4 Reasons Why You Should Buy Dresses Online

There are always pro’s and con’s to everything when it comes to shopping for dresses. Choosing a really nice dress can be hard – most would love their dress customized by its style, material and size. Some aren’t that picky but they would certainly not want to be wearing the same outfit as someone else on an event they are attending to. Here are four reasons why I suggest you should try buying dresses online.


1. Wide Variety of Choices

One of the best things in getting a dress online is that you tend to have a wide range of dresses from prom dresses, evening dresses, a cute white homecoming dresses 2014 to its collection of wedding dresses. By doing your shopping online, it’s so easy to see everything that is available in a particular budget range you have, in the size that fits you! Plus, online stores usually have great description of their dresses that helps you making your choice in getting one!


2. 24 Hour Shopping Experience

When you are in need of that cute white homecoming dresses 2014 or that perfect cocktail dress – nothing ever beats a 24 hour shopping experience. You don’t even need to waste your precious time by going to the stores. Sometimes, it’s really hard when you see something you want and it’s unavailable and out of stock. It’s even more frustrating when you don’t fit in it – it ruins your confidence at some point. With online shopping, you can do the shopping in your own home at any time of the day – checking on dresses that fits your personal size and body frame.


3. Shopping Convenience

It’s even convenient as you won’t be spending hours wondering around the mall in finding that perfect dress. You can always search for party dress ideas and look for ones similar to online shopping sites like DressV. They have a search button that lets you look for particular dresses in different themes, sizes and color to choose from. Plus, they always have a different menu for new arrivals which you can immediately access!


4. Affordability at its BEST!

Who doesn’t love a bargain, right? If you are in for some good discounts then your best place to go to are going to an online store. Many stores offer competitive pricing, coupons and discounts that may have a few items on sale but it’s a different case when it comes to online shopping, like in DressV. Most online stores have a wide range of discounted items, plus some of them offers free shipping, too!


While going for online shopping is all good and easy, do remember that you need to know your body measurements before engaging with buying dresses online. Knowing a reputation of the online store is very important, too. You need to be flexible and understand that sometimes, there could be discrepancies in buying online, especially with the color of the dresses – it might differ from how it really looks like in person. Thus thorough research and checking will always be a MUST to do.

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86 Comments to 4 Reasons Why You Should Buy Dresses Online

  1. I love the convenience of online shopping. Trying to drag kids through the mall and/or individual shops is just a pain.

  2. Robin (Masshole Mommy)

    I usually like to try my dresses on before I buy them, but if I get a great deal, I will buy online.

  3. The last dress is so lovely. Where is that from?

  4. My daughter used to buy my granddaughters prom dresses online and had huge success. I don’t shop a lot for myself.

  5. It’s true that shopping online is convenient and definitely a time-saver, however, I’d still rather shop in an actual store to make sure the clothes fit well, plus the return policy is much better! :)

  6. I like these new sites that will send you clothes to try on at home. I like to shop online because I get a large selection of choices with better prices.

  7. I’m definitely all about the convenience of shopping factor. It’s exhausting to go store to store to find a dress. When my daughter was looking for a prom dress, we ended up visiting 11 stores in 4 counties. I was never so happy to find one!

  8. Nowadays you can choose the dress of your choice through online shopping and I totally agree with you.

  9. Amanda Love - Growing Up Madison

    I actually prefer trying on my dresses. There’s nothing worse that ordering a dress online and it doesn’t fit right and having to send it back.

  10. Buying online is so convenient but I hate when I have to return something because it doesn’t fit.

  11. Those are some really pretty dresses. I love the 24 hour shopping experience.

  12. I do online shopping but I never tried buying dresses online. I’m always hesitant because I think the fit wouldn’t be right, the dress may not appear as appealing as in the photo, etc. But your 4 reasons got me thinking. I might buy a dress online soon. :)

  13. I love shopping online and have purchased some gorgeous dresses there. I think it is much more convenient and they have a bigger selection.

  14. I love the convenience of online shopping but still prefer to purchase certain items in store. I tend to prefer buying dresses in store as I’m a hard fit usually, but I will say I have had tremendous luck finding dresses online that I love with IGIGI.

  15. I’ll only buy online if there’s an easy (free) return policy or a store nearby that accepts returns.

  16. I love all the images you shared. I personally hate shopping at stores, so online buying is my choice.

    I do agree that you can find much more variety online and usually at a better cost.

  17. Jennifer Williams

    You can get great deals online and if you need to find someone to alter it if there are adjustments. I found that it is still cheaper even if I have to have something altered a bit.

  18. It definitely sounds great, but hate that I can’t put it on if I shop online. I see something that looks great on perfect model, I try it on and it doesn’t look good at all on me. I’ve had that problem so many times, I now only shop for clothing in stores where I can feel the fabric and make sure its sewn correctly. I watched a TV show where a girl ordered her prom dress online and and the material feel apart and unraveled as she tried it on, and their 1-800 number didn’t work. She was basically ripped off. So I’m always skeptical.

  19. Buying dresses online is a great idea! I buy most of my clothes online for many of the same reasons–more variety, more time to browse etc. I get better deals online, most of the time.

  20. This is very true especially for those who buy and wear dresses more than once or twice a year. I always want to buy my daughters dresses online, but because she only wears them once or twice a year it’s hard to keep up with sizes etc.

  21. I LOVE shopping online, and am not sure why I haven’t considered buying a dress online. I have a formal event coming up this fall, so I think I’m going to give it a try!.

  22. So interesting! I buy so many things online but struggle with clothes because I’m worried they won’t work out! But i’ll have to use your tips :)

  23. I love shopping online but when it comes to close you lose a lot by not having a tactile look at something. That said, it is often so much cheaper online and your have so many more options to buy from!

  24. Such beautiful dresses!!!! I love all of them. Thanks for the useful post :D

  25. My biggest worry about buying clothes online is that I have kind of a different body type so I like to try things on first. If I can find a retailer who has easy returns, I might try it.

  26. You can also rent special occasion dresses online for a fraction of what you would purchase them for.

  27. I’ve had some really good experiences shopping online but I have also had some really bad ones. I guess it just depends on the company. I try to look for reviews before I order anything. Thank you!

  28. I buy a lot of clothes online (especially if I know my size). One thing I don’t like about shopping online is having to return it if it doesn’t fit. But I know a lot of places allow you to return them to the actual store which I have done before.

  29. Those dresses are gorgeous! Online shopping is so much more convenient especially during the holidays and back to school season.

  30. online shopping is so convenient and easy!
    I just don’t know for dresses because my latina shape is very demanding
    what I see online usually does not fit me

  31. It’s difficult to buy clothes online, because you don’t get to try it.

  32. I love trying on dresses in a dressing room, but it’s not always easy to do that! Online shopping is the best.

  33. Good points.. i think the biggest one is convenience.. Its allot quicker to shop online then go to the store..

  34. I get worried when buying clothes online because I don’t get to try it on before buying it.

  35. Helene Cohen Bludman

    I wish I knew that something would fit me and look good before I order it online. But unfortunately there is. I guarantee.

  36. I have to admit I love the choice shopping online allows, so many more places to check out :)

  37. I’m not sure if I would be comfortable ordering a formal online, but that hot pink and black dress is AMAZING!!!

  38. I’m not much of a dress girl but when i do buy one I like to try it on first to see how it looks.

  39. All so true! I love the option to shop whenever. I rarely make it into conventional stores due to my busy schedule. Okay, I want the top two dresses you pictured! Love the colors and details.

  40. Personally i dont feel that comfortable buying dresses or pretty much any fashion item online because i prefer seeing how clothes fit and complement me, my hair, skin, etc

  41. Those dresses look gorgeous!!

  42. I love those dresses. I always worry about sizing, but my sister bought her wedding dress online and I love it!

  43. Ive yet to buy myself clothes online. I just can’t do it. So many things fit me so differently it’s hard. On a side note #2 is absolutely stunning.J

  44. We just bought dresses online. They were affordable but were way to long and needed to be altered.

  45. I have not purchased many dresses online, but I do feel comfortable buying maxi dresses online.

  46. I love online shopping, especially in the US. It is a little expensive as I live in Trinidad, but it is much cheaper than buying a ticket.

  47. Then there;s that not knowing how it’s going to fit thing. :) I shop for everything on line, but much of it goes back

  48. I buy everything online, my clothing, kids clothing, shoes…everything! I love shopping online because you can search and search and find unique items!

  49. I’ve never considered buying clothes online before, but this post makes me rethink that. I can window shop from the comfort of my desk chair.

  50. I wish I could buy more online for all the reasons stated. I just can’t due to my serious petite size. I need to try things on =/

  51. Chrissy

    These dresses are so amazing! I really need to get one :)

  52. I have such a weird body shape, I always need to try on clothes before buying. However, I have been known to take a leap and buy online when the price is too good to pass up.

  53. That’s true! But it can be inconvenient too especially when you receive the item and it’s not what you expect it to be. You have to re-ship and wait again :( for delivery which takes forever compare to buying it in-store.

  54. Those are one of the reason why I love buying online, aside from great deals. Thank you for the info!

  55. Pam

    I absolutely love on line shopping. I just don’t enjoy regular shopping anymore and this is the really great solution.

  56. Sure if you’re a size 2 you can get something online and know it will fit… but I’m not a size 2 and i have to buy stuff in person.

  57. Whoa! Good info..I did online shopping too but not dresses!! Haha..

  58. Online shopping is the best. It’s so great to find such a great selection of choices, too.

  59. I like the gold one, nice design but the problem buying dress online is the fit. I have different sizes depending on the type of clothes.

  60. such a nice dress, i wish i also own one.

  61. You can really compare different items faster by shopping online and you spend less time too.

  62. I agree with you, its very convenient to shop online and affordable than in retail stores. By the way,I love those dresses! <3

  63. I love buying clothes online. I know my measurements, so I never hesitate. I always find better deals online than in stores!

  64. The only downside of buying online is when it doesn’t fit!

  65. Those are all gorgeous. I love the gold one best.

  66. Great advice on shopping on line. It has become so popular but I haven’t seemed to get into yet. I hope to do a lot of online shopping around the holidays. it will be so much easier.

  67. I LOVE the cream dress. So pretty. I recently bought three dresses online and it was a great experience. All three fit perfectly, and I didnt even have to go thru dressing room hell!

  68. These dresses are beautiful. It stresses me out to purchase a dress online. Measurements are something that I’ve always had done right before ordering a dress! I do love the dresses in this post and would be tempted!

  69. Thanks for sharing great tips! I don’t buy clothes online, but it seems more fun! Really love that golden dress!

  70. I love to shop online. These dresses are all really pretty! I love the gold one!

  71. They are all really gorgeous dresses. I often shop online for dresses

  72. Very good reasons and so many choices of dresses to choose from! My issue is that I have big breasts. So I need to be able to try on the dress before I buy it.

  73. I’ve had good and bad luck with online dress shopping. I think knowing your measurements is a great start!

  74. Shopping online for a dress is such a smart option. You can see so many easily that would take so much time going from store to store for.

  75. i think this works best if you know your size well and if the online shop provides detailed measurements of the dresses they’re selling. honestly, i would never buy dresses online because i won’t be able to know if it looks good on me just by looking at the design and models! >XD

  76. Kristen

    I don’t think I could ever buy a dress online, unless It was one of the brands I wear all the time.

  77. I tried buying clothes online once and it was a disaster. As convenient as it is, no two designers use the same sizing or fitting, so it just seems like a waste of time to buy something online, hope it’s the right size, get it and realize it’s not and then have to pay to send it back and hope the next one fits. Too much time wasting for me. I’d rather just go to the mall and get it in the right size the first time.

  78. I was in a store recently that said their online prices are ALWAYS 10% lower than in store! Sometimes it pays to shop online!

  79. shopping convenience is indeed true! though i live just next to the malls here in KL hehe. I still love online shopping

  80. those dresses really look fabulous. although it might save you a considerable amount of time when you shop for dresses online, it might be also tricky + you’d best try a dress on before you buy it so you can see whether it fits you perfectly or not.

  81. buying dresses online is very conveenient, you don’t have to leave the comforts of your home.

  82. I do like to buy online, except for dresses. Not all brands are cut the same. A lot of times when I buy something, it’s for an event and it’s usually just enough time to receive the item via mail. If it doesn’t fit right, then it goes back. So, that means I end up going to a boutique or mall to get my outfit so I have something for my conference. It’s just habit. If I had more time, I’d keep the dress and take it to the tailor shop for alteration.

    Thanks for sharing this reasons.

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