Product Review: Revlon’s Nail Enamel – Pink Chiffon

Rating: ★★★★☆

Since I believe that colors defines our auras and mood, I make it to a point to always have my nails cleaned and changed its polish on a weekly basis. I like a lot of pink shades as my nail polish but this is the first time I was using Revlon’s Nail Enamel, Pink Chiffon.

I normally wouldn’t use this as my nail polish but since I just watched an American old movie, “Yes Man” few days ago, I decided to just go for it. I mean, what’s there to lose? Why not give it a try, right? If it’s an opportunity and you know in your heart you wanted it, why not? Okay enough about the movie and my own rambles.

Revlon Nail Enamel gives up to 10 days of lasting color and shine. Their exclusive silk-protein shield works wonders to instantly help even out the surface of the nail while rising above color to automatically smooth away bubbles and streaks.

I did two coats for this nail polish. It was very striking to me at first but after looking at it for some time, I actually loved the results. It’s actually nice and it compliments a lot of my shoes and wedges, which happens rarely. It’s a pale pink pastel color has this creamy effect. Since it’s pastel, you might need to add more than two coats, it’s actually up to you but I like its color even with just two coats on.

Seriously, the colors didn’t chipped away immediately. Since I’m always busy and doing so much stuff and on the go, it it normally chips off during 2 to 3 but using this nail polish, the color stayed – Impressive!

PS. Pardon me for using my feet in the image above, I just had a foot spa and I really loved how clean and refreshed it went out. I totally love how the colors complimented my feet, too!

April 29th, 2012
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7 Comments to Product Review: Revlon’s Nail Enamel – Pink Chiffon

  1. ayeibithao

    omg! alam mo ba everytime nasa mall ako nakikita ko yan..I wanna try but its kinda expensive pa for me..pagmarami na siguro ako pera might buy one lol..or pahingi na lang dear jooookkeee!! :D :D :D :D Kristine Chong  anyway maganda yung color niya suits my style din talaga…hindi ganun katapang neutral but still makikita mo pa rin ang color looks like a nude color make-up lol *doesn’t make any senses LOL!* waahhh spa tayo bebs :> after ng summer class ko!!!! :D

  2. Ako 3months na ung pedicure ko bebs. tinatamad akong maglinis! ahahaha! Natanggal na ung nail polish dahil humahaba na ung kuko lels!
    Gusto ko ung mga ganyan na kulay parang nude! maganda sa paa yan!
    Pero syempre hanggang 60-120pesos lang na nail polish binibili ko bebs :)))))

  3. twinklepuff

    Mukhang okay to =) Compared dun sa iba, haha usually ako pag magpedi tatagal 1-3 days nga lang din. I remembered tuloy yung feet delights galing sa shop mo <3 When I have time I’ll get one ulit (kung meron pa) hihihi, and try a good nail polish. Hope next time share ka ulit mga DIY tips bebs <3

  4. Usually, I just use whatever nail polish I can find. But if this one doesn’t chip off easily then it much be really good. I expected it to be because it is from Revlon. Most Revlon products are really nice :) 

    •  @gryshco So true. This is the first time I’ve used a Revlon nail polish so I’m quite impressed. :) Normally my nail polish would really chip off minsan hindi pa tapos ang day 1 – it happens depends on what I am doing. You know me, busy.. likot kamay haha! :) If I’m correct, It’s day 4 already and it still doesn’t chip off. :) So, this is highly recommended! :D

  5. LhyzieBongon

    ang ganda mg color :)

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