OOTD: Comfort in Black

One thing I have always wanted is a dress and the lovely color of black. I don’t really have a specific reason though.. I just think I love how it compliments my skin color. Though recently, I think I’ve been in too much comfort with black that I really wanted to get some pastel colors to fill in my closet. Black is okay – lovely but I just think wearing different colors will be good from time to time. Wouldn’t you agree?


It’s odd. Sometimes, I wonder if it has something to do with me being a Scorpio as my zodiac sign – as they say.. Scorpio’s favorite color is definitely a black and a Scorpio’s Gemstone is an Opal. (Not my favorite but I recently got one – thanks to Romwomen for sending it to me!)


Monica Dress from Anatomie Wear
Black Pump Shoes from Payless
Golden “Peace” Charm Bracelet from RomWomen
Opal Stone Pendant Necklace from RomWomen
Golden Rings from Forever21

I especially love this Monica Dress from Anatomie Wear. It was really plain and simple when you look at it in first glance yet I find it feminine, stylish and versatile. It’s especially convenient for me whenever I do travelling – it doesn’t take too much space – very lightweight unlike most clothing, plus it’s actually wrinkle-free!

Aside from the dress, I super love the necklace, too. I’ve been looking for this kind of necklace for ages (Big thanks to Romwomen!) I like choker type of necklaces. It’s most beneficial for women like me who have an inverted triangle type of body. It gives focus and highlight towards the necklace rather than the bust part, don’t you think? At first I thought it would be really weird but it turn out great though this is the first time I’ve worn one.

I might get addicted and do tons of accessory shopping once again, haha!

PS. I just got out of the shower on this post – so my hair was wet and I wasn’t able to bring my hair products, lol! I know it might look messy and such, apologies for that!

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  1. That dress is perfect. You can totally go casual with it, or dress it up depending on the occasion. You look great in it.

  2. That is a very nice looking dress-I do like it in black but maybe in a red or turquoise as well–any dress that is light weight and does not need ironing deserves to be purchased in multiple colors!

  3. It’s definitely a great looking black dress and that necklace is a perfect touch. I’m all for a pack-and-go wrinkle-free option too!

  4. I love that dress!!! I think every woman needs a little black dress. And sadly I don’t have one right now! I love this one!

  5. That dress could go anywhere, and I really like it! You look great in it too.

  6. I really like that dress. The necklace is pretty as well.

  7. What a cute black dress, perfect for a night out! I love your hair as well.

  8. I need a plain & simple little black dress & that looks fab on you! Black is a very comfy & safe color & that’s what I like to stick to as well ;)

  9. You look fantastic in that dress. I love a simple black dress. It can be dressed up and down.

  10. I love that dress, you can wear it by itself for a casual look or add some accessories to dress it up. Perfect for going from work to play. It looks great on you!

  11. There is nothing better than a little black dress. It goes perfect with everything. You look great.

  12. What a cute and casual look. I could see you really dressing it up with some elegant accessories as well. Love that necklace too, I am partial to chokers.

  13. LOL, me, since I am chubby (I hate to say fat) LOL I love to wear black because it gives me a slim look. Hehehe

  14. A little black dress goes a long way. So many places you can wear it. You look great!

  15. Most of my clothing is black and, although my mother and my friends are always harassing me to buy more colors for my wardrobe, I feel like you can never go wrong in black. The dress looks great on you, by the way.

  16. That is a very nice LBD and I love the necklace and bracelet too!

  17. the little black dress can always make wonders to the wearer, i love wearing black or other dark colored dresses :)

  18. Thats a great dress to wear almost anywhere! I love it!

  19. Black really is a great color, and it complements every woman, no matter the shape and the size.

  20. LOVE the dress! I love little black dresses. They can be worn anytime/anywhere and you look great in yours.

  21. Your outfit is simple and elegant. I like that. Love the dress and shoes :)

  22. teresa m

    this dress is beautiful. I normally only wear black dresses. And those shoes go really good with it to!

  23. amanda @attachedmoms

    a flirty, comfortable dress! no issues with the hair – the dress speaks for itself!

  24. patricia

    That dress is very pretty and compliments your figure nicely. I love black dresses.

  25. That’s a beautiful dress and looks lovely on you.. I have one similar and LOVE it.. you can dress it up for the office, a night on the town or dress it down to go grocery shopping.. comfy and stylish…

  26. Black is actually elegant! Your dress is so nice and casual btw!:)

  27. Black is beautiful and so is that dress you wore. I love black too as it sheds some pounds off of me :P. A beautiful thin belt (gold or red perhaps) with that black dress would be fab too. :)

  28. Lovely black dress, so elegant and classy.

  29. It does look great on you. Black is really nice specially when your skin tone is white.

  30. Black dress always shines when in party, celebrations, casual and even in some ordinary days. Black is beautiful!

  31. true, sometimes we need a different color to wear i rarely have black even though i like them but i guess it’s just okay to have them in few of your clothes.

  32. You look pretty in black! I like red as my fave color hehehe.

  33. I have always loved black and I am a Scorpio as well! You look lovely!

  34. Looking good in black. Black is indeed elegant.

  35. You look so skinny in black sis, lovely!

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