bijoux

    with open toe and pochette red for a romantic dinner

  57. loredana battista

    is very beautiful :)

  58. maria

    i like this dress..i hope to win. Fb: blair bass. EMAIL: maria.fiengo@yahoo.it

  59. perihan

    I would wear this to my friend’s birthday party and I would wear it with black heels and a clutch

  60. Elisa

    it’s prettY…

  61. antonella

    I love this dress! It’s elegant and romantic

  62. Samantha Tedesco

    I’d wear it for a date with my love :)

  63. antonella togato

    i love this dress it’s very sexy for me

  64. marghe give

    I use it for a disco night

  65. ISA VAL

    Love this style! I want it!!!

  66. Florinda

    I’d wear it for a romantic dinner with my boyfriend! <3

  67. Divya Asha

    If I win this dress, I’ll wear it during the night time, when I’m alone with my husband ;)

  68. Fingers crossed, sooo sexy!

  69. Francesca

    So cute this dress! *_* I want it ;)

  70. From $30+ to $9, that’s a catch! Good luck to the participants

  71. If given a chance to win this very lovely dress, Im gonna wear this one in a special occasion only.

  72. This dress is so nice and whoever wins it will truly enjoy wearing this beautiful item.

  73. Paola Caldarola

    I think this dress is super versatile!
    I would wear it for special occasions, so to be very elegant with a pair of pumps; moreover, I would wear it to go out with my boyfriend for a walk near the seaside during summer, so matching it with a pair of cushy flat sandals! :)

  74. i wear it opn my birthday

  75. i wear it on my birthday

  76. Beautiful European style dress, I want one.

  77. Good luck to those entrants, somebody is going to have this beautiful dress.

  78. Neri Marin

    will wear it to a party ?

  79. kristine Pelayo

    i gonna wear on my 8th year wedding anniversary :)

  80. Lovely dress, congrats in advance to the winners. :)

  81. This is such a sexy dress! fabulous giveaway!

  82. I love so much this dress. I’d wear it for a romantic dinner with my boyfriend or at b-day party of my best friend.

  83. rita castro

    To a romantic dinner or even to go to work :)

  84. if given a chance to win this beautiful dress, i would definitely love to wear

  85. Veronica Murroni

    To go out with friends!

  86. Pearl Paguio

    Would love to wear this on a romantic date with my husband :)


    i will use this in our date with my hubby. he’ll surely love to see me wearing this little black dress.


    if i have given a chance to win this dress . i will wear it on my special date with my hubby.

  89. lilianac

    I wear it at work or to go out at night with my husband.

  90. Rosa Pi

    this fits in you, you’re gorgeous, and this would be perfect for summer

  91. crystal cruz

    I will use this in our date with my long time (12 years) boyfriend.. :)

  92. Lovelyn Pagulayan

    I would use if for my sos’s birthday party,I would difinitely look fabuluos :)

  93. I would wear this dress to attend party party! so fabulous dress and i love it much!

  94. Neil John Ocampo

    My mom would love this and she will wear this for my graduation day :)

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