How to Naturally Improve Your Skin

We all want to have beautiful and healthy skin. There are many serums, cleansers and moisturizers on the market today, but did you know that you can improve the look, tone and texture of your skin naturally, without chemical-laden products?


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March 11th, 2015
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7 Crafty Projects to do using a Printer #CraftyThingsToDo

Being able to do crafty things is not just satisfying to one self. It doesn’t just brings out the creativity in each of us but it is truly one good way to even save money as well. Like one says – if there’s a will, there will always be a way, it goes in all aspect of life including in do-it-yourself crafty projects and decorations, too!


If you are just like me – who isn’t really good in anything hands-on, don’t worry you can still be crafty, digitally!
Here are 7 Crafty Things To Do using a Printer! Some of these are pretty smart to do when doing decorations at home, too!
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Natural Rehab in Your Kitchen Rid Your Body of Toxins With Juicing


There is no reason why you shouldn’t do a detox from time to time – at least 10 days in a month would be great. It is so much important to get rid of body toxins inside of our body – we don’t really have much excuse as everything about detoxing can be easily done and found inside our kitchen!
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Cleaning Your Antique Earrings Professionally, or do it at Home?

Over time your jewellery can become dirty and lose its shine, no matter where you keep it. When it starts to look a bit dingy, you can have it cleaned professionally, or you can clean it yourself at home.


There comes a moment in time in the life of earrings when they lose their shine and no longer sparkle like they used to do. When you buy antique earrings, you will want to make sure they last and look good for as long as possible. Whether you wear your earrings regularly or have them stored in a jewellery box, time will leave its mark on them which will require you to have them cleaned to bring them back to looking like new.
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January 9th, 2015
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Top 5 List of Natural Anti-Aging Treatments

First of all, let me ask you.. when did you start being conscious of your skin? Most people especially young adults won’t even bother with anti-aging treatments thinking that it is only for “older” people. This is a big misconception. Our skin changes with age. The sun exposure we tend to experience, the lifestyle and personal habits we do on a daily basis all contributes to skin aging.

Natural Anti-Aging Treatments to Make You Look Younger at
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December 13th, 2014
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#DIY: The Avocado Face and Body Mask | Natural Beauty Tips

There is so much benefits with Avocado. While I honestly don’t like eating them I do know for a fact how important they are to our body system and diet (Yes, I prefer making Avocado Smoothies than eating them raw – I’d say yuck in a heart beat!) – not everyone knows, but they are a key ingredient in most beauty products as well.

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December 6th, 2014
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