Getting the Right Sunscreen for Your Skin


When it comes to sunscreen companies, you want to choose a company that you can trust. Your skin has to be a top priority and Rocky Mountain Sunscreen puts you at the top of the list. You need protection from the UV rays of the sun that can wreak havoc on your skin.
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May 10th, 2015
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5 Easy Steps to Do the No Makeup Look


Emma Stone, Jessica Biel, Blake Lively – we’ve seen the stars wear their “no makeup” makeup look and they look astonishing in them. We wonder if they’re just born with superior genes but we’re sure they did their makeup right. The “no makeup” makeup look relies on the right products such as Dermablend setting powder, L’Oreal concealer and more. This type of look focuses more on picking natural shades of your skin and lips, instead of putting on a vibrant color.

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September 25th, 2014
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Review: Pure ‘N Fresh Teen Essentials

I bet you would agree with me when I say that every girl just needs that perfect scent for their everyday life – especially for teenage girls. They tend to be conscious of every little thing starting with their face, their hair, over all looks and even with their scent making sure everything is clean and fabulous for a perfect day with friends or at school.


If this is your concern or your teenage girl’s concern, then let me introduce you Pure N’ Fresh Teen Essentials Pack! It’s includes a feminine wash and a cologne making sure every girl who uses it would stay feeling fresh, clean and fabulous all day long!

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August 2nd, 2014
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My Hong Kong #Shopping Goodies!

I haven’t been updating lately for one reason – that is because I was on a 5 day trip with my family in Hong Kong. I can’t even remember when was the last time I visited the place, it felt like it’s been forever since I last did. I actually planned to take lots of photos for the trip but I wasn’t able to do so because the place is always so crowded. I can’t even see one spot in Hong Kong where I can take a photo of the place without much people walking here and there. Everyone is so like always living on a fast pace life. It’s very different with Singapore – people in Singapore are even quite friendly, while people in Hong Kong.. well, let’s just say they are not so friendly and most of them get easily mad, plus they are not the best in speaking and understanding English, which is very understandable – after all, it’s not their main language.


If there is one thing I love about the recent trip I had in Hong Kong is the fact that I was able to spend some time with my family which I rarely do because of our work schedules. Also, because of the things I was able to buy during the trip. I totally enjoyed shopping in Hong Kong, seeing products that are not available in my country always amuses me – especially those that are related to beauty products. So here are the things I bought during the trip!
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May 18th, 2014
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Unboxing: BDJ Box April 2014 (An Exclusive PIXY #BDJBox!)

It’s the month of April and BDJ has sent me another #BDJBox for April 2014. Unboxing BDJ products is always thrilling and exciting for me just because you’ll just never know what you’ll get to receive and if it’s a new product – you’ll always be glad you have tried and discovered it before actually buying the product. It saves you time and money – plus, freebies are always a pleasure for me to indulge on!


I love discovering new products, trying on what works and what does not. I am very excited because this month – they sent us a new makeup brand called Pixy – it’s an Indonesian based cosmetics line formulated using the best Japanese technology and ingredients, ensuring that it understands each of our own Asian beauty skin!
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April 20th, 2014
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Unboxing: BDJ Box March 2014 (An Exclusive Benefit #BDJBox!)

It’s finally March 2014! I have been so excited for this month to come for so many reasons. One of those is because I am expected to receive my very first BDJ Box! I have been so hesitant last year but I decided to give it a try anyway.

Ta-da! An Exclusive Benefit BDJ BOx for March 2014!

Ta-da! An Exclusive Benefit BDJ BOx for March 2014 has arrived!

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March 7th, 2014
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