Top 5 Reasons and Health Benefits Why You Should Eat Brown Rice

As far as I know.. People just love to eat rice all the time. It is known to be a world staple food all throughout Asia. In our country, most people can go a day without meat, fish, bread or any kind of other foods but not rice. It is not even counted a meal if it’s not rice – even when you’ve already eaten a bunch of hamburgers, fries and pizza – yes, it is still not a meal without rice.

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December 9th, 2014
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How to Deal with Emotional Eating


Emotional Eating is when one becomes compulsive in his eating due to problems of the heart. Sometimes, he eats too much, without even knowing it, simply to forget what he feels. Eating therefore becomes a pain reliever. Others would use eating as a reward for having an exciting moment. Celebration is fine; it is when it becomes excessive and compulsive that without it makes the individual down and empty inside instead.
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February 20th, 2014
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I’ve lost 3 inches! “Dr. Oz Rapid Weight Loss Diet”


A lot of people would say that to lose weight, you just needed to eat a well balanced diet and do exercise – loads of workouts in moderation. Now, this is all true and I totally agree but I also believed that 80% of weight loss comes from the food that we eat and 20% of it comes from workouts and exercise.
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January 29th, 2014
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Simple tips to Aid your Weight Loss

Simple Tips for Weight Loss

We all know what we’re supposed to do to lose weight; watch calorie intake, get more active and stop making excuses. However, as you turn up at the gym every week, armed with a positive attitude and bags of energy, there are a few other secret things that you could be doing to help your weight loss.

We’ve compiled a list of some of the easiest – and often most surprising – simple things that you can add to your routine or diet to help optimize your results and ensure you get the body you’re working so hard for.
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January 11th, 2014
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Skin Foods for Healthier Skin and a Beautiful YOU!


It’s finally 2014. It’s a start of a new year and for me, that signals new opportunities, experiences and a better version of you. There are no excuses and that goes to changing your food intake and getting into a healthier lifestyle. This year is the perfect moment to start and believe me it just takes initiative and to actually be able to evaluate to what you currently want right now and what you want to achieve in a long term basis.

I myself am into the phase where I am realizing this fact. I always wanted to lose more weight, I always wanted to have good and better skin – to have that youthful glow. It’s always all about the want and not the action to make it happen, this year – let’s both start doing something about what we truly wanted to happen and change in our life. And, if you are like me, who is wanting to not just lose weight but also have a healthier looking skin – then continue reading on as we both work on our healthier lifestyle which starts from within.

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Chef Jessie’s 100 Revolving Restaurant Experience

One of the most fascinating fine dining experience, indeed!

Chef Jessie’s 100 Revolving Restaurant is build in with a modern 360 revolving fine dining restaurant in the Philippines featuring its French cuisine Chef Jessie Sinsioco of Le Souffle fame.
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September 30th, 2013
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