Fresher, Longer: Taking Care of Your Favourite Clothes

In today’s disposable world we no longer expect clothes to last a lifetime. Many are designed to be worn a few times and then thrown away, as fashion is an ever changing animal. With the right care, however, you can make some of your favourite clothing last for years and still look stylish. These can include those jeans that are almost welded on, that much-loved t-shirt or ‘wear anywhere’ top. Here’s how to make it happen:


With practical but stylish clothing


A simple black T-shirt, well cut jeans and boots are both practical and stylish — they never go out of fashion, in fact. You probably already have a few items that you just can’t bear to part with, and if they’re made from decent materials you won’t have to. The good thing about well-made clothes is that they have the advantage of being made from superior materials, designed to last for years. You may have to pay more money for higher quality clothes but the longevity of these items will make it worth the while in the long run.

Hand wash if possible


One of the safest bets when it comes to keeping your clothes in top condition is to go old school and wash them by hand with a mild detergent. Alternatively, you can use the hand wash setting on some of the newer washer dryer models, which can make your clothes ready again sooner for that big night out! Hand washing provides additional care for delicate fabrics such as silk and pure wool. Keep the water temperature to a minimum as high temperatures can easily shrink fabrics (horror!).

Keep washing to a minimum


If you’re only wearing certain items of clothing, such as a pair of jeans or sweater, once a week then try to keep washing these clothes to a minimum. Continually washing clothes can damage and wear out the fabric, leaving you with faded, worn-out items (if in some cases they can look cool, but don’t risk it!). You don’t need to wash jeans and jumpers every single time you wear them, just use your judgement and clean when needed. However, don’t let dirt build up because this can damage the fabric over time, not to mention become harder to shift.

Keeping your clothes looking fresh may take a little bit of extra effort, but will be worth it further down the line. Remember, the more you wear your favourite clothes, the more comfortable they’ll become. You’ll just have to take care of them if you want to keep going back to them! Or you can move with the times…

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  1. I’d like to add that if you’re using washing machine, the colored pieces of clothing should be separated to those white ones to avoid stains.

    • Andreea Leau

      Also, for your color clothes you can turn them with the face inside. In this way you protect the color :)

    • Completely agreed. My mother used to tell me, we must wash white separately.

  2. My mom is mostly in charge of the laundry at home and she properly takes care of our clothes especially dainty textures.

    • Oh great. This is a very good tip. I just do this when ironing clothes.

  3. Great tips. I agree its important to buy quality if you want your clothing to last.

  4. I learned a long time ago to be careful with the washing of my clothing. Most of my clothing items are hung out to dry. I dislike letting them tumble in the dryer. I also hand wash many items. This is a great article!

  5. I think what I’m doing is over washing my clothes. Will have to keep these tips in mind if I want to prolong the life of my clothes!

  6. This is an effective way to make our fav clothes last longer, i do mine but once in a while.

  7. Try telling that to my husband! We have a family of 5 and I do laundry twice a week. Mostly my husband’s because doesn’t like to wear his clothes twice. Hand washing would take me a century lol.

  8. Great article and great use of images. Thanks for the tips!

  9. Aaah, it does take a lot of effort but it should be worth it especially if we’re talking about pieces that you invested in.

  10. I really need to start handwashing more.. A lot of my clothes have become faded : (

  11. hey great tips! i do my own laundry, i mean our laundry! haha.. i used machine wash too but i dont set it to high frequency just enough to get the clothes a clean, so it wont be tortured,

  12. When I have something that I really want to last, I have it dry cleaned.

  13. Such great tips! I think it is just routine to wash clothes so much but I see how it breaks them down

  14. I do my own laundry and i like to think my cloths are fresh.. but then again, ask my wife what she may think.. lol

  15. Great tips! I always separate colors, which helps too. I agree that washing gently by hand will keep clothes lasting longer and just less washing in general it better for clothes. I tell my boys, wear your jeans at least twice before tossing in the hamper – it also saves mom’s sanity! :)

  16. I have a lot of faded clothes too! I will try some of these tips.

  17. Helene Cohen Bludman

    I always handwash anything delicate even though it is kind of a pain. But I like to keep my clothes looking good for as long as I can, so it’s worth it.

  18. These were all great tips! I will be using them in the future.

  19. I will definitely wear jeans several times without washing them. Not only does no one notice, but they stay looking newer longer!

  20. I should be better about this. I try to use Dryel on important stuff.

  21. I have never seen or heard of clothing at is designed to only wear a few times. That is something I would never buy. I am very careful when I laundry and care for my clothing because I like to be able to wear them and have them looking new.

  22. Another good tip is to use cold water, even on clothes that say use hot or warm and dry them on the lowest dryer setting. This avoids dehydrating the fabrics and keeps the colors fresh longer.

  23. I like hand washing best. I only wish I had the time to do it more often.

  24. Thanks for the advice on taking care of clothes. I already practice not washing jeans every time.

  25. I rarely use bleach and softeners as it really does something to your clothes.

  26. Softening agents and the dryer are the worst things for clothes. I love an old-fashioned clothesline!

  27. I kind of miss washing clothes manually and hang it outside in the line to dry.

  28. I became an over washer when I got pregnant. I was always forgetting the clothes in the washer, so I end up washing them 2 or 3 times. Lol

  29. As a mom, I’m the one in charge of our laundry at home. It’s the chore I hate the most. Haha! But, I do believe that we should take good care of our clothes. It’s just too expensive to buy new stuff every few weeks.

  30. My family thinks I am crazy because I hand wash my favorite running gear. I have hunted and can not find anything like some of my favorite items so I want the to last.

  31. Over-washing is a big issue. I am revamping my wardrobe and am looking to replace several items with a few very well made versatile pieces. Accessories can do so much!

  32. The washing really puts a stress on the clothes. And here the sun adds it even more. It’s really sad to see how fast the clothes start suffering.

  33. This information is very useful because I have some favorite clothing items that I want to take good care of so they will last for years.

  34. These are good tips. I don’t wash my jeans all the time. Unless you’re rolling in the mud, you can get a few wears out of them before washing.

  35. I try to wear jeans a couple of times before washing to help extend their life. I’m also a cold water washer and line dryer for delicates.

  36. Handwashing can really make your clothes last longer :)

  37. You definitely don’t want to spend a ton on your clothes and not take care of them. Thanks for the tips.

  38. nice tips!. Thanks for sharing it. and i would do this sometime

  39. I try really hard to take good care of my clothes so they will last a long time. Great tips

  40. GREAT tips, thank you for sharing!

  41. I’ve never understood it…my husband’s got clothes he wears that look great and are twenty years old (no joke). Mine wear out much faster. And I’m the one who does all of the laundry in this house. Crazy stuff, that. :)

    Thanks for your tips here!

  42. I probably wear my jeans 3 or 4 times before I wash them. I read somewhere you should never machine wash denim. This goes right in sync with what I read!

  43. Hand Washing is still the best as long you just don’t mix the colored ones with the white ones.

  44. I agree, I wash jeans and other delicate type of clothes to a minimum to avoid wear and tear.

  45. I absolutely hate when my blacks turn to greys. It’s so hard to keep clothes looking like new.

  46. I definitely want to make my clothes last longer! These are great tips to followl

  47. Great tips for taking care of your clothes! I have a sweater that I’ve had for years! It’s my favorite!

  48. Oh dear, I wish I could have a bigger closet so I can organize my clothes better.

  49. Washing by hand is a great tip! And in my opinion, jeans barely need to be washed at all!

  50. I do the laundry for our family of four which includes two teens (just imagine the amount). I think it is time I teach them how to do theirs. :)

  51. That’s exactly what I learned by experience – shrinking clothes or wearing them out. These are great tips to anyone.

  52. doing the laundry needs a lot of strength right? It’s not an easy job. But, segregating will make the job easier.

  53. Thanks for the advice on how we can properly take care of our clothes.

  54. I really agree with your last suggestion because water is a limited resource and very expensive. If the item of clothing is still clean, you do not really need to wash right away. This is specially true for pants.

  55. One more thing is spreading out your clothes so you don’t overuse some of your clothes.

  56. Having them sorted and arranged properly can also help make clothes last longer.

  57. Thanks for the tips! I’ve never had any of my clothes get into bad shape before

  58. You got great tips here, in our family we are used of doing each own laundry I also told my younger siblings to learn washing their clothes because our Mom is not getting any younger and she should be relaxing at her age now and so I let them watch how I do my laundry and i do nothing fancy.

  59. Laundry definitely takes alot of effort but the payoff is worhtwhile

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