When He GETS You the RING!


I used to think getting a ring from a man is already overrated. I mean – really. Maybe it is for special and sacred occasions way back but in this time and age – a lot of young couples will be giving rings on their partner and it starts to lose its meaning as some does it for a sweet act and forgetting the whole concept and reason why a man gives a woman a ring. Soon, they also go in separate ways forgetting their relationship and moving on. I guess, there are those type of people – or men. So, the idea of receiving a ring is plainly nothing on my mind.

That was until last year when the man I have loved for so many years who went out of the country for work suddenly went back to our country – treated me out to the place where we first met – brought me to the this 5-start hotel restaurant on his last stay and suddenly, out of the blue – hold my hand and placed a ring on my left hand ring finger. I honestly ran out of words. I was speechless. He didn’t utter any word. I felt like crying but I can’t say anything nor I was breathing at that moment, lol! I just hugged him and everything ended up really spacial and happy for us.

There are just some things you needed to experience yourself to understand. It was even funny when he told me that maybe one day, when he has enough money – the ring will get better – stone will get bigger – more sparkly and special. He didn’t say anything but I somehow understood what he meant and that alone made me really happy. It was no Valentines Day but that was the most happiest event in my life.

So you see.. getting a ring is quite really special, so if you are a man and you are reading this and you are truly loving your girl and feeling sure and ready for her – why not try to melt her heart with a ring? Utah Jewelers Salt Lake City have tons of collection on jewelries, especially on rings and they are on sale, too!

January 23rd, 2014
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I don’t know about you but for some reason – I get excited about this year. There is something about this year that I never felt last year or the last few years. I can’t explain it myself but I just know that this year is so exciting, filled with happiness and laughter – time to really get moving and having a change – in a positive way, ofcourse.
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January 20th, 2014
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Dear Diary, This Year of 2014…

Today, I am posting something personal... to start 2014.

Today, I am posting something personal… to start 2014.

Dear Diary,

Few weeks from now, it’s finally Chinese New Year – January 30, 2014, Year of the Horse. I am quite excited for this – everything is going to be busy from here onwards. There was something about this year and I just know it’s “my year” and I know happiness is here for me along with tons of opportunities knocking my door. Thank you for the struggles and experiences 2013 and goodbye! Hello to 2014 and I shall have a blast! <3

This year…
– I totally lost weight – I have really toned down and got that beach body fit I’ve always wanted!
– I’m still loving my boyfriend and I’m happy to know that this year has been really good for us. Happy 6 years of being together and loving each other, hunny! <3
– I’ve traveled! I’ve be pampered myself and have gone to places with my friends and loved ones for fun, bonding and laughter.
– I’ve gotten more offers and career opportunities.
– I’ve been big with my career endeavors.
– There has been more closeness and love with my family.
– I had more shopping to do – happy that I have lots of clothes and accessories to put in my closet!
– This year, I’m have reach and fulfill one of my dreams. <3

– AISHA <3

Did you noticed how I have mentioned everything like it already happened?

I am not sure where I have heard or read it. Was it with the book, The Secret by Rhonda Brynes? I can’t really remember but.. I remember some lines that says.. it’s healthy to practice to say resolutions as if they already happened – rather than saying it by a wish that stays as a wish – by saying or writing things as if they have already happened – they have more possibility to actually happen. Whether it has a psychological effect or what not – I have always practice this and for some reason, whenever I go back to those writings I had on my 2012-2013 notebook – each of what I have mentioned have all magically happened (even when I thought they were impossible to achieve!)

Why not give it a try?
It may be a coincidence it happened to me, but what’s the harm of trying it out yourself? It might work after all. :)

January 18th, 2014
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Friday Thoughts: Something I wish but never had…

Little girl playing piano

Friday Thoughts is about just random stuff about me and my life – what I think and feel – the things I reminisce – showing off a photo and what I think about it or sometimes it can just be a highlight of how my week was. Just like a random diary I’d say. Sometimes I just want to say anything that comes to mind.

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January 17th, 2014
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Men also Loves to Look Good!


In this time and age, I honestly believe that most men care about fashion in their own way, too. It’s not that they are considered gay or anything – they are just probably obsessed to wanting to look good. At the very least, my boyfriend is never particular with cleaning and all that but when it comes to the things he wears, the bags and all items involve him using – especially in public, he wants to look good.
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January 16th, 2014
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No matter what happens, MUSIC can SAVE YOU.

Whether you are happy, sad – feeling bored and gloomy everyone wants to listen to music. It’s either music or watching movies we relate to. Personally, whenever I am sad I tend to watch anime. It may seem weird but I really do, I would tend to watch anime the whole day – just so I can laugh and laugh until I get tired of it. My boyfriend never understood the idea of me watching anime at this time and age but I just can’t help it – it has become a part of my habit and as you all know, there are just some habits that are hard to break.

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December 28th, 2013
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