Skin Foods for Healthier Skin and a Beautiful YOU!


It’s finally 2014. It’s a start of a new year and for me, that signals new opportunities, experiences and a better version of you. There are no excuses and that goes to changing your food intake and getting into a healthier lifestyle. This year is the perfect moment to start and believe me it just takes initiative and to actually be able to evaluate to what you currently want right now and what you want to achieve in a long term basis.

I myself am into the phase where I am realizing this fact. I always wanted to lose more weight, I always wanted to have good and better skin – to have that youthful glow. It’s always all about the want and not the action to make it happen, this year – let’s both start doing something about what we truly wanted to happen and change in our life. And, if you are like me, who is wanting to not just lose weight but also have a healthier looking skin – then continue reading on as we both work on our healthier lifestyle which starts from within.

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Ways to Tighten Your Skin after Weight Loss


There are so many ways to tighten our skin after losing weight and it comes with various of reasons with it, too. Most of them is due to the sudden or rapid weight loss and some are due to pregnancy. While losing weight might shed off those pounds, you might still feel bulky and may notice a lot of sagging skin in your body. What you can do is tighten your skin, that you may fit in to those clothes, dresses and jeans you want while looking healthy, beautiful and toned as well. Let me share you some of my favorite and effective ways to tighten your skin after weight loss. Read the rest of this entry »

December 28th, 2013
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There are No Shortcuts to Beauty and Weight Loss


A lot of people thinks that celebrities and people who are are beautiful and sexy are born to be loved and adored. They are just born to look like a goddess and many have wished to be like them – but cannot. Some have stick to the idea of “we are all beautiful” – and it’s okay. There is no harm in that – totally nothing wrong with it but if you truly wish to be beautiful while having also to lose weight in the process, do know that you cannot achieve this my wishing for it alone. You need to do something about it. You need to act upon it. Read the rest of this entry »

December 15th, 2013
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Lioele Egg Corset Ampoule Mask REVIEW: for a Smoother, Softer and Younger Looking Complexion!

Egg Corset Ampoule Mask
Lioele Egg Corset Ampoule Mask
Rating: ★★★★★

One of the goodies I bought in Singapore was the Lioele Egg Corset Ampoule Mask. I am not really a fan of any Liole products but this caught my attention very much – for many reasons, ofcourse.

Why I bought Lioele Egg Corset Ampoule Mask: (What’s the benefits of this product?)
1. It’s main ingredient is egg protein which basically supplies our skin with essential nutrients – making our skin elastic and hydrated. It also has peptide and collagen properties which double the skin’s elasticity. Egg protein repairs skin tissues and aids in tightening the skin – making it firm. It’s a natural way to get beautiful skin, naturally!
2. It will not only reduce the eye puffiness – but it reduces our under eye circles, too!
3. It helps to make your skin firm (including the pores) and also aids in treating acne.
4. It’s very good to relieve dry skin which is totally perfect for me!
5. Instantly gives you a smooth complexion while aiding to remove blemishes and keeps your skin radiant glowing!

The best part here is that – you get to see the results in your first try!

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September 9th, 2013
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Different Ways to Know your Skin UnderTones

Know your skin tone

Not everyone knows but getting to really knowing your skin tone is very important. It will not just help you look good but it also helps you want skin care and makeup to use as well. I believe that not being able to know your own skin undertone is one of the setbacks of makeup failure.

Now, what do I mean by makeup failure?

Well, to be frank with everyone. I consider a makeup failure when…

– a woman’s face skin tone and color differs from her neck.

– when she puts a concealer on and it doesn’t seem as if she concealed anything at all. She just made it obvious that she applied one – or better yet, it’s too obvious because her under eye area starts to get cakey and the skin on the eye surface starts to be uneven to the rest of her skin tone and color.

– when she fails to enhance her facial feature – and tends to make her makeup look dull instead of making herself stand out and letting everyone see her enhanced facial features (in which I believe is the sole reason of putting makeup on)

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August 11th, 2013
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Beauty and Skin Care Tips 101

Recently, I have been getting a lot of messages regarding beauty and skin care tips. I’m not quite sure why but there would be times I’d get messages through Email, Facebook – sometimes I’d even get text messages for these requests. So, I decided to make a blog entry for those of you who may need some help regarding skin care concerns.
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July 18th, 2013
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