Different Ways to Fashionably Style a Sarong

Sarongs are the perfect must have when you plan in going to a resort, a holiday vacation going to the beach or anytime you plan to go for a swim. It’s just the perfect cover-ups for bathing suits. If you know how to wear the sarong right and in a fashionable way, you sure are to rock the look! Though most people think Sarongs are just to be worn during the Summer season, I don’t believe so – after all, we don’t just go to the beach during summer, right? A lot of people go for a swim, go the the beach whenever they want. Thus, learning how to wear a sarong will always come in handy.


Another thing that makes Sarong really perfect is that they are lightweight and totally versatile. You can never get tired of wearing it in different style each time!

Here are Fashionable Ways to Style a Sarong: Feel free to try this at home and see what looks great on you!

Draped Dress

– First, hold two corners on the long side of the sarong and tie them behind your neck loosely. The fabric should drape like a cowl neck.
– Holding the edges of the sarong below the waist, gather a couple inches of the sarong and wrap it behind you.
– Move both edges all the way around to one hip and then double-knot the edges.

Bandeau Cascade Dress

– Holding two corners on the long side of the sarong, wrap the sarong behind your back horizontally.
– Move your grip along the edge of the sarong about a foot toward your chest and tie the edges together in a double-knot against the bust, allowing the extra fabric to cascade down.

Toga Dress

– Holding two corners on the long side of the sarong, wrap the sarong behind your back horizontally.
– Wrap one corner all the way around your body, and tuck it underneath the opposite arm. Pull the corner over the back of the shoulder.
– Holding that corner with one hand, pull the other corner in front of your shoulder and tie the two corners into a knot at your shoulder. You should allow the fabric to drape down in front of your arm.

Wrap Dress

– Holding two corners on the long side of the sarong, wrap the sarong behind your back horizontally.
– Bring one end across your body to the opposite shoulder.
– Wrap the other end underneath your bust, around your back to the opposite shoulder.
– Tie both ends at the shoulder.

If you are looking for a sarong, please do check out Fair Winds Sarongs (click here) for more great quality and fashionable collection of Sarongs. I personally like the fact that having a Sarong is very convenient no matter what body shape and size you have. All you just really needed is a Sarong of your choice. My favorite is a Wrap Dress as its perfect for my Inverted Triangle Body. What’s your favorite?

September 8th, 2014
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63 Comments to Different Ways to Fashionably Style a Sarong

  1. Robin (Masshole Mommy)

    I don’t own a sarong, but I didn’t realize there were so many ways to wear one. How cool.

  2. That is good that you can make it look like different styles.. I do not know anyone who owns one, so looking at pictures is my only resource.

  3. Melissa Smith

    I never knew there were so many ways to wear a sarong! I really love the style for Cocktail Hour.

  4. I always wondered how to wear a sarong the right way. I never realized that there were so many different ways you could wear one though!

  5. Those are awesome. I think I’d have myself all tangled up in it!

  6. I’ve never worn a srong before, I might have to get in on this.

  7. I didn’t know I had so many options with a sarong! We always wear them to the beach.

  8. I’ve never owned a sarong before, I might try it out.

  9. Sarongs are really cool. If I were a chick, I’d wear them all the time.

  10. That is the coolest thing ever! I don’t have one of these but I find it so awesome now that I have learned how to do it.

  11. Awesome designs. Sarongs are so perfect for outing on beaches.

  12. Great! I love the way these look…so much better than just tying it around the waist like I ususally do

  13. These are all great ways. Love that you included the video too, nice touch!

  14. maria

    Fantastic video!! I love how versatile a sarong really is.

  15. Now I want to go out and buy myself a Sarong! I had no idea you could wear one so many ways.

  16. I bought so many sarongs of different colours and designs, it looks good in pictures when they show you so many ways to wear them but not easy for me who has no artistic talent whatsoever.. hehe. so thanks for this turorial. I think I will spend an entire afternoon trying them out. Goodluck to me!! ;)

  17. Awesome tutorial. I own a Sarong and did not know there were so many ways to wear it.

  18. my wife may not wearing sarong but hey you made me think that different style of sarong look sexier for women. I should have ask her to wear on our vacation trips

  19. I really want to buy a sarong. Thanks for the different ways to wear it.

  20. Ann BAcciaglia

    I have never worn a sarong but I think they look fantastic on others. I had no idea that you would wear a sarong so many different ways.

  21. michele d

    I would love to own a sarong. I love how you can wear them in so many ways. They really are beautiful!

  22. Isn’t there a one specific way to wear a sarong? I haven’t seen anyone where one anywhere.

    • Check out the video for ways to wear a sarong – there is no one way as its versatile and can be used in various ways. Normally people use them when going to resorts which is why it can’t be seen just anywhere else.

  23. I really like the draped dress look. It looks comfortable.

  24. I love a sarong. I had not seen the Oh la la eveing out but I will add that to my repertoire.

  25. Sarong can really be all around for ladies. It can also go well in different weather.

  26. So many amazing options to choose from! I love it.

  27. That is amazing versatility. I wonder how I’d do with it. It’s sure be fun to try it out!

  28. Wow! That’s a 7 in one cloth. a Friend would love this

  29. Very impressive! I just love sarongs, but have never mastered more than two looks using them. Thanks for the info… maybe I will give it another shot. thanks!

  30. A sarong can really be all-around. It’s like having several outfits with one sarong.

  31. I had no idea sarongs were so versatile! I usually just wear them around my waist :)

  32. Pam

    They are all really cute. I really like how the “evening out” looks and the “cocktail Hour”. The green sarong pictured is really quite beautiful.

  33. I have several sarongs but don’t get a chance to wear them much. But when I do I usually do the halter or the long skirt style.

  34. I don’t own a sarong because I don’t know how to wear it. My favorite is the wrap dress! Which is the easiest to do? I have to learn the techniques one time. :)

  35. How neat! I have never heard of a Sarong before. Looks really pretty and such nice ways to wear it.

  36. I must be out of the loop, but I’ve never heard of a Sarong! Now I think I need one! What a great piece to add to any wardrobe!

  37. I actually have a couple of sarongs, but I never wear them. I always forget that I have them. However, these are such fabulous looks to wearing a sarong, especially the first look. :)

  38. Wow, I had no idea you could do so many things like this! What a cool post, thanks for sharing. I’ll have to try!

  39. Great video, I love all the different styles! I don’t own a sarong but that will change soon!

  40. I never would have thought it was possible. This is incredibly cool.

  41. Such a great idea, I have one here that I could learn how, thanks for the video.

  42. That is such a versatile piece of accessory. I don’t own one but I should run out and get one

  43. I bought one of these in Miami, I think at the Dade or Dolphin mall. The girl showed me what to do and I was fascinated – and blinded. Went back home and didn’t know what to do. He he … I’m sure it works for so many people, but I’m clueless about it. LOL

  44. I still wouldn’t know how to do that haha.

    Hoy, paramdam ka.

  45. This are very nice tips on how to dress with sarong. Perfect when going to the beach.

  46. I do not own a sarong, and have never worn one- but these are all great ideas! I didn’t know you could wear a Sarong in so many ways!

  47. I’ve never had one, but I think my favorite is the Hello Lunchtime Love one. I like how you can wear it so many different ways!

  48. I love sarong, the attire is colorful and good for ladies.

  49. Amanda mcmahon

    I didn’t realize there were so many ways to use this… so many more than just tied on the hip to cover your but on the beach!

  50. Amazing and perfect. What a useful article?. I’m not kind of person who wearing a bathing suit or something but i think i can use my sarong only on my house “lang”, hehehe.

  51. A sarong is also easy to carry because it uses thin materials.

  52. So many uses for a sarong! I mainly overuse mine for other purposes — as a towel, windbreaker, bed sheet, blanket, rash guard, and shade when I climb mountains

  53. the tutorial is so amusing to watch! only shows how versatile a sarong is! we have a lot of sarong pieces and we’re totally not giving it justice cos we only use it as a blanket haha >XD

  54. These are all cute, too immodest for my dressing. I really like the “cocktail hour” one though.

  55. I bought one of these in the Philippines. Thank you SO much for these great tips, I really to be honest did not know how to wear it!

  56. Amanda Love - Growing Up Madison

    Wow some of these designs I can most definitely wear. I had no idea there was so many ways to wear them though.

  57. Wow, this is what I’m looking for. I have a sarong and I can style this for max of three styles. It’s very great!

  58. I think my wife will be interested to learn from this. She looks good in a sarong.

  59. This looks like the perfect versatile fashion piece for vacations. I’ll have to pick one up!

  60. This is great! I’m heading to SE Asia soon and I’m planning on bringing two!

  61. I LOVE these kinds of dresses, yet never bothered to learn how they work. They look so nice on such a wide variety of body types and are incredibly versatile. Your video post definitely helped- thank you! :)

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