The Psychological Rewards of Sex

Everyone knows the instant physical pleasures that accompany sex. It is an experience that is like no other and feels great. The feel of your partner’s skin on yours and the little touches that send nerves into an ecstatic, pleasing frenzy is what makes us all keep coming back for more. There are many physical benefits that accompany sex, but many people don’t know that there are many psychological and neurological benefits as well.

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May 20th, 2014
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Confessions: Why I’m LUCKY and HAPPY to LOVE and BE LOVED

Now, I am normally not the type to blog about very personal things especially with my love life but I am making an exception for today. I normally just write on my personal journal or me and my boyfriend’s secret online journal in Tumblr whenever I feel like expressing my feelings and thoughts. I am making an exception this time because.. I want to share everyone how happy I truly am and I believe – he deserves that kind of acknowledgement, too.

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April 13th, 2014
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Are You Sabotaging Your Online Dating Game?

So you’ve tried online dating and there are only two words to describe your experience: crash and burn. You actually had high hopes that joining an online dating site would dramatically increase your dating pool. Alas, try as you might, you just can’t seem to get quality dates. A few winks and messages here and there that lead nowhere, or actual meetups that end disastrously. And you thought online dating would be a walk in the park!


Don’t throw in the towel just yet and resign yourself to a life of spinsterhood. Here are a few possible reasons why you may be sabotaging your own dating game.
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February 23rd, 2014
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What is a Promise Ring?


A Promise Ring can mean a lot of things. It’s most popular with the couples where a man gives it to a woman. It doesn’t necessarily mean marriage as there are still things that permits it from happening such as – maybe the distance, the time and other things that need to be dealt with first. It could be because the couples are still too young to get married but surely, getting a promise ring from the man you loved most can bring you so much happiness as it is a sign of commitment – regardless the circumstances you are in.
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February 17th, 2014
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What Kind of Gifts to Give a MAN or BOYFRIEND?


Giving gifts to a man – especially, if he is a special person in your life seems tough. I even had struggles with this myself but not everyone knows that men are actually very easy to please and they do love gifts as much as we, ladies do.
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February 1st, 2014
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When He GETS You the RING!


I used to think getting a ring from a man is already overrated. I mean – really. Maybe it is for special and sacred occasions way back but in this time and age – a lot of young couples will be giving rings on their partner and it starts to lose its meaning as some does it for a sweet act and forgetting the whole concept and reason why a man gives a woman a ring. Soon, they also go in separate ways forgetting their relationship and moving on. I guess, there are those type of people – or men. So, the idea of receiving a ring is plainly nothing on my mind.

That was until last year when the man I have loved for so many years who went out of the country for work suddenly went back to our country – treated me out to the place where we first met – brought me to the this 5-start hotel restaurant on his last stay and suddenly, out of the blue – hold my hand and placed a ring on my left hand ring finger. I honestly ran out of words. I was speechless. He didn’t utter any word. I felt like crying but I can’t say anything nor I was breathing at that moment, lol! I just hugged him and everything ended up really spacial and happy for us.

There are just some things you needed to experience yourself to understand. It was even funny when he told me that maybe one day, when he has enough money – the ring will get better – stone will get bigger – more sparkly and special. He didn’t say anything but I somehow understood what he meant and that alone made me really happy. It was no Valentines Day but that was the most happiest event in my life.

So you see.. getting a ring is quite really special, so if you are a man and you are reading this and you are truly loving your girl and feeling sure and ready for her – why not try to melt her heart with a ring? Utah Jewelers Salt Lake City have tons of collection on jewelries, especially on rings and they are on sale, too!

January 23rd, 2014
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