The Bald Truth about Hair Loss (plus, tips and tricks for a healthier hair!)


There are so many factors that most people tend to disregard and overlook. In terms of beauty and wellness, some of those things are the following: feet, hands, eating habits and our hair. A lot of people might agree or disagree to this but this is what I have believed and observed from various of people – including myself.

A lot of people would spend so much time with their clothes, hygiene – as long as they look good, that would be enough. I actually don’t agree to this. As long as you hide it, it’s enough. Read the rest of this entry »

December 9th, 2013
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Cash or Charge? The Pros and Cons of Credit Cards


Credit cards can a lifesaver, if used properly and within appropriate limits. However, applying for a credit card will make a big difference to how you spend and save, so it’s worth thinking through all the factors, good and bad, before you commit.

If you’re considering getting a credit card but are unsure if it’s right for you, here information on credit cards that can help you make a decision.
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November 13th, 2013
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Top 10 Health Benefits in Drinking Lemon Water Every Morning

Everyone says that drinking lemon water is good for your body.. but that doesn’t really urge most people to drink lemon water, does it? At the end of the day, people would still go for some sodas, juices, coffee and alcoholic drinks.

It also doesn’t mean that by drinking a glass of lemon water would mean that – you will be revitalized and immediately be healthy. It’s always a form of habit. It takes a habit to change your lifestyle and it also takes a habit to break it.
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May 4th, 2013
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Top 6 of the Most Vital Vitamins your Body and Health Needs the Most!

It is important that we are able to nourish ourselves with the vitamins and minerals to ensure that we can keep ourselves always healthy and in top shape. Ideally, we are recommended to have a balance diet meal filled with nutritious foods. But let’s get real and face it, not all of us can say that we have a well-rounded daily food intake, and even if we do, freshness and processing techniques can greatly diminish the amount of vitamins and minerals in any type of food that we eat.

Thus, some of us resorted to taking vitamin and mineral supplements in the form of pills, tablets, soft gels and capsules. It is a good thing and nothing too harmful with that, but since each of our bodies have different needs (such as allergies and chronic illnesses), it is still best to consult with your doctor on what, how often and how much of these vitamin pills to take.

Remember, taking too much vitamins can be just as unhealthy as taking too little.
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December 3rd, 2012
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Satisfy your Holiday Cravings and “Not Gain” Too Much Weight!


The holidays are getting closer and closer as days passes by. It cannot be help as a lot of reunions, party, celebrations would takes its place. You can’t just always skip meals and say “no” to these kinds of events that only happens once in a year. It is also not so wise to always deprive yourselves with the food you eat.. It is okay to eat the foods you want from time to time – obsessive eating is one thing you might need to consider.

We do not want to abuse our body by over-eating too much wouldn’t we?

Unfortunately, everything will be a form of habit. The more celebrations there is – the more we get used to the food that we eat. As you eat more, it becomes a lifestyle and a pattern of what you will be eating in the weeks and months ahead. Unless you are a vegetarian or someone who follows a specific diet program, it would be really hard to cope on the holiday cravings we might encounter.

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The Secret to a Happier Life!


Life really has no secret and everything is always being provided for each and everyone of us. It is only human’s perception that limit us from getting the things that we truly want in achieving our dreams and goals in life in which we truly desire most.

Everyone of us are actually lucky yet people just tend to complain, focus on negative thoughts – assuming and expecting worst things before it actually manifest and happen. That is why people do not tend to value what they have right now in this present moment as they tend to value things – only when it is too late, only when it’s gone and without their reach.

Life isn’t supposed to be really sad. It’s full of happiness, joy and laughter. I know, it might sound awkward or weird – I’m not preaching anyone here. I just honestly think that, if we have the chance and decision to make our life really happy, full of joy and miracles.. then why would we even choose to make our life miserable by expecting that life is unfair to begin with?

I guess, it is true that when people grow up – they don’t really “grow-up” – they become fearful of life itself. They think of ways to protect themselves. They become afraid of being honest and opening up what they truly feel as they do not want other people to know and see their weaknesses. People tend to do more thinking than doing.
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November 22nd, 2012
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