For Winter Fashion – It’s Got To Be FUR!


Wearings furs may not be ideal for a tropical country but for countries that are in winter season – I’d say wearing fur is just something you’ve got to have in your closet. Not only that it gives you warmth but it gives off that glamour feeling whenever you wear one. It’s really perfect to warm up your body, too!

Fur is one of the oldest form of clothing as a form of coat, wrap or shawl made from fur animals – such as Bear, Beaver, Cheetah, Chinchilla, Cayote, Deer, Fox, Goat, Jaguar and many more. Even those in mild and cool climates still uses fur because of its superior warmth and durability – it has that luxurious feel to it, too!


Fur clothing varies from fur coats, scarves, gloves, headbands, earmuffs, shawl, hand bags, boot covers and fur vests for women and men as well. I actually got myself my own fur type of jacket when I went to Singapore few months ago, I tend to wear them from time to time – just because I love them.

It’s especially handy when I am feeling cold, too.


I like how wearing a fur gives you that vintage feel to it. One of the most popular type of fur being used by most people are the faux fur coats, though it might look good and elegant – as soon as it got drenched, let’s say in a sudden rainstorm or so – totally gets ruined, not to mention it’s really hard to clean, too! Go for a thick wool with faux fur collar and cuffs. Do coordinate the colors to add some detail to it, too.


You don’t really need to cover up your entire body, do you? Some furs like fur vest styles will look fantastic with skater dresses and boots.

Aww. Sometimes, I wish I lived in a country with winter season to it. It would be nice to do some winter fashion outfits using furs – I really like how they transform your look! Again, I love its luxurious feel – I mean, who doesn’t?

How would you wear your fur clothing?
Do you own one – wear one?
How would you wear it?

Feel free to share your thoughts by commenting on this post! <3

47 Comments to For Winter Fashion – It’s Got To Be FUR!

  1. I don’t have fur but do love the looks of your coat!

  2. I definitely will not wear fur-even though it does keep you warmer. AND after what I went through with one of my dogs–I was walking her when she suddenly lunged at a woman walking by-luckily I was holding her tight–you got it-that woman was wearing a real fur coat!

  3. We live in Florida so no need for a fur coat here, they are pretty though.

  4. The look, second from the top, is gorgeous! And living in a cold climate has lost it’s charm after living in one for 20 yrs. Yes I love my sweaters, but have little use for bulky jackets and clunky boots!

  5. how i wish i can wear fur coats here in our country too, beautiful fur coats to give warmth :)

  6. That third one down is cute. I don’t have anything with fur, but it looks like it’s going to be the style, so I better get on that.

  7. All those jackets are so cute. I have had fur before, but would rather a faux fur. It is freezing here, and a good winter coat is needed. It is funny becuause you wish for winter weather and I wish for really warm weather.

  8. I wouldn’t wear real fur – but a nice faux fur can keep you just as cosy :) x

  9. It does not necessarily have to be real fur. Faux fur looks just as stylish and keeps you quite warm. Love the beautiful styles in your post. You look great in your beautiful white coat.

  10. Binigyan ako ng fur coat ng bestfriend ko as a gift. Hindi ko magamit-gamit. Kaya andun lng sa cabinet ko, matagal na. Haha. I hope masusuot ko din sya in the future. Kelan pa kaya ako dadalhin ni Xian sa U.S. LOL :)))

  11. I would prefer the fur on the neck part as it gets very cold around that area.

  12. I don’t have any fur but love the way you put these looks together. I have no opinion on real or fake but think these look great.

  13. I would pick the third one in a heartbeat.

  14. I’m afraid I’m not a fur wearing person, but I certainly do appreciate the styling of these lovely coats. REALLY pretty!

  15. I wouldn’t wear real fur, but I’ve seen some really cute faux fur pieces in the stores lately!

  16. Oh my goodness, I love those winter coats!!! I always have to have faux fur on my winter gear!

  17. I am not a fan of fur, but it may help me keep warm! Maybe I should be more open minded. Some of those are really cute!

  18. Although fur coats are beautiful, I will not wear fur because of the animal rights issues. I generally stick to wearing faux fur that I know didn’t harm any animals in the process of being made.

  19. I have a coat with faux fur that I wear. I’d rather have the faux ones.

  20. I am not a huge fur fan either, but I do love the selection of coats you posted. These are really sharp looking!

  21. I don’t have fur coat or clothing. I prefer wearing animal printed fabric than fur or faux fur…

  22. I have one coat with fur given to me by my mom. Hehe. I like the third fur coat.

  23. Hahaha, sometimes (every winter) I wish I didn’t live in a partial year cold climate (fashion or not). :) These are cute items you’ve shown.

  24. My mom and dad recently bought one that has fur! haha. I find it really cute, but then I still haven’t tried wearing it. I get the feeling this kind of fashion isn’t as welcomed as it is in other countries than here in ours because we don’t have snow. But I’m planning to use it on our Christmas party because that’d be somewhere cold and I’ll be wearing a dress :)

  25. fur fashion finds are really fashionable this winter season, plus,they can make everyone’s looking chic and elegant by just wearing one of this kind..

  26. I had 3 years experiencing winter and i have never bought any downjacket with fur. I love the fur but only in my teddybears (the exude warmth when sleeping) but for the jacket, i do not because it makes me too warm when walking too far. heheheh we still sweat even if its winter. :)

  27. These are all really pretty and I like the third one down the best. I live in a warm weather state and most days a sweater isn’t really needed.

  28. I like the top one but to be honest i never wear fur and i do not know if i ever would not even faux fur lol.

  29. Bad thing, we don’t have winter season in our country. That’s why I always wanted to go to US/UK to be able to wear these outfits. :D

  30. I think I have 3 coats made of fur. It’s more comfy and it really serves its’ purpose during winter season.

  31. Loving the looks but I would only wear the faux fur. I don’t believe in killing animals for their skin/fur.

  32. I like the first coat and the last coat, but I would prefer it a Faux Fur. I don’t wear real fur. But yes the fur adds warmth and style.

  33. I love the fur jackets. I do not own any fur but would love to!

  34. patricia

    I love the look of fur and how it feels. It definitely is soft and keeps you super warm. Unfortunately we live in a warmer climate area so fur would not work for me.

  35. I will probably never own real fur, but I did work in Alaska and get to try on some of the softest accessories a person could dream of. Beautiful.

  36. I love the look and wish we could pull it off here in Florida, but it never gets THAT cold :-(… thanks for sharing

  37. Robyn

    The first coat is super nice.

  38. Fur definitely isn’t my thing, but these are some cute ones!

  39. I love those fur coats in this posts! I hope someone gives me fur coat, I’m too kuripot to buy it for myself.

  40. I love the two styles with fur.

  41. Winter is a great time to show off those fur coats, i like the fur coat in the last picture :)

  42. Fur are very fashionable and also cozy and warm for us. I love the selection here too, also if you wish to get pure fur it is also very expensive.

  43. Colder climate means a lot more fashion opportunities with a lot more layers to play with.

  44. I need one of those furry coats!

  45. I don’t wear fur and I think I will never, ever. I can wear the fake ones and I will prefer it that way. :( I just don’t feel comfortable having them near my skin. I can almost feel the real one encoiled to my neck or something… My mindset, I can’t shake it off…

  46. I don’t like cold weather, so no I would not wish winter here. :) But those fur coats are gorgeous, though if ever I get to wear one, I’d prefer a faux fur over the real ones.

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    Many thanks for sharing!

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