Friday Shopping at Forever 21!

PS. Me feeling all-oh-so-geeky, haha!

Hi gorgeous, how are you doing?
As for me, I did some shopping at Forever 21!

I especially like Forever 21’s accessories but I never had the chance to buy them – until today and I’m loving each of them!

Hearts, hearts and hearts. I guess this says a lot on how happy and in love I am, doesn’t it? HAHA!

This is one of those days where in I am out of words thus the photos shall speak for its own.

September 28th, 2013
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51 Comments to Friday Shopping at Forever 21!

  1. cool loots you’ve got there! ;) i love forever21 too!!

  2. cool loots you’ve got there! ;) i love F21 too!

  3. Cute jewelry! Thanks for sharing!

  4. Cool accessories you have here. Love the ring with a heart.

  5. i think it’s better if you’ll wear all the items and create an outfit post.

  6. Looks like you had a really nice time shopping in Forever 21.

  7. I like the accessories! Most of my accessories are from F21. :D

  8. I wish there had of been a Forever 21 store when I was a teen. I do love their accessories, shoes and my sons like their cologne.

  9. Astig ng accessories mo girl! I wanna see you whole look wearing the clothes and the accessories! <3

  10. nice feature! Forever 21 is really every girl’s shopping boutique:) I love their flowing skirts and tank tops. their accessories are really good for partying and shoots!

  11. Wow definitely the photos speak for itself. I love everything! Cute accessories. ?

  12. Wow definitely the photos speak for itself. I love everything! Cute accessories. ?

  13. I love Forever 21 great prices and always good choices. The jewelery is awesome and so affordable!

  14. Such great finds, well done
    I see (and love) Forever21 clothes lots on YouTube from the US fashion gurus, and I hope they’ll come to the UK!

  15. I keep on trying f21 rings kaso hindi kasya sakin maluwag.. gosh! Lately I also caught myself shopping there 3x this month na din :)

    I love the necklace btw. :)

  16. I love the ring in heart design

  17. I miss shopping! Is that connector rings? The last 2 photos? Hmm I like the Aztec pants too!

  18. I love, love, love shopping at Forever21. Hindi pwedeng lalabas ako ng store na walang dalang shopping bag, haha! :)

  19. so Lucky !!! :’)

  20. the jacket looks nice!lovethe rings!

  21. My daughter and I could spend HOURS in forever21!!! CUTE BLING

  22. I like Forever 21, but I always stick to the basics. It’s really cheap too.

  23. Any F21 store is really a shopping haven for both women and now also including men. It’s one of my favorite shops! :)

  24. I don’t own any Forever21 products yet but their accessories sure do look cute! I just find it really hard finding the right size of rings for me. :<

  25. I love shopping there. Great finds!

  26. Wow! i LOVE that vest jacket with leather details! so fashyooooooooown.

  27. I love Forever21! Beautiful rings you got there sis! The brand really suits your good taste in fashion. :)

  28. You’re super cute talaga, sis! Promise! I envy you!!! The blonde (even the banana blonde which came out in your last bleaching) plus this red color suit you!!!!

    I love F21 and it was one of the brands I always shop but recently, I forgot about it and switched to MAC shopping. Ang hirap maging babae! Dami gastos! HAHAHA!

  29. Lovely accessories, looks like you had a nice shopping trip. We have Forever21 store at Dundas Sq in Toronto, very popular and busy store even during business days.

  30. I loved Forever 21 too. Their accessories are nice and affordable!

  31. I love Forever 21 so much . Ah and all these accessories , yum!

  32. I love F21 accessories too! they are just so adorable. I love the items you got most esp the heart rings ^_^

  33. Love the necklace. Looks like you had some awesome finds

  34. I love forever 21 so much! I love these items too ;)

  35. Anita Breeze

    I love the jewelry a lot! We don’t have forever21 here in Canada, too bad.

  36. These are some great items. My daughter in law loves Forever 21.

  37. I have personally never shopped at Forever 21. I have checked out their website though in the past and they did have some cute stuff just nothing that really grabbed my attention. I think another reason may also be that I can’t wear costume jewelry so I tend to shy away from them but they do look rather nice.

  38. You got some really cool rings! I haven’t been shopping in a long time (only for the kids before school)

  39. Cute! I love the jewelry and the outfit in the first pic too! You look adorable in glasses!

  40. that’s a really nice jacket and cool accessories! I love going to F21 and I have to agree that they do carry nice accessories :)

  41. i am not really that fashionable so i have only been to an F21 shop once. those are really fab accessories. i particularly love the heart rings

  42. My daughter absolutely loves Forever 21. We have to go in there everytime we go to the mall.

  43. Love the heart rings and necklace! :) Love the vest too! Never tried shopping at F21 but it’s on my list. :)

    Pauchee C.

  44. Very pretty bling! I love forever 21 too!

  45. I am so envious! You always seem to be shopping, shopping, and shopping. :-) Wish I can still do that now but most of the time, my shopping basket is filled with kids’ clothes and stuff. :P

  46. Never heard of the place but cool loot!

  47. LOve those bling, looks great on you!

  48. Pretty fab accessories you have there! Love the Forever 21 collections!

  49. I love and want those rings! They’re gorgeous!

  50. nice haul. it’s been a while since i went shopping.

  51. I love F21! Looks like you found some awesome stuff!

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