5 Black Essentials Every Woman Should Own

Every woman has different taste in clothing, and therefore every woman’s wardrobe consists of different pieces of clothes. Nevertheless, there are some pieces of clothing that are essential for every wardrobe. And there is one color that is a must have, no matter what kind of colors do you like, and that is black. Whether you love it or not, black is a timeless color, it’s always trendy and classic.

So if you don’t have some of these next pieces in your wardrobe, prepare to go shopping!
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7 Crafty Projects to do using a Printer #CraftyThingsToDo

Being able to do crafty things is not just satisfying to one self. It doesn’t just brings out the creativity in each of us but it is truly one good way to even save money as well. Like one says – if there’s a will, there will always be a way, it goes in all aspect of life including in do-it-yourself crafty projects and decorations, too!


If you are just like me – who isn’t really good in anything hands-on, don’t worry you can still be crafty, digitally!
Here are 7 Crafty Things To Do using a Printer! Some of these are pretty smart to do when doing decorations at home, too!
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Top 5 List of Cute and Affordable #Christmas #Gift Ideas this 2014

Time do flies fast, wouldn’t you agree with me? Can’t you believe it’s almost December again? It is that time of the year where we all take a pause on our usual busy schedules and spend more time with our family, relatives and loved ones.


It is one time of the year where in all you’ll be seeing on the television is about celebrating Christmas. The streets will be colorful and lovely – it is such a glorious and happy event in every countries around the world!
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November 13th, 2014
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Top 3 Beauty Essentials from Lazada This Holiday Season!

Holiday season is just around the corner and I bet we each and everyone of us gets excited by the day! Times are changing, the season is shifting and now the cold weather has start kicking in. We all may love and enjoy this shift and change of pace but our skin may not! Cold weather always takes a toll on our skin all the time! It makes our skin dull, dry and clogged – especially to those who already have dry skin!


The first step to survive this skin care havoc is to acknowledge that – this is normal, it is something we have to accept to happen sooner or later for once we already knew that it can happen – then we can make counter measures to make sure our skin is in tip top shape all the time!
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November 10th, 2014
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#FashionTrends: How to Wear a Crop Top for Plus Size Women?

A lot of people might disagree with me but I firmly believe that crop tops are perfect for all body type and this includes curvy, plus sizes women too! I guess this has to do more with how you were a crop top. When you wear a crop top that suits your body type, it will definitely make you look sexy, chic and sophisticated regardless if you have a bit of weight!


Though you might see a lot of women wearing crop tops – even on runways, it is definitely not the easiest outfit to style. I am not even surprised why there were so much rave going on all over social media on people reacting negatively to plus size women wearing crop tops. For me, just like any other outfit – there is a right way to wear a crop top and since it is a tricky outfit to pull off, how you wear a crop top will also vary with your body type.
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November 6th, 2014
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Jolly Chic’s Year End Giveaway – $100 Bonus to Shop All You Want!

You have to agree with me, it has been a challenging year this 2013. Everyone of us, especially you ladies deserves a break. You all deserve to be pampered and you all deserve to end this year with a blast! In this last few remaining weeks of December 2013, Jolly Chic has collaborated with my blog for a $100 Bonus Year End Giveaway for everyone and I mean, EVERYONE! All you really needed to do is to join up – no strings attached!

There is no need for you to pay anything to claim this – just join and if you’re the lucky winner – then you get to spend $100 bonus for a shopping spree on Jolly Chic!

Now, how cool is that? I myself would love to do some shopping spree on Jolly Chic to end this 2013 with a blast!

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