Dickies is all about the CLASSIC!

When I was doing some research, I suddenly stumbled upon – Dickies. They have been in the industry since 1922, which I believe was really impressive. I am not much of a brand lover when it comes to clothing, but I do remember those days when I was still in my early teen years – I have a bunch of Dickies clothing back then.


I was suddenly in awe because I realized one thing.. they are always all about the quality.


Have you noticed how almost all clothing industry have focused more on their design? Yet with Dickies, they have stick to their own tradition without faltering to what we have in the present – it’s still all about “quality” and I think that’s very impressive of them.


It’s all about the classic. It’s all about the quality. They have always offered superior craftmanship with style and comfort every day and that’s just awesome because what they offer are practical apparel that most people need on a daily basis. Not the most fashionable ones but it’s always a classic for everyday wear – mostly, which you can also use at work, too.


I personally like how you can use their clothes for everyday comfort wear. I like Dickies because they have always put quality first towards their apparels and I believe that is something we rarely see to other stores, at the very least – I rarely see an apparel store that focuses more on its quality than its design and fashion sense. I don’t know about you but I find myself drawn to their style – because I am not the type who is fond of too much details, too much prints. I like things simple yet in good quality type of clothing and I totally love classic clothing wears too!

How about you?
What type of clothing do you usually wear?
What do you think of Dickies clothing apparels?

February 26th, 2014
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  1. the dickies jeans i bought years ago are still looking good even though i frequently wear them, not only that dickies products are of good quality but their line of clothings are comfortable to wear too :)

  2. Quality matters but nowadays design getting much preferences than anything other.

  3. I had the impression that Dickies offers only sports attire. Now I know there are different types of clothes like casual wear as well.

  4. Krizia

    I have a pair of Dickies jeans, I usually used it to travel. They are cool and fit me well.

  5. Nice post, It’s the first time I discover this brand. Thanks for having shared this article because I think I’ll check the clothes on the website

  6. I attended their runway show last Phfw and I’m amazed with their spring summer designs. They really have a good name and reputation when it comes to fashion, style and quality. :)

  7. I like dickies brand it soft and their style looks elegant.

  8. going back to united states, dickies brand is actually a good one that’s why most of the students there preferred it to be their uniform.

  9. I have never worn dickies but I have to say from the pictures you posted it seems like just the kind of clothes I would wear. I will definitely have to give them a try. I usually shop at Old Navy.

  10. I remember my brother. He was a fun of Dickies since then. I wonder why he chose that brand from others. I figure it out it’s because of quality. Decades past still dickies is dickies and my brother clothes? he still wear it.

  11. I’m seeing more and more women’s apparel from Dickies. I really like that coral top.

  12. Yes, Dickies is classic and it also reminds me of my teenage time — I had hiphop jeans and baggy shirts from Dickies. I love their products especially the jeans! :)

  13. I love Dickies shoes, I never knew they did clothes like that floral, lace blouse though, that is so pretty!

  14. I haven’t heard about this brand for ages! Glad to know they still make really nice shirts :D

  15. Oh wow – when I think of Dickies, I think of work pants for men. I didn’t even know they had womens clothing, let alone cute stuff.

  16. Since I work at home, I definitely like clothes that are comfortable. I wear a lot of jeans actually. I’m with Robin, I associate Dickies with men’s work clothes. My husband thought he hit the jackpot when he found a brand new pair recently at a thrift shop. That is what he wears when he works on cars. What a surprise to see these trendy styles for girls!

  17. Dickies design are really nice and attractive.

  18. I think Dickies have the classic and timeless look that sells well.

  19. I have never been to their physical store but I have a Dickies shirt.

  20. I didn’t realize Dickie’s made anything other than work clothes. That’s what we have an abundance of around here. I like some of the tops in the pictures though.

  21. I remember Dickies clothing fondly. My Grandfather wore the brand day in and day out, religiously. It was his favorite brand of clothing.

  22. I used to wear their clothing all the time she I was working. We had to wear khakis and they were the only ones that had them that fit right. I need to check them out again, actually never thought about them for non-work clothing but those tops are cute.

  23. Yes, I used Dickies overalls, pants and jacket before. I agree with you.

  24. I’ve seen Dickies for work clothes before. I had no idea they had a classic fashion line as well. Fun to know!

  25. Dickies have great quality clothes and that are stylish as well. It goes to show how well this company is for it to exist this long.

  26. I never heard of Dickies before (had i been living under a rock or something? hehe) >.<… Looks classic and easy to wear, not exactly my style though.. I'm a girly girl and crazy about cutesy stuffs (but i'm recently very into black, studs and skeletons :p)!

  27. Nice post! Now I can add up Dickies again in my bucket list when I go shopping.

  28. for some reason, i have never heard of them; the clothes look really nice!

    xo, Brikena

  29. Their quality is tried and true, that’s for sure. My guy likes Dickies for workwear.

  30. Dickies is a uniform brand name that I knew I had a few uniforms I had to wear they really are comfortable to wear and fit great. I did not know until this post that they make pretty stuff to wear too. I love that pink sleeve less top.

  31. mel

    I wear Dickie pants as scrubs. They are so comfortable and the cost is great!

  32. I love that first shirt. It is casual, but cute. And I love the red.

  33. I used to wear Dickies all the time when I was a teen. They were so comfortable and lasted forever.

  34. I think it’s really important for clothes to have a good quality besides the beautiful design. Love the second photo!

  35. I might check the Dickies near our area and see what they got. I like the choices you have put in here.

  36. Nearly 100 years old! That’s an impressive amount of time for a clothing company.

  37. Wow, Dickies is not the company that I knew when I was growing up in the 60s. They have really branched out and I like what you have shown here. I love that blouse!

  38. I am more of a jean type of person and plain shirt.

  39. Quality over quantity is always a plus for a company!

  40. Wow this really is surprising. I thought they are only for work clothes!

  41. I have never seen clothes like that from Dickies! Those shirts are really pretty! I’m going to check it out!

  42. I saw their among jacket here, and i am planning to buy it, maybe next winter since winter is almost finish

  43. Dickies is also great for both men and women.

  44. Greatly classic and the quality’s good that could lasts for a long time.

  45. They do have nice clothing line but I’m not sure why or what but I never had a single brand of Dickies clothing in my collection. Strange!

  46. those are some cute looking casual wear. Perfect for spring

  47. I love that button up shirt! I always think of Dickies as boy clothes, not girls. But that’s pretty!

  48. I had no idea Dickies made clothes for women! I always thought they just made work pants. Some of the women’s designs are really cute!

  49. Ivy

    It sounds like a nice brand, I have never heard of this brand before, so thanks for introducing it to us <3

  50. I use to own a pair of Dickeys jeans when I was younger and they were my favorite. I had no clue Dickeys brand is still around.

  51. We have a Dickies store here in Montreal. When I was younger I used to buy stuff there but not so much these days.

  52. Ah Dickies, brings a lot of memories! Napag hahalata tuloy ang age. They have great denim and yes, it’s classic

  53. Alyssa (@heyitsalyssayu)

    I find myself drawn more to classic pieces rather than trendy ones. Like you, I think that quality is definitely more important than style.

  54. I have always enjoyed buying from Dickies. When I was young, my mother always told me to pick brands which focuses on quality then design. This is so one’s money will be worth the buy. No wonder she also loved Dickies. :)

  55. wow! and i thought they only have sporty apparels. ^_^

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