My Favorite Youtube Music Covers for 2013


I have talked about music covers before and now, before the year actually ends, I want to share everyone my favorite music covers for 2013. They are not really new songs but it was my favorite for the year of 2013. I hope everyone could enjoy listening to them as much as I did, too.

1. Imagine Me Without You by Akama Miki

This has always been one of my favorites. The lyrics says a lot about how I felt with my someone special – the first time, I heard it – I instantly fell in love with the song. Akama Miki is so young but she has grown to be a beauty, plus, she has a really beautiful voice, too!

2. All I Want For Christmas Is You by Against the Currents

Against the Currents did a music cover on Mariah Carey’s Christmas Song but for some reason, I ended up their version better. I like how it was a Christmas song – yet there is a love and rocking theme to it. It’s very new and I ended up keep repeating the song, over and over again!

3. My Only Wish This Year by Britney Spears

I know Britney Spears might have been outdated to some, if not most people – but I am proud to say, I have always love Britney Songs. I could still remember that her songs are what inspired me during my teen years as well. Her Christmas song was actually one of my favorites during 2012 – and still my favorite to listen even throughout 2013. The lyrics brings out the inner child in me – in some way or another. Try to listen, I’m sure you’ll get what I mean.

4. Just a Dream by Sam Tsui & Christina Grimmie

This song was originally by Nelly but I like this music cover by Sam Tsui and Christina Grimmie better. It was so relaxing to hear their voices – very soothing and it all blended well to my ears. For some reason, I like their version better than Nelly’s. It was also fascinating to see the instrument play they had all throughout the video.

5. Part of Your World from The Little Mermaid

I know, I know – I am too old to for Disney Songs but I can’t help it. I’ve re-watched The Little Mermaid again and again this year. I don’t know why but ever since, I was fascinated with mermaids. I was drawn to mermaids that I had to re-watch the film one too many this during the year. I honestly believe mermaids exist whether that’s true or not – I believe in them and that is that.

I am such a frustrated singer and maybe that is why I love and appreciate music covers. I’d probably make my own music cover when I have the guts to do so – haha! I just realized that making a music cover is much more complicated that I thought, you need good quality materials for it such as a camera, a mic and a recorder, too. Speaking of recorders, cakewalk sonar at musicians friend would be perfect! Plus, more practice and passion towards singing and music is needed too!

December 27th, 2013
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40 Comments to My Favorite Youtube Music Covers for 2013

  1. the best music covers amongst the selection you listed here is the little mermaid part of your world, we are not old i believe to watch those old disney movies.

  2. My favorite among your choices is Amaka Miki’s Imagine Me Without You and Sam Tsui and Christina Grimmie’s Just a Dream, they are really good artists.

  3. recently i find myself lurking in youtube more often, especially during the dead of the night when i was still up tinkering on something. i would love to make a list like this if only my blog was up + running. instead of those videos you mentioned, though, mine will be filled with zachary levi videos, especially those for the broadway musical first date which i am watching for hours on end! :)

  4. I also love that Disney song Part of your World. I used to sing them when I was younger only when no one was listening. lol. I love listening to music on youtube too, usually praise and worship songs.

  5. Music does make our lives more entertaining and alive.

  6. The all time Disney classic is still my favorite. :)

  7. I wonder if Amaka Miki is half Filipino?

  8. Nice selection of music sis! Don’t lose your talent, go with it!

  9. I assumed that your choices are great, esp the last one.

  10. This songs are not only good to the ears but also it’s heartwarming.

  11. I don’t listen to much music but when I do the songs from the 50’s, 60’s, 70’s and a couple from the 80’s are the one’s I listen to or find myself humming when I least expect it.

  12. I like some of these covers, this was a great selection, great job

  13. I love the song “Part of Your World”

  14. I love music, but I actually haven’t heard of any of these songs before. Now I have to go back and listen to them :)

  15. I used to listen to music all the time… not sure what or why, but I just never listen to it any more.

  16. Great list! By the way, you are NEVER too old for Disney! :)

  17. I love the little Mermaid song. How could I forget it. I use to always watch that movie when I was a young girl.

  18. I love that song by Britney Spears! It’s on my ipod and I actually listen to it year round. Yes, I am a nerd lol.

  19. Akama Miki is very talented!

  20. Thank’s for sharing I love seeing new video’s I haven’t seen yet there were a few and I too like Britney there was a bit that I didn’t but I do now again.

  21. you definitively have it in your heart, get it our more! great selection

  22. these are really good some i haven’t seen before thank you

  23. My favorite covers from youtube come from Karmin. I can’t get enough of their music and I have all their albums. Such an awesome group!

  24. Mel Cole

    Harness your talent sis. Go3x! :)

  25. Hope you have a beautiful 2014!
    My favorite is Just a dream but I love Little Mermaid also. No one is never too old to love Disney movies. They are classics and talk to all the ages.

  26. Love Disney songs.. not my kids haha, but me! And I am sure, my kids would adore the Little Mermaid :) Great collection here. you have good taste :)

  27. You are never too old for Disney songs. I am just starting to listen to more music that is not children music – forgot how much I miss it. I will check these songs out as I do not know all of them.

  28. I love Disney too. My daughter hates when I sing to them. lol

  29. Agree with what some others have said you are never to old for Disney – I really should start lurking around You Tube more there is some hidden gems to be found. x

  30. I don’t listen to enough music even thought I love it. I know I could listen to more You Tube while I am working on the computer. Thanks for these suggestions.

  31. I love any of the songs from the Little Mermaid. I was so excited when they released the anniversary edition this past year.

  32. I kinda liked the Currents version too, although Mariah’s will remain the classic. ;)

  33. The Little Mermaid for the win! Love that song :D

  34. Sam Tsui has such a beautiful voice. Love your choices!

  35. Nope, never too old for Disney! Thank goodness I have kids as an excuse to watch them again and again!

  36. I love youtube and I am a lurker! HA I really love and enjoy the little mermaid song, I particularly love that movie because my grandmother took me to see that movie when I was 12 years old

  37. You should totally make your own cover! I’d watch it! I love that song on The Little Mermaid! Such a classic way to show how old I am!

  38. Amanda

    Music is such a great way to express yourself. My entire family loves music and I love the fact my kids really enjoy all types of music.

  39. We are definitely fans of Britney in this house. We just watched her Femme Fatale tour on Netflix the other night. :)

  40. Your list of favorite youtube music covers make me feel very old. However, I think my daughter might enjoy it.

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