Discover your scent in ART OF SCENT!


This summer, I am welcoming you all to the country’s first luxury stand-alone fragrance store, Art of Scent. The store is based on 3 principles: Luxury Retail, Fragrance Education and Personalized Shopping Experience.

Don’t fret. It’s not like their going to eat up your budget, not at all! They are priced the same way as it is in the department stores – maybe even cheaper! Plus, here’s the better catch… in Art of Scent, their staffs won’t be bugging you by following you around while you shop. They won’t be saying.. “Hey Ma’am.. buy this, try this..” and etc!

Don’t you hate those kind of scenarios? Personally, I’d want to quickly ran away from them than be stuck by three to four sales person wanting me to buy what fragrance they are selling – and me.. just there, standing.. without a clue what to do!

The Art of Scent takes its inspiration from the industry-standard fragrance wheel that composed of four major families: fresh, woody, floral and oriental. What makes this store special is that they have categorized the perfumes of each brand under these four families.

Whether you want Dolce & Gabbana, Elizabeth Arden, Gucci, Calvin Klein, or Marc Jacobs. They have it all! Not only that but some branded fragrance like Prada, Lancome, Viktor & Rolf and John Varvatos are exclusively available only at Art of Scent! Trust me, you won’t find it anywhere else!

Note: The Art of Scent is in the ground floor of Resorts World in Newport City, Philippines. The store is officially launched last November 18, 2010 in a grand party attended by celebrities and the country’s top fashion and lifestyle editors. (Their fragrance prices ranges to 2,500php until 7,000php.)

Expert’s Tip from Geline Duran in Art of Scent: It’s not always all about the brand. It’s about your personal taste, the age and many things. What defines you, what your mood is.. and where you are going!

And if you’re someone like me.. Someone who rarely takes fondness with perfumes. I got dumbfounded and have no idea what perfume will ever suit me. I never liked floral perfumes, I felt like.. they sting too much, lol! Some of my friends loved fresh-floral, some go for fresh-sweet floral, etc.. What’s interesting is, when I went to Art of Scene..I ended up finding the scent that suits me – that fits my taste!


Maybe it wasn’t because I wasn’t interested with perfumes but.. I just never found what perfume is good for me. What perfume makes me feel comfortable.. what perfume do I like.. but thanks to Art of Scent, I found my scent and ended up going for a woody-floral, Chloe~!


And for everyday use, I think I could settle for Elizabeth Arden Green Tea.It’s a fresh-floral fragrance.. but it doesn’t sting and it’s just a mild one.. so, I loved it. I can’t even wait for their launching this May on releasing the first ever Swarovski Perfume here in the Philippines! I’m excited for it! Don’t you get curious what type of scent will it be? What do you girls think? :P

April 24th, 2011
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  1. I know what you mean. When sales ladies start showing me stuff I just stand there like a rock. Sometimes I even end up buying stuff I don't want. hahahaha. I love the Green Tea perfume btw. My mom has some bottles here at home and they smell great, very mild.

  2. I'm going back there for Elizabeth Arden's Green Tea – Lavender variety! & for my oldskool favorites, haha (everything that was in vogue in the 90's while I was in high school). Also, will check out other scents to try this year. I seriously need an update.

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