#Fashion #Trends for #Women: How to Wear and Pull Off a Sneaker with Style and Sophistication!

If you have been visiting my blog and reading my entries, one of the things you may have already realized is how much I am in love with sneakers. I love sneakers, technically, I tend to wear a lot of sneaker wedges, just because it gives me that sexy sporty chic aura. I also like the fact that wearing sneaker wedges, heightens and defines my legs unlike normal sneakers do but overall, I just love wearing sneakers as with the right outfit, it can totally look very stylish and sophisticated – even celebrities tends to wear them a lot!


There are tons of footwear trends with using sneakers, especially sassy sneakers and hi-tops are always in the trend. They are very flexible too as they are available in flat, low, and high-heeled versions. You can definitely use and wear what works for you!


Just by wearing a sneaker of your choice, they can change the landscape of your wardrobe from looking fresh, hip and youthful on your everyday look! It’s even very convenient when walking outdoors, traveling or even commuting and being on the go!


How to Wear a Sneaker with Style and Sophistication:

1. Street Style – One of the few things I love about sneakers is how it gives that laid back reputation while keeping things still stylish. Try wearing a shirt dress and layer it with your favorite cardigan for a street style look laid back look!

2. Tailored Ensembles – Try wearing a jacket, blazer, coat, button down shirts and blouses to provide the right amount of structure in your look.

3. Jeans, Skinnies, Leather Leggings – Wearing it with some leather leggings or skinnies are just my favorite – it keep things sexy and sophisticated!

4. Wear your favorite Sneakers – Last but not the least, wear your favorite sneakers. Sneakers with fabrics like leather, silk, cashmere, wovel wool and daytime sparkle are just everyone’s favorites! It adds a sophisticated and luxurious feel to your whole outfit, too! Check out Sneaker King for more sassy and fashionable sneakers!


36 Comments to #Fashion #Trends for #Women: How to Wear and Pull Off a Sneaker with Style and Sophistication!

  1. I really only wear sneakers to the gym, but I love a lot of those looks you showed!

  2. What great tips to wearing sneakers. I love that the sneaker fashion has really involved now. So many different looks to choose from.

  3. Amanda @ Erickson and Co

    Great tips, I love shoes and can never have too many!

  4. I am a tennis shoes kind of girl, but I don’t think I could pull off the sneaker wedges. Its awesome that you can though! I envy you!

  5. I am still unsure on the sneaker wedge. I wear sneakers all the time but have never been good at walking in heels – which is why I wear sneakers all the time. They look cute on others but if you are stumbling all over the place, that is not the kind of attention to attract, lol..

  6. I love sneakers, just not sure about these wedged ones. They do look stylish.

  7. I love wearing sneakers! They’re very comfortable and since I choose comfort before fashion (most the time), it really works great for me. And now look at that! You can rock a fashion with it too! Thanks for sharing! :)

  8. I love to wear such sneakers in my morning run.

  9. Because I have RA I can’t wear “dress shoes” I only wear sneakers, thanks for showing me some fantastic ideas for when I would like to “dress it up”!

  10. I wear sneakers almost everyday.. they are the most comfortable for my feet..

  11. I’m so out of it with style … did not even know hi-tops are back in style! LOL

  12. Some really good tips for wearing sneakers. I’m more of a vans chick, but you had some really cute picks. Thanks for sharing.

  13. I so love the sneaker wedge, actually a stylish and casual look I want to get a pair! thanks for sharing.

  14. So cool, fun, trendy and yet lovely! Love the ideas and fashion. Had a great visit!

  15. Wearing wedge sneaker is on my wishlist. I haven’t seen a pretty pair that will look good on my huge legs. Thank you for the tips. will keep this in mind.

  16. Oh if only we can wear sneaker wedges in the office, I would really wear those shoes every day!

  17. I love the fact that the sneakers are making a come back.

  18. I haven’t bought any sneakers in a long while but I love the wedge sneaker trend. Considering I live in NYC where walking and subways are a matter of course, you’d think I’d be all over it. I’m slow. I do love the ones with the stiletto on the side!

  19. I love that style! I really wish I could pull it off better, because it looks so trendy.

  20. I started wearing sneakers a lot more now that I’m a new mom. Great post!

  21. I also noticed that the high cut sneakers are back with a vengeance.

  22. Those are all some pretty cool looking sneakers.

  23. As a chiropractor I fully support this article- wear sneakers more often and save your feet, knees and back!!

  24. Call me old school.. I like normal sneakers.. I like the simple things in life..

  25. those sneaker wedge are hot right now!! if your in a hunt i suggest go for the usual sneakers as it never goes out on trend. thanks for sharing!

  26. I never thought I would be wearing sneakers anywhere other than GYM or my running, But you changed my mind.

  27. I love the white sneakers w/ a black stiletto pump print! Great style tip.

  28. You can really be stylish with sneakers too plus it’s really comfortable.

  29. Nice nikey shoes! and it is perfect for the fashion statement that you’ve shared it.

  30. I think if you’ve got long legs any sneakers can look good! I have a couple that make me look taller :)

  31. I sooooo love sneakers too! I especially love the last look and the sneaker with the heel pic on it! Super cool!

  32. The design of the sneakers looks so cool.

  33. I love the brown sneakers with the bright colors on the sides. I also really love the red sneakers. These remind me of the ones we wore when I was in high school

  34. Sneakers are LOVE! Wearin’ them when I’m in college. They are comfy and cool.

  35. I can totally see you pulling off a fashinable one on these sneaker sis. Ako di kaya hehehe.

  36. I caI like the simple sneaker where I can easily run around to chase my daughter. Those are pretty cool!

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