Different Ways to Wear Pearls in Fashion

Pearls are every women’s favorite. It’s a vintage style jewelry which doesn’t go out of style. No matter how trend setting the year has become in terms of fashion – we still end up seeing pearls each time of the year – every year, mostly. Pearls are just timeless pieces of fashion jewelry that will always leave a fashionable statement.


How do you wear your pearls? When do you wear it? Why do you use pearls? Personally, I use pearls whenever I want to have a very stylish and elegant feel to my look. I also use them for certain type of events like weddings or anything formal.

Here are Different Ways to Wear Pearls in Fashion:

1. Wearing Multiple Strands of Pearls – Mix different pearl sizes and lengths and you’ll get a layering effect on pearls that you can use as a necklace. You can make use of these multiple strands of pearls for either during the day or at night time outfits. Do remember that there are different type of pearl, not just white color. Feel free to use black, peach, lavender or pearl colors. Be creative as you want to me. No matter what you decide on its colors and type of pearls, it will still look just as lovely.


2. Long Pearl Earrings – Though most people would just go for a stud pearl earrings for that elegant feel, in terms for a fashionable choice, long pearl earrings would be the perfect one! The chandelier type of pearls are perfect for evening looks while long, geometric pearl earrings in white or yellow gold tone are great choice during the day.


3. Pearl Bangles NEVER goes out of Style! – This is personally one of my favorite. I love, love bangles! I especially like wearing a simple dress and a pearl bangle with it. It gives that stylish feel yet keeping things to the minimum. Don’t you think? Whether your pearl bangles are chunky or just a simple one – it will still make a huge difference!


There are actually endless ways in making use of pearl as an accessory. Be it a hair accessory, a proposal ring or a pearl choker necklace – it’s a classic! Just by using pearl as your main item for your accessory, it brings everything on a whole new level of sophistication. After all, Princess Diana was a beauty who was all about pearls, too!

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August 27th, 2014
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64 Comments to Different Ways to Wear Pearls in Fashion

  1. I love pearls! For me, you can never go wrong with a white outfit and pearls to match it. I’ll make a long pearl earrings tomorrow because of this post. :)

  2. Robin (Masshole Mommy)

    I think pearls are so classy looking. They are perfect for dressing up or casual.

  3. Yes, it doesn’t go out with style but most women wears only during occasions. Women loves diamond than pearls.

  4. pearls. pretty to look at but i’ve never worn them. or owned them. i’m not really a jewelry kinda person. i dont even wear my engagement/wedding ring xD they do look pretty on people when worn right though. adds that… vintage elegance :)

  5. lisa jones

    Such Beautiful Ways To wear Pearls I Personally Like Wearing The Rows Of Pearl So Elegant!!

  6. I love the pearl drop earrings- those are my favorite! I wore pearl jewelry at my wedding.

  7. maria

    I love the look of pearls. I need to pull out my pearls and wear them this weekend.

  8. I really like the look with the multiple strands. It’s so beautiful!

  9. Those are some really great style ideas. I love to wear pearls sometimes.

  10. I never used to really liked pearls but of late I’ve seen how they can really be used beautiful in fashion, depending on how they are used :). x

  11. I love pearls! They are so elegant and fancy. I never have any reason to wear them but do love them.

  12. I have always love Pearls they are so timeless and beautiful. Lovely looks all of them!

  13. Those pieces are so beautiful! I love pearls, I have to check those out, thank you so much for sharing :D

  14. I’ve always loved pearls – so glad they’re coming back in style!

  15. I love pearls. And I love all of the looks that you showed. Great pics.

  16. I love pearls but always wear them in the most basic way.
    thanks for giving me some ideas to spice up my pearl fashion!

  17. Melissa Smith

    I used to play with my grandma’s pearl bracelet when I was a little girl, but that was the extent of pearls for me. I really would love to have some though.

  18. I think pearls are very classy. I love the look.

  19. The Chef's Wife | Anne @TheSatEvePot

    Love pearls! And so agree they are timeless … and simple and elegant and feminine. What’s not to love?!

  20. Catherine S

    Pearls always look so nice.. When I see someone wearing them it always reminds me of my grandma.

  21. carra d

    I love the earrings.
    I have a ring that has a pearl on it, also like wearing pearl bracelets or neckalces

  22. There is hardly anything more sophisticated and timeless than a string of pearls! I have a few pearl necklaces that I regularly wear, but I wouldn’t mind have a pearl bracelet, or even those pearl earrings featured in your post. :)

  23. Wow in a ll the images you showed, these women can really work pearls well!

  24. Pearls are so classy. They really dress up any outfit.

  25. My daughter loves Pearl and she loves her pearl necklace.

  26. Chrissy

    Nothing beats classic pearls, I love the pieces you wore with them!

  27. So many pretty looks here! I haven’t thought about my pearls in a long time and think I better go make sure I still have them!

  28. I love pearls! I don’t have any, but so beautiful! This is a great post

  29. How pretty! Pearls are very classy and lady-like, day or night.

  30. These are great! I am a southern girl – we love our pearls. :)

  31. Boonie

    Thank you for the fashion post. I am not up-to-date on trends or styles all the time, so I rely on blogs for the latest information. Very much appreciated!

  32. Pearls are really beautiful in just about any situation. I’ve always loved pearls.

  33. I love pearls. I need a pair of big pearl studs.

  34. oh, I love my pearls, but I never wear them! I need to get them out more!

  35. Aren’t pearls gorgeous!? It’s my daughter’s birthstone, so I love seeing all the ways they can be worn.

  36. Tiffany Steadman-COllins

    I love to look at Pearls on other people but when it comes to myself they are not my favourite to wear. But I do find them beautiful and love to give them as gifts:) Thanks for sharing

  37. I have never been a fan of pearls. I think it’s because once when my dad was not nice to me, which really was often, he brought home a strand of pearls for me. I decided right from the start I didn’t like them. Thinking about it now though, I really don’t know why. I mean I still like cars, boats, stereos, bedroom suits, motorcycles, trips to Florida, houses (yep, he even gave me a house once!) and tons of other luxuries in life. I guess you might say pearls were the sacrifice that justified me not giving up my love for all the other stuff. LOL

  38. Pam

    Pearls are my favorite type of jewelry. I love, love, love my pearl earrings.

  39. Gabby

    I love pearls! They can take any outfit and make it look dressy.

  40. Pearls can really make outfits look elegant whether you wear a lot or wear simple earrings and bracelets.

  41. Pearls are so pretty. I don’t own any but should get me some.

  42. Amanda Love - Growing Up Madison

    I have a set of pearls that I got a few years, well almost 20 years ago and they still look like new. I actually only wear them when I’m going to some fancy dinner. They really are a girls best friend next to diamonds.

  43. Pearls seem to be making a comeback. They’ve been AWOL for a while.

  44. Gorgeous! I love pearls as earrings more so than as a necklace. They are just so elegant.

  45. My girlfriend loves pearls. I do, too. She looks great in them.

  46. Pearls! Glamorous! Classic beauty! You can never go wrong with pearls!

  47. Ann Bacciaglia

    Wow there are so many ways of wearing your beautiful pearls. I will be pulling out my pearls and incorporating them into my wardrobe. Why only wear them for fancy occasions!

  48. I have two pearl necklaces at home that I love. One that is for “dress up” and one that are fresh water pearls. My favorite pair of earrings are gold dolphins with a single pink pearl hanging from each earring.

  49. Paula - Buenos Aires

    Although I totally agree with the pearls statement I found them difficult to wear. Thanks for the options.

  50. Beautiful pictures of pearls. They are a very versatile and classy but timeless jewelry.

  51. I got a pair of pearl stud earrings for my birthday a few years back and I love them. I try to only use them for formal occasions, but sometimes, the desire to dress up on a casual day bites and I go with it. :)

  52. What I really love about pearls is that you can wear them with a casual outfit or something fancy and it will be a good idea each time! I need to get me some pearls!

  53. I have a one-strand pearl necklace and around 3 types of pearl earrings. The best way I like wearing pearls is on my ears. I usually wear them whenever I’m attending a work function or any formal occasion.

  54. Amazing how a pearl can be so gorgeous in occasion. Very attracting to guys.

  55. I don’t wear pearls often, or ever. But I do find them to be quite elegant.

  56. I can never figure out how to make pearls work for me. I’m determined to figure it out though. Thanks for the inspiration!

  57. Yes, pearls never go out of style. I like the number 1 tip, wearing pearls in multiple layers!

  58. I love pearls, in fact, a 2 pairs of pearl earrings. :) My daughter gave me one, similar to her and we’d usually use, if we are wearing our mommy and me dress.:)

  59. I like the long strands. Pearls are pretty and just timelessly elegant too.

  60. Elizabeth Copeland

    I have a number of strands of pearls. I never thought of wearing them together, I like the look!

  61. I really like pearl earrings because they can give spark to the over-all look.

  62. I have a set of pearl jewelry but seldom use them.

  63. There is something about pearls! They are simple, not flashy and very elegant. They can truly make an outfit become so much more! Thank you for sharing!!!

  64. I love pearls. They’re so sophisticated.

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