A Valentine Special Outfit on Romwe for $9.99 only!

For me, any day can be a love month but I still give special attention towards the month of February. Maybe it’s because of the “Valentine” season, though February 14 is over I still feel that the month of love still has its power. Wouldn’t it be nice to dress up something cute for this month – whether it’s for a date, casual wear or any event – this burgundy heart shirt will definitely spread the feeling of “love” wherever you go!


Burgundy Heart Shirt, $9.99 on 27th of Febraury 2014 only!

300 pieces available for only $9.99! Don’t miss out.


Also, they have up to 70% off on best sellers, check out:


February 26th, 2014
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14 Comments to A Valentine Special Outfit on Romwe for $9.99 only!

  1. I chose that shirt too in my inspirational post for valentine’s day :) Thanks for stepping by….xoxo ilaria

  2. I love this heart shirt, would like to check it out later. Ah forget about Valentines because everyday is Valentine for us depending on the person..This shirt is so perfect for the coming summer here in Sweden..

  3. The shirt looks adorable but it really isn’t something I’d wear. Perhaps if I were 20 years younger I would though.

  4. That is really cute print and like the design as well.

  5. I love that top and surely fitting for the Valentine season. And even after. :) So adorable!

  6. This is a nice offering by Romwe for the ladies.

  7. Very good offer and promo from ROMWE. Hope it’ll give another in the future.

  8. $9.99 is not bad for a cute and one of a kind blouse just like that burgundy hearts long sleeves blouse.

  9. I like the skirt too, very sexy.

  10. There are so many sales going on now that Winter is almost over.

  11. Now is the perfect time to buy the valentine’s clothing that are on sale so next year, you have it ready.

  12. Very good offer and you can choose from different styles.

  13. This outfit is perfect for Vday :) Love the hearts.

  14. The heart shirt looks like a nice gift for ladies.

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