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What’s better than the first day back to school? Maybe the last day of school before summer or some of the days before break, right? However, besides those days, I do not think that most of us enjoy school that much, but the first day is often the best. If you do enjoy school a whole lot however, more power to you. I looked forward to the first day back, as I am now. I had to wear a uniform in grade school, but even with a uniform I would get anxious and nervous in a positive way when choosing my shoes and various accessories for the first day back. Now I plan my outfits in whichever fashion I choose and that, my friends, is so much fun.


The first day of school is lighthearted and easygoing for many, making new friends and discovering which classes and teachers you’ll enjoy for the rest of the year and which you may dislike. Things are new, and the curiosity of the unknown keeps us all on our toes. Then the first day is over, and things begin to settle in and become our normal. I stop trying eventually with the way I dress, and I start to dress for comfort, which is what many people do. Fatigue and staying up late working on huge assignments result in sweatpants and sneakers. As such we might as well put some effort in on the first day before the pressures of school take their toll.


Show off your unique style and personality with your clothes on the first day of school with a few essentials to your look.

1. Shoes

Wear something that stands out. Do not play it safe with your favorite comfy sneakers like you might do later in the year. If you do wear sneakers they better be super bright and funky. I recommend flats and for guys some slip-ons, maybe Vans or something of the like.


We all want to look like we did not put too much effort into our look, and shoes are an easy way to spruce up an outfit and even make the outfit complete. Even if your clothes are somewhat basic and effortless looking, throwing on an excellent pair of shoes can take your look up to another level. Go out and buy yourself a new pair for the first day of school.

2. Jewelry

From watches to earrings, necklaces to bracelets, jewelry is a super easy way to tie everything together. Make sure that if you are wearing jewelry to not clash metals. For example, do not wear gold earrings and a silver watch.

Wearing a watch, for guys and girls, helps out a lot with school as well because you have the time right there on your wrist instead of asking everyone when class gets out! Believe me, it makes a huge difference having a watch on and it makes you look a little more serious and studious.


Earrings are the best accessory for girls and then rings, and for guy’s bracelets (or a watch, I would not suggest wearing both!) and sometimes necklaces look pretty good. Girls could also wear long pendant necklaces. They are easy to throw on and look sophisticated.

Earrings are in abundance and come in all sorts of shapes, sizes, colors, metals, gems, whatever you can think of. Guys wearing jewelry should not make it overbearing. Show something and show that you have style, but don’t overdo it. For the best in jewelry and fashion accessories, I highly recommend ordering from

3. Jackets


Jean jackets are picking back up again. For guys, zip-up hoodies look great as well. If girls want to look professional at school, the new in thing is blazers. Everybody loves a good blazer. Guys might look a little bit too serious if they wear a blazer because the blazers made for men are not as casual-looking as some of the women’s. Sometimes classrooms can be frigid, so even if it is hot outside, a jacket can be a good idea.

4. Jeans


So jeans are a favorite staple of many outfits and wearing them on the first day of school is okay. If they fit well and look wonderful, why not. Plus, they are comfy and worn-in jeans are in. Figure out what fit and wash looks best on you and stick with it. Accessorize with a belt, Lucky Brand has the best belts, by the way, and cool slip-on shoes, perhaps a loose and colorful top and a long necklace and voilà! You have an outfit!

5. Backpack/Tote

If you like tote bags better than backpacks, a big enough tote is great for school and is sometimes easier than using a backpack. Everything just slides in and out, and you do not have to unzip or undo anything to get to your schoolwork. Some tote bags are also extremely fashionable and can go with almost any outfit. These are excellent and strongly recommended. Backpacks are important, too, if you like backpacks. They are more comfortable to carry than totes, usually, because totes get heavy, and you can only put them on one shoulder.


A backpack can also complete an outfit and LeSportsac makes great totes as well as bags. Dakine has cool backpacks as well as Herschel Supply Co. Sometimes we forget that a bag can make or break a look. Find something you really enjoy, and it’ll compliment what you are wearing.

Dressing to impress is just the first step, but it will get you on the right track for success. These essentials are just a few of many and if you think of more act on them! It is important to look good not just for others, but truly for yourself to feel confident. Get out there and do some shopping or scour through that closet! You can find an outfit to impress for the first day of school in no time, especially if you focus on some of the previous essentials! Have fun and get good grades!


About the author:

The writer, Rebecca Short, has just started her school year at Stanford, and wanted to make sure she put on the best appearance for this prestigious university. If you wish to learn more about this writer, you can visit her on Google+.

October 3rd, 2014
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47 Comments to Back to School Essentials

  1. I prefer wearing comfortable clothes even not to stylish ones because we go to school to study foremost. There are just some days when there are presentations that we needed to dress in formal attire.

    • Yes, this is why.. having sneakers is sometimes the most recommended shoe to use at times. Though, when I was in college, having a formal uniform was a must as it represents your professionalism in practice as our school says.

  2. A good tote is my favorite school essential… but cute jewelry is a close second! I love those heart earrings

  3. Robin (Masshole Mommy)

    I never leave home without my chucks. They have been classic for so many years.

  4. Practical tips once again! I love those high top converse!!!! I went to school in the 70’s and 80’s and I had a purple pair that I wore completely out and grieved when I could no longer wear them. So glad to see them making a comeback!

  5. Love the picture of the backpacks! The totes are adorable and I live in those Converse.

  6. Rachelle J

    In our house we always like to be stylish and comfy when going to school,it can be done lol!

  7. This is a good list of back-to-school essentials, can’t live without these items! Thanks for sharing.

  8. I never thought about the tote idea. Wished I had done that when I was in school. My son is pretty much dressed for comfort but we did spice up his backpack with clip ons of things. Now if I had a girl that would be a different story lol, those earrings are too cute!

  9. I have to say that a good shoe has to be essential for me. But got to love those sweet heart earrings though!

  10. I love the items you selected. I always learn best when I am comfortable.

  11. Catherine S

    It always has been and always will be jeans and sneakers for me. I love the heart earnings.

  12. Shoes are at the top of our lists. I get them a new pair of casual sneakers each season.

  13. ha ha my 7 year old I think took tips from this post before her first day back to school. She has these bright shoes that glow in the dark. why because they are cool. So that bright colorful rule I think applies. I love the pictures you posted as well. great ideas.

  14. Give me a pair of comfortable sneakers and I can keep up with all you young girls. The problem is… finding the shoes that are comfortable for me.

  15. Jennifer Williams

    I love watching my boys pick out their school clothes. Their personalities change so much from year to year. I am a simple girl when it comes to clothing – t-shirt, shorts and running shoes are my must haves.

  16. All my schools always had dress codes, so sometimes I had no choice as to what to wear. But great ideas in this post!

  17. lisa jones

    Yup Some Great Assentials Back Packs Are A MUST HAVE!

  18. Gabrielle Lynn O'Brien

    For myself, I prefer totes over book bags. I feel that I can shove more stuff in a rage tote, and find things easier as well.

  19. Can’t believe that they still make Converse. They were popular when I was a child…

  20. My son literally lives in converse, especially since we tie knots and make it easy for pulling them on and off. He is 7 and beyond lazy and has absolutely NO interest in learning to tie!

  21. Comfortable clothes is a definite must for kids!

  22. This is a great list! A lot of these were on my daughter’s back to school list.

  23. Lisa Bristol

    I love the style and comfort of Converse shoes. I always had a new pair when it was back to school time.

  24. Comfy sneakers are definitely a must for back to school. Those pink sneakers in the picture look so cute. I could see my daughter wearing those.

  25. I am no longer in school so I can only go off of what my kids wear. They have to wear uniforms but, thankfully, can wear any color tennis shoes so *that* is how they express their sense of style. The book bag is another but you can really see the kids that love their tennis shoe styles!

  26. You posted really good picks. One thing I don’t like about being in a school without uniform is we got to have a lot of clothes and other stuff. I guess we don’t have a choice in college, we got to look “presentable”. So, I’d say great suggestions! :)

  27. Converses are very comfortable to wear!

  28. Great tips. Love the tote with the elephants. It’s always good to be comfortable but good to be able to express your personality too. Love the pink shoes.

  29. Shoes is one of the reason I get excited to go back to school then because new shoes every school year.

  30. I think that these are great tips! A good pair of shoes is always very helpful. For some reason, the right pair of shoes makes me feel really confident.

  31. if there is one thing that i really missed, that is going to school!

  32. Pam

    I love it when I see people wearing shoes that stand out. They can really make an outfit and they can also be a conversation starter. I love those little heart earring pictured. I want those,LOL.

  33. Definitely having great shoes is key. My kids go through shoes like crazy, but we spend a little extra to ensure comfort and durability! That backpack photo is really neat!

  34. Having the right shoes have always been key. That and a good not bulky book/backpack.

  35. Those pink earrings are adorable. I have WAY too many totes, I’m on a tote buying freeze.

  36. Rebecca Swenor

    I always loved the first day of school too. The shoes and jewelry do make a big differences in what you look like. My son loves shopping for his shoes and they have to be just right. Thanks for sharing.

  37. I am a converse junkie. I have been wearing them my whole life. So simple and yet so sassy.

  38. An excellent pair of shoes can be an amazing addition to any outfit. I like the pink Converse you have shown here, those are cool looking with the jeans.

  39. katrina g

    i love those shoes, they are great my kids go through shoes like they are going out of style.

  40. I totally agree comfortable shoes is very important.

  41. My girl will agree with you that Converse at students BFF. I was more of a backpack girl back then. :D

  42. I remember that back in my university/ college days I was always looking to wear comfy and chic clothing, the jeans, the shoes and the bag were the real deal.

  43. I love the heart shaped ear rings! My daughter is a backpack o holic. She has a new one every month.

  44. I can’t even say what I wore in high school. I was never into fashion so I just wanted to get there and get home! Haha. But i do agree, be you, be comfortable, show your style (assuming it is deemed appropriate for school)! Thank you for sharing!!

  45. I ? that elephant tote!!! Jackets were never in when I was in school- I wish they were because I love them! My daughter now wears them as much as she can here in Florida.

  46. I have not got to the point of having to get my child all packed and ready, he is just 17 months but boy-oh-boy am I already stressing over the list. When I was in school -sadly they didn’t allow totes or backpacks, suppression of expression much!

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