Etude House Princess Academy 2013

July must be the busiest month of the year for me – if not, it’s probably one of those months where in I’m fully booked with activities, events and project collaborations. It was also that time of the year where in it’s Etude House Princess Academy event takes its place. It was actually a two-day event, due to other circumstances.. and another event, I wasn’t able to go last July 27 – but attended the July 28, 2013 event instead, which was held at SM North The Block.

Etude House Princess Academy 2013

Fashion Talk at Etude House Academy

I have attended their previous event last year but one thing I have noticed with this year’s event is that things have become much more interesting and interactive. In fact, They even had the lovely Carla Humphries to be the host of the whole event and Ryuji Shiomitsu was there to give every Etude Princesses tips and advices with fashion styling which I’m sure have helped everyone who attended the event.

Bianca Valerio on Etude

Bianca Valerio was also there to give tips and advice on beauty skin care and makeup. Unlike the previous event where in they have showed a whole makeup over demo… In this event, Bianca talked about the basics. It may not seem much to most people – but it’s very important! Makeup is not all about an overall transformation but its about being able to enhance your facial features and stand out – be beautiful, getting that confidence you truly have within you without showing the world you did some makeup at all! I call that – the makeup with no makeup project, haha! But really – it’s the best look you’ll ever have once you learn all about it! She gave tips and tricks with its process – they do and the don’ts and she even gave a few demos in dealing with dark lips and making lipsticks last longer.


There were also a lot of games all through out the event. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to finish the event as I had another event which I had to go to.. it was all crowded I tell you! It was worth it as there were tons of freebies they gave out! So much mini games – photo booth and a lot more! It was a fun event overall! Ugh… whenever I think about it… I also wasn’t able to take their free makeover booth AGAIN – due to the long line-up, lol!


Either way, I didn’t entirely forget to take a picture of myself, haha! I just wish I was able to prepare an outfit that fits to Etude House Event next time… only if I am not rushing to run from one event to another.. Oh well, there’s always a next time for a better preparation, right? lol! Thank you again to Etude House for inviting me to this event! I had fun and even without the free makeover, I still feel princess like – thanks to their products which I use especially their skin care lines!

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  1. aww I wish I could go to that event hehehe looks like a fun and it is so pink ahhh <3 love the color scheme hehehe …


  2. Bianca V. looks like a Barbie doll from afar. So pink Etude House. I love their lippies in there! Way to go EH!!

  3. It was a really an event to remember. I didn’t take advantage of the free makeoveer as well but nevertheless I still felt like a princess :)

  4. Whoa sabi na it’s you! Sayang wasn’t able to talk to you that day. I wasn’t really sure if it’s you or not that time since it’s my first time to see you. It’s nice you enjoyed the event. I agree, the lines are super long but I managed to join some games before I went home :D

    • HAHA! Yes! Sayang nga eh. :( But, there is always a next time. Buti ka pa.. I wasn’t able to join anything of it, I just gave my cousin a tour of how everything works – taking some photos, etc. All lines were just too long for me to bear and keep up especially with my schedule on going, haha! Lucky you – meaning you had tons of prizes right after, haha!

  5. Looks like fun, too bad I missed it! My weekends have been super busy lately…

  6. I love Etude House! I wish I could have gone too..
    I bet it was blast! im so jealous..
    you look so pretty with your red lipstick! <333


  7. OMG i wished we knew each other na neto aahaha

  8. You look absolutely fabulous!!! I wish there’s Etude events as well over here that I can attend. I bet it was an amazing one. Great photos too! Any goodie bags? :)

  9. Ernest tan

    OWWWW…. this is your website, for so long that we’ve been friends, this is the only time, i thought of commenting to your blog :) haha – ernest tan

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