Do you Date a Musician?

So, are you dating a musician? To be honest, I personally think that dating a musician is one of the hardest and stressful things to do. You have a lot of rivalry going on there and if you are a very sensitive woman who constantly needs assurance from a man – you better be ready as there will be a lot of heartaches and pain to go through.

So let me share you some of the things you should be mindful when dating a musician.


1. Stop being Jealous – You got to get real girl. It’s a given that there will be a lot of people and girls who would be attending band concerts. Ladies will be rooting for them – they may be infatuated but hey, don’t assume they love your boyfriend and please don’t assume your boyfriend is dating them either. So don’t put any tantrums on him that he maybe dating someone else.

2. Don’t be Clingy – Give him space. You are not the only thing he puts focus on. Remember, he loved his music and it was there before you even came in his life. Attend his gig but don’t attend in every practice session – you are not his mom or band manager, are you?

3. Don’t be a Stalker – Don’t follow him around while he is taking care of his music related business.

4. Work is Work – If they have an out of town gig, do not come along – this is not a date, it’s work purposes, not a vacation.

5. Don’t Complain – Got your special day cancelled because a gig has been booked? Don’t start an argument because of that, especially before a gig starts – there are things that can be fixed and handle the next day.

Remember, this guy dated you not just because he loves you but also because he was so sure you will understand him and his schedules. Ofcourse, there are things like cheating which is not to be tolerated and that’s another story but if you are just starting a fight because of his work related issues – get real. You dated a musician, so expect a little disappointment here and there, he won’t be always there to please you but you can make him realised your worth by respecting and understanding him more than just any other woman he went out with.

PS. Valentines is right on the corner – if you are dating a musician who plays a trumpet, you might want to give him a trumpet valve oil at music123 as a gift – he will surely love this as it will help them with their musical plays and bands. What a supportive girlfriend you are, right?

January 18th, 2014
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The Perfect time to Get Married this 2013


First of all, I wanted to greet everyone a Merry, Merry Christmas! I hope everyone has been enjoying their Christmas with their loved ones in each of its own unique way. It is just once in a year after all.

Anyway, I would just love to share all of you one information I have learned today…
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December 25th, 2013
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The Importance of Getting Married and Wedding Veils!

A lot of people think that weddings and marriage is just a piece of paper but only few people realises its importance. First of all, a wedding is a ceremony that unites two people together in marriage. It varies from different cultures and can involve an exchange of wedding vows, presentation of gifts, proclamation of marriage followed by a wedding reception later on. But did you know that getting married and being married is actually more than just those wedding formalities.

It involves a lifetime commitment with a certain person – choosing the right person to be with is crucially important as well as by choosing the wrong person will bring you sorrow and heartbreak which can also lead you having tremendous stress and health problems.
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October 2nd, 2013
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My Wedding Dress, My Wedding Dream… ME GETTING MARRIED!

The best gift every man could give their woman is not just based on love, fidelity, trust and understanding nature. These things are very important, ofcourse… but I believe that an utmost commitment towards a one woman is the best gift every man can give, simply because it’s the whole package. Marrying someone is not just for the fact of marrying a person but also signifies that you are willing to give that person everything that you are.

It’s about willing to share your life with someone, growing old with someone, making them happy (and vice-versa), having a new chapter of your life with someone – being there for them at all times and loving them unconditionally.

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September 24th, 2013
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How to Know If He Really Loves You

To be honest, there is nothing much to actually think about as it all goes down in observing and answering these simple questions – formulated by Michael Fiore, a dating and relationship expert.

Being able to finish and reflect everything you will be able to read here to your own love life situation will make you to be able to get to the heart of the matter in your own situation.

Just remember that it will cause you 3 kinds of emotions: Relief – Anxiety – Anger as we get to the truth of the status if your man really loves your or is just playing around until someone new comes along.

Okay. Now that we have covered those concepts and had a pretty much idea on the basics. (In which you should have read first about the concepts and reality between men and women on my earlier blog entry. If you haven’t read about it, please do so first.. before proceeding.)

Let us now get to the questions you need to ask yourself and for you to be able to know If He Really loves You. (Note your scores for these questions!)

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December 5th, 2012
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Concepts and Realities Between Men and Women about Love

Women would always think. They are always in question about men whether they say that they are interested or not. If not that they ask or think – they feel. They are sensitive and emotional beings and with just one action or word from the opposite sex, it could mean something else and something to think about yet again. It just never ends but the most women in demand question most women would probably have in common is.. “Does he really love me?”

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December 4th, 2012
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