Four #Fashion #Tips For Going Back to School Looking Fabulous this Year

Back to school is one of the most dreaded yet exciting times of year for a lot of students. On one hand you have classes, homework and teachers to deal with, but on the other you get to see your friends everyday!

Back to School Fashion

It’s a lose win situation in the end. But make the best of it this year by going back to school looking great with these four back to school tips we came up with.

1. Make a Bag Statement – You could roll into class on the first day with the same retro backpack you’ve been lugging around since you first needed more than one notebook; or you can get yourself a sweet new backpack that everyone will notice. And even though it won’t be new next year or the years to come, you won’t have to buy a new bag every year.


2. Nice Fresh Shoes – Shoes make statements. Since you buy a couple pairs of shoes each year anyhow, take advantage of the back to school specials and get yourself something to wear on the first day that everyone is going to say wow. Check out for some of the newest trends and top brands in boys and girls fashions. They’re sure to have the look you’re going for.


3. New Scent – Depending on your style, maybe you want to try out a new perfume or cologne. Smell is one of the most memorable scents, so if you find something you like that isn’t overpowering, give it a shot. I bet your friends will notice… and maybe the cute boy or girl who sits behind you in social studies class also.


4. First Day is the Best Day – Let’s not beat around the bush. You have to come out with your A game on the first day of school. There aren’t any assignments due, no tests, and in reality hardly any actual work. Go the extra distance when getting ready for the first day because that’s when you’ll have the most time to socialize. Hair, nails, make-up… the whole package!

27 Comments to Four #Fashion #Tips For Going Back to School Looking Fabulous this Year

  1. These are great looks. I love that they’re sassy but not too skimpy. Great!

  2. I used to love the start of the new school year! The new outfits were so much fun to shop for and to wear.

  3. These are great tips. I know I always feel better and work better when I look good! Look good, feel good!

  4. Rebecca Swenor

    These are all great back to school tips. I know that making a statement can really mean a lot to a kid. Having the right accessories is another important thing for kids or anyone. Thanks for sharing the tips.

  5. Pam

    I always try to buy new shoes before a big event like back to school. It’s important to make a good impression.

  6. These are all easy enough fashion tips for heading back to school in style, loving these looks. I am sure your post will help many get back into style again after having the Summer off.

  7. The first day is always the hardest, you never get more than one chance at a first impression. Great post!!

  8. You’d definitely make an impression by following these fashion tips. People definitely shouldn’t forget about their fragrances as they head back to school.

  9. Bonnie @wemake7

    Great tips! I will definitely share this with my oldest daughter. =)

  10. Stephen

    I think what i loved the most about this article is how easy and simple these tips are!!

  11. These are such wonderful looks for back to school. The tips are great as well – so many ways to incorporate them into a look.

  12. Jeanine

    Wonderful tips! I see a lot of young girls and college girls around the city all dolled up for school. So many great fashion choices they all look great!

  13. Those are great looks. Back to school fashion is a tricky thing. You want them to look cute without looking too old or risque.

  14. These are great tips for the first day of school. I am going to have to let my teenage daughter read this. Hopefully it will give her some tips.

  15. Good tips here. I’m on the look for new scents for the fall. There are so many to choose from. – Yolonda

  16. My daughter is not really into fashion, but thanks for these tips. Will share this with my daughter. ^_^

  17. Fi Ni Neachtain

    Really great tips here. I’m actually in need of a new perfume, must get one soon :)

  18. I love these tips for fashion for back to school!!! I know my daughter loves to get new wardrobes for school every year.

  19. Kathy

    I love all of these looks. They’re definately great for going back to school. I would love to wear any of those myself.

  20. First impressions lasts! That said, these are totally awesome tips for back to school look!

  21. victoria

    Such a good post, I don’t have a daughter so I will share this to my niece.

  22. These are excellent tips and suggestion and I will share them with my daughter. She just headed off to her first year of college and she enjoys keeping up with the latest fashion trends.

  23. MyTeenGuide

    What a wonderful look for back to school, Thanks for these tips

  24. My oldest niece has really gotten into fashion lately. These are great tips for her to go back to school in style.

  25. Sara

    These fashions are too cute! My daughter is reading over my shoulder and she picked out a few of her favorites.

  26. These are great tips! Those are also some super cute outifts!

  27. Your outfits are all so cute. Nice tips by the way!

  28. I love these different fashion looks! I love shopping, but having fashion ideas before I go is always a great idea.

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