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Most of you, my readers, know that I am the type of beauty blogger who focuses more on skin care problems, maintenance and health. It has been lately that I have started widening up my interest with fashion, though.. I am still not the type who easily go with the trends since I like simplicity and elegance, still as my best pick in terms of fashion. It must have come as a surprise for me to talk about makeup even more since I always let my readers know how much natural beauty my blog entries have always been.
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Cynos, Inside Hair Care (Hair Fashion Show)


Last June, I was invited to a hair fashion show to be held at Grand ballroom of the Diamond Hotel, Roxas Blvd., Manila., Cynos. It’s a big brand known around the world that originated in Korea, where most Asian celebrities and high-end fashion that we all have been eyeing on have started and they are officially making themselves known to the public here in Philippines last June 2012 by launching a hair fashion show event. It was a big success as they showcase how they innovated the hair industry along with the best hairdressers available in our very own country, Philippines.
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July 13th, 2012
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This is just a short entry update just to tell you guys how much I am thankful for each and everyone of you. I started this new domain website ( during May 16, 2012 and in just a matter of 18 days, I’ve already reached a Google Page Rank of 2.

How amazing is that?!

I just couldn’t have done this without my viewers, subscribers and daily readers and visitors coming on my website, delivering an appropriate amount of traffic daily.

To show my gratitude to everyone, I sponsored a candy bag in Babyvox’s upcoming giveaway contest. Feel free to visit her website for more details and information.

Thank you for the continued support, take care and have a lovely day to all!

May 5th, 2012
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First Rain in May has Healing Properties!


Yesterday in the Philippines, we all experience the first rain in May. I heard about the rain forecast since early morning and everyone has been telling their own opinion about it but I never really cared. I just told myself, “What’s the big deal? Nothing is so alarming about the rain. It’s actually good if it does, especially this Summer season. It has been really hot, sometimes it’s already irritating, lol.”
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May 2nd, 2012
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Erzullie’s Plus Size Model Search

It’s not everyday you would get to see a plus size model search. Thus, if you are a plus size, don’t waste this opportunity to try your luck and be their IT girl!

Requirements: High Fashion Plus Size Models

AGE: 18 – 28 YEARS OLD

– Must be able to wear sleeveless, tube, VERY high heeled shoes and shorts.
– Must be able to do runway and/or high fashion still poses and all the requirements pertaining to it
– Must have professional portfolio and is professional to work with
*Must be open to set terms of payment

Please send the following to our email:
with the Subject: PLUS SIZE MODEL GO-SEE


Minumum Photo Requirements:


Additional Photo Requirements:


Those who has been approved shall be emailed back and invited to the plus size go see within the month of October 2012.

*To be revealed when model is chosen for project.

Don’t forget to visit Erzulie’s Website to check out their gorgeous plus-size fashion forward clothing’s.

Plus Size Modeling Tip # 1
Plus Size Modeling Tip # 2

April 28th, 2012
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The Etude House Pink Fair 2012

The Etude House Pink Fair 2012 has now ended and I know you would agree with me that it was a whole lot of fun and excitement! I arrived at the event around 1pm to meet up with a friend when I saw a big, big line-up in SM The Block, Atrium and saw tons of ladies registering for the event. I am sure that despite the long lines during the event, everything was worth it in the end. There were fashion and styling talk and lessons hosted by Etude representatives and expertswhere in ladies were able to learn more about what style would fit for their own different body types. There was also a Beauty 101 Classes for everyone to get to know more about make-up and skin care.

Just like any fair, there are a lot of freebies, interactive games, and booths. Speaking of freebies, check out the items I got on this event: Meg Magazine, Honey Bee Hand Cream, Banana Body Lotion, and Dress Room Shower Cologne. I actually wanted to get a free make-over in Etude, unfortunately, the line was so long – like seriously long to the point the whole are is so crowded, you wouldn’t even know what to line-up for anymore! Is it the Doll-Me Up booth? Who am I booth? Is it the Make-Over and Skin Care booth or the Photo Booth section. I tell you, it’s crazy!

It was so crowded on Etude House Pink Fair that I ended up not lining up for anything at all. Instead, I went to their boutique on the 2nd Floor Level of SM The Block to purchase some of their products. These are the products that I really like on Etude and have I ever told you girls that when it comes to skin care, Etude will never fail you. They are not just about cute and good packaging, but their products has its own quality that you can’t just ignore and let it pass you by.

I also got a cake as a freebie from what I have purchased in Etude from Tous les Jours. Ain’t that just too pinkish, beautiful and sweet? It’s especially made only for The Etude House.

Overall, it’s fun, enjoyable and a stress relief kind of event. Definitely one of the memories that will always remain special for me.

I also met with Bella from Les Moda who texted me during the event that she saw me walking around so, we decided to meet up. Yay! She’s such a sweet, beautiful and lovely young lady. It was my pleasure to meet you dear!

The other photo on the right was me and my friend, Melle. It was a stolen shot photo at Four Fingers right after we had our late lunch. I knew she wanted to take a picture of both of us together but I am didn’t know she would immediately take a shot of our picture while I am not even fixed and ready yet, lol. Oh well. It was fun and I enjoyed every moment I had the entire day!

April 22nd, 2012
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