Get Glowing Skin – Without a Photo Filter!

Let’s get real here, ladies. Everyone takes a photo and we want to look good in each of those photos. If you are an instagram user, you could have even develop a habit on applying photo filter, FIRST, before even uploading the photo – for the very reason that it instantly fixes your skin condition most of the times and makes you awesomely beautiful. Some would even use a Camera 360 app to enhance the photo itself before uploading it just to have whiter, fairer good looking skin. The bottom line? No matter how much you deny it, a part of you will always want to look good. You would want to present yourself better in public for whatever reason may it be – whether for the sake of your own confidence, for publicity, or just to get attention.. there will always be a part of each of us who wants to look their best!


If you have been following my blog all these years, you would know that my term of beauty blogging is not about using makeup to enhance your features. It has always been about skin care, about having that natural beauty within, skin maintenance that brings out the beauty within you with or without any makeup. I do believe makeup does wonders but I just know that sometimes, having no makeup yet to feel good in our own skin is the most awesome thing every girl would ever dream for. Since I was 13, I have focused on skin care like no one else until today. I can’t believe this is the first time I’ve figured the secret out!

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April 18th, 2014
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Go Glow!

Used to be just plain soap, and water to cleanse the face. Simple as that, women before, did not need to spend extra money to spend on facials, pricking, exfoliating, toning, rejuvenating and more. Yet, they had flawless skin. No cover ups, no makeup, just natural beautiful skin.


What happened? In an era of heavy makeup, pollution, sleepless nights, stress, social drinking… having a beautiful skin nowadays is a luxury. Spending for it has become a necessity. Is it really worth it? For some, no, for others, yes! Having a beautiful skin is synonymous to having a higher level of self confidence. A higher level of self confidence means a better chance at making it good in this life.
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April 16th, 2014
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Makeup Changed My Life

It can be difficult sometimes to separate out looks and personality. In today’s image conscious society, anyone who does not fit the generic mould can end up feeling ostracised – that is where makeup comes in.


There is more to makeup than just making us look pretty; there are added benefits to people that maybe do not look exactly like everyone else, those that suffer from facial disfigurement. One in 150 people has some sort of visual problem with their face; it is a fairly common problem, but the subject is becoming more and more taboo.

Makeup can have a positive impact on how accepted these people are into society. They no longer stand out, and are treated as “normal” by the general public. This lack of attention whilst outside is generally all that they want.
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February 6th, 2014
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What is Plastic Surgery?

Although the concept of plastic surgery isn’t new, only since its introduction into the beauty and cosmetics industry that it has become a multi-billion pound industry and renowned all over the world. Historically, it was used primarily for reconstructive surgery or the aesthetic treatment of burns. As knowledge and technology improved in the 20th century, so did the availability and potential of plastic surgery. Returning soldiers from the first and second World Wars benefited, so did people with natural disfigurations and serious burn scars.


As time moved towards the present day, people began to utilise plastic surgery for cosmetic purposes also. The concept of cheating nature and defying the effects of ageing became an irresistible lure for many people. Millions of different procedures are now performed each year, predominantly in North America and Europe.
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February 1st, 2014
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5 Avoidable Skin Cancer Causers


Most of us have known for years that staying out of the sun it one of the best ways to avoid early aging and skin cancer. However, exposure to the sun is not the only factor in skin cancer formation. The two most common skin cancers are squamous and melanoma. Luckily, skin cancer research is ongoing and many advances have been made in understanding causes and treatment options. Still, the best thing is to always use a sunscreen and to see your doctor to check the surface of your skin annually. What may seem like nothing may be a pre-cancerous growth.
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January 26th, 2014
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Skin Foods for Healthier Skin and a Beautiful YOU!


It’s finally 2014. It’s a start of a new year and for me, that signals new opportunities, experiences and a better version of you. There are no excuses and that goes to changing your food intake and getting into a healthier lifestyle. This year is the perfect moment to start and believe me it just takes initiative and to actually be able to evaluate to what you currently want right now and what you want to achieve in a long term basis.

I myself am into the phase where I am realizing this fact. I always wanted to lose more weight, I always wanted to have good and better skin – to have that youthful glow. It’s always all about the want and not the action to make it happen, this year – let’s both start doing something about what we truly wanted to happen and change in our life. And, if you are like me, who is wanting to not just lose weight but also have a healthier looking skin – then continue reading on as we both work on our healthier lifestyle which starts from within.

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