My Hong Kong #Shopping Goodies!

I haven’t been updating lately for one reason – that is because I was on a 5 day trip with my family in Hong Kong. I can’t even remember when was the last time I visited the place, it felt like it’s been forever since I last did. I actually planned to take lots of photos for the trip but I wasn’t able to do so because the place is always so crowded. I can’t even see one spot in Hong Kong where I can take a photo of the place without much people walking here and there. Everyone is so like always living on a fast pace life. It’s very different with Singapore – people in Singapore are even quite friendly, while people in Hong Kong.. well, let’s just say they are not so friendly and most of them get easily mad, plus they are not the best in speaking and understanding English, which is very understandable – after all, it’s not their main language.


If there is one thing I love about the recent trip I had in Hong Kong is the fact that I was able to spend some time with my family which I rarely do because of our work schedules. Also, because of the things I was able to buy during the trip. I totally enjoyed shopping in Hong Kong, seeing products that are not available in my country always amuses me – especially those that are related to beauty products. So here are the things I bought during the trip!


1. Soo Beaute Sonic Cleansing Brush – it was around $450+ HK Dollars. I totally love this product. I have always wanted to have a cleansing sonic brush but since most of these type of cleansers can be a bit pricey, I chose not to buy yet unless I find the product totally awesome – which is this product from Soo Beaute in Sasa! The brush of this cleanser is so smooth and firm! It didn’t caused me any pain during the cleansing process, it also has a 4D motion feature and helpful with sebum control, cleansing deep into the pores removing all impurities and makeup. I love the fact that it helps with the collagen function of the skin, too! My face never felt so refreshing after using this product – it was so different than just using my hands to lather my facial wash on my face alone. I definitely recommend this to everyone! It was even on sale as its original price is around $640+ HK Dollars.


2. Modeline Pressurized Tights – We women, especially those who tend to sit in front of the computer or stand for long periods of time will benefit from this tights. Having those habits on a daily basis deteriorates the blood circulation in our body, thus to solve this problem, we need to apply pressure on our lower body areas from the outside to circulate the pooled blood upward. This tights can be worn any time from day to night, most Japanese women even wear them as a night leggings just for the fact that they find it stylish and cute to wear it! This also helps in contouring your legs to look slimmer and prevents you with varicose veins. I think I may have bought this around $189 HK dollars but with all these functions, don’t you think it’s also worth it?


3. Jamieson’s Natural Sources Aloe Vera Moisturizing Gel – Believe it or not, having an Aloe Vera Gel comes so rarely in my country. I don’t even know why stores in the Philippines don’t sell aloe vera gel when they have so many benefits for the skin! Thus, the moment I saw this, I just knew it’s my chance to have one. I can use this to any cuts I have due to dryness of my skin. Plus, I can easily make DIY eye creams for it and facial masks, too!


4. MediPlus Dark Circle Remover – Tell me who doesn’t have issues with their dark circles and eye bags? I bet most people do! This was worth around almost $200 HK Dollars, the ingredients on this product seems really worth a try and it really does have medications within it and said that there should be improvements within 7 days of use. I have yet to try to see if it truly works. If it does, I’m definitely buying one again as a gift to my boyfriend who is suffering from severe dark circles, lol! He still look totally awesome despite those dark circles, though but he tends to be concern with it, lol!


5. Nike Shoes for Women – In Hong Kong, you would rarely see women in cute shoes and heels – most of them are always in a sneaker. Even when they are wearing dresses and business outfits – you would be surprise to see them in sneakers. It must be because of the fact that there is always a lot of walking going on from one place to another. Most people would just use the trains to go to their destinations. Though there are a lot of buses and taxi’s around the street, most people who saves money will just walk and use the train. Transportation is not the most easiest thing in Hong Kong. Reaching a mall actually tires me out – I’m tired before I even begin trying to check the stores, lol! It was good though – I guess that is one reason why I almost never see any overweight people in Hong Kong, there are a few but most of them are quite skinny and fit. Anyway. I love this sneakers. My brother’s wife told me that this sneaker was worth $1420 HK Dollars in our country but I got this for only $412 HK Dollars – I totally saved a lot with that, plus, it’s Nike! Enough said!

Aside from these items, I also bought a lot of goodies from Giordano and Espirit. I bought quite a bit of tops, shorts and a very chic black dress that I am so dying to wear – I love how it totally gave a perfect fit on my figure! I also bought some eyelash holder and new fake lashes I got from Sasa including a Pupa Milano Red Nail Art with Crazy Crystals which I can’t wait to give a try! I also bought an Italian Brand Shoes from Fortei – it’s in peach color and so cute, flexible and comfortable to wear! You can say I totally shopped a bit too much – I can’t even post all of what I bought here – as it will be too much photos to upload but I do plan to share it with everyone ones I do a product review on it on my blog. Oh, lastly.. I also bought some goodies like this gold belt, elephant bag holder and a 5 finger socks, it’s cute, don’t you think so, too?


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  1. Sounds like one of our shopping trips to New York City or Chicago :) Hong Kong must be fascinating, though I do not think I’d like such a busy place and not knowing the language well.

  2. wow! what a shopping spree. My wife will surely love doing one too. She’s been there for 3 days lang ata and not enough to go shopping.

  3. That’s a steal – your shoes! and thanks for giving me some facts about HK coz I’ve never been there. but im planning to be.

  4. Awesome! Looks like you had an AMAZING time! I want to visit Hong Kong so badly! We are planning a trip to Taiwan soon, but Hong Kong is next on my to-visit list :)

  5. Lots of great deals in Hong Kong! I love those shoes!

    My friend is from the Philippines and lives here in the United States but she told me she used to go to HK often!

  6. I did notice a lot of people in your photo. I would love to get my hands on a pair of those stylish leopard print Nikes!

  7. Hong Kong is very far from NY! We just go into the city if we are looking for anything special. It seems to be exactly like what is pictured here..

  8. the Nike trainers is a good buy! although what actually caught my eye are the dark circle remover! i could some of those! :)

    the five-toe sock + the elephant bag holder are simply too cute!

  9. Glad you had a great time. I love the shoes black with hot pink is awesome. Thanks for sharing.

  10. You really went into a shopping spree, nice to have vacation with family from time to time, but with your comment about hingkong i will rather go to singapore