Why a Tummy Tuck Isn’t Right For You If You’re Overweight

While surgery may seem like the quickest option to a slimmer, trimmer body, is it really a suitable alternative to losing weight the long-term way?


The best candidates for abdominoplasty are those who are active, healthy, don’t smoke and have realistic expectations about what this surgery will achieve. After all, there will be scarring. There will be some sagging skin, and there is the possibility of complications.

How does fat work?

It’s important to think of a fat cell like a balloon. When the cell is empty, a person looks thinner and has more muscle definition. The cell is still there though; as long as they burn more energy then you take in. As soon as a person burns less energy, perhaps though a sedentary lifestyle, bad eating habits or poor diet, fat will start to be stored. People gain weight because, like a balloon, fat cells expand (which is a process called hypertrophy). In cases of significant weight gain, they then will break off and multiply to create more (called hyperplasia).


How is a tummy tuck performed?

The procedure’s aim is to make the abdomen firm, by removing excess pockets of fat and saggy skin caused by dramatic weight loss or pregnancy.

According to Jeremy Hunt, In a complete abdominoplasty, an incision is made from hip to hip at the bikini line, while the bully button and skin is detached to separate muscle from fat. The excess skin and fat is cut away, drains are inserted to collect waste fluid and the surgical site is stitched and dressed. The muscles themselves can also be tightened and stretched to give an all over more sculpted look.

It’s sometimes possible for surgeons to do a mini tuck, which leaves the belly button in place. This is still invasive but leaves less of a scar.

Who is it suitable for?

Contrary to popular belief, tummy tuck surgery sees the best results on patients who are simply reducing a stubborn pocket of fat, rather than trying to cheat their bodies out of a good diet and exercise. Overweight patients may be refused surgery due to the safety risks, slower healing times, and the strain it puts on the body.

It’s also not suitable for people with unrealistic expectations. The truth is, the surgery is very invasive. There’s downtime of at least 6 weeks, and longer before you can consider normal activities such as driving, shopping, or even picking up children. There will be scarring, which may be noticeable, especially around the navel.


Although the fat cells will be gone, the surrounding calls have the potential to expand and break off. Which is why although it may seem like a quick fix, a healthy lifestyle is still needed.

If surgery is something you’re considering, ensure you’re at a healthy weight and you’ve burnt as much fat before the surgery as possible. Start getting into good eating habits and partake in regular exercise to keep weight down. If you know no amount of exercise will shift your mummy tummy or beer belly, ensure you choose a surgeon well skilled in the procedure. Preparing this way will mean you sculpt the perfect body for you.

Further details can be found at Web MD.

52 Comments to Why a Tummy Tuck Isn’t Right For You If You’re Overweight

  1. it is so important to get properly informed before making this types of decision
    Suprprising, but makes total sense

  2. If I knew I wouldn’t be out of commission while I had to heal, I would get a tummy tuck in a heartbeat.

  3. Thanks for this information. It’s very educational. I’m in the process of losing belly fats right now. I want to have tighter stomach and I have learned that liters of water a day can do the trick. And if you don’t have time for exercise, at least eat lesser amount of food in more frequent intervals. That’s what I’m applying right now. :)

  4. Chasity Boatman

    I don’t think surgeries are ever the answer. Healthy diet and exercise is the way it’s suppose to be done.

  5. This post’s very helpful and informative. I’ll share it with my mom’s sister. She’s planning to have a tummy tuck next year, but she’s overweight and she’s in her mid-60s.

  6. Thank you for referring to outside resources. I think any invasive procedures to the body must be carefully considered, and consulting with multiple professionals is not a bad idea. If you’re gonna do something to the body, might as well be as safe and informed as possible.

  7. I first heard about this from Kris Aquino before pa. Nice to know the comparison of fat in a balloon and kinda reminds me I badly need to exercise na :O I’m always afraid of surgery like this.

  8. I would never get a tummy tuck. It’s a temporary solution in most cases, IMO.

  9. How invasive is invasive? I guess after the surgery then the person who underwent tummy tuck should just relax at home.

  10. I personally think that if you are overweight get a liposuction then get a tummy tuck.

  11. I am so curious about tummy tuck, glad to read your post coz I have a friend who wants to undergo this but scared of what will happen after.

    Surgeries are quite scary and if someone don’t monitor/look after his/her body after the procedure, results will not be good and as nice as he/she expects.

    THANK YOU for giving these information.
    Good day!

  12. HAving 5 c-sections already, no more surgery on my tummy! I believe in good old eating right and exercise.

  13. Makes sense! I might need a tummy tuck after I have our second baby in July. Haha

  14. I think I would try every method before surgery, but sometime it’s the answer.

  15. That is awesome information.. I never knew any of that.. Thank you!

  16. Wow, who knew there was so much downtime and that it was such an invasive surgery. Glad it’s not something I am considering.

  17. I am glad to see this topic addressed on a beauty blog! Very important for people to understand the types of things you covered here. I usually say never say never but I really think I would never even consider a tummy tuck, even for a stubborn “pocket”. :)

  18. I think this is some great information, especially for people who have unrealistic expectations of weight loss surgery.

  19. I know of a couple people who have done this and had great results. It’s too scary for me!

  20. mel

    I really want a tummy tuck. I am having a csection with this one but I truly would love one!

  21. I would only consider a tummy tuck if I had a lot of sagging skin. I agree it’s not the right think for losing weight.

  22. I wish my tummy is that flat. My workout is not working lol.

  23. I never knew so much about tummy tucks. They are a lot less simple than I thought!

  24. Tummy tuck is what I need to get rid of the stubborn fat that hang in there no matter what I do!

  25. I knew that any kind of surgery had its potential for complications, but I didn’t know a thing about this surgery until you told me! This is a cool post to read!!

  26. I plan on getting one if I lose all my weight. My three kids did a toll on me, and I have a large pooch.

  27. Thanks for all the information! It is a very serious decision that needs to be seriously researched before deciding to go ahead.

  28. One should always be well informed before taking on any type of surgery.

  29. I am from the old school where you work at a good diet and fitness routine to get the results you want.

  30. I think it’s still better to lose the fat the hard way and it’s more toned that way.

  31. It’s also important to be aware of the risk of a tummy tuck before trying it out.

  32. I would prefer diet and exercise instead of surgery.

  33. There is really no short cut route to attaining fitness and health. I am not a big fan of any type of surgery so I would really want to exhaust all other means possible first.

  34. Tummy Tuck should complement weight loss initiatives and not cheat on them.

  35. Having been 374 pounds at one point I don’t judge others on how they get their results. Noone knows what people go through un;ess they havae all the facts. That being said, a tummy tuck, as with any medical procedure, should be researched and then a doctor consulted.

  36. Great educational and informative but do not encourage any surgical procedure unless life and death.

  37. After 2 pregnancies, achieving a flat tummy seems impossible. I wish I could just get a tummy tuck. :/

  38. I’m not a fan of surgeries, I would definitely diet and workout before I ever considered a tummy tuck!

  39. I don’t think I could do it, there’s nothing I hate more than recovering from surgery. But ask me again when I finish losing weight and still have a pouch from my ginormous pregnancies.

  40. Great info that the plastic surgery industry may not tell you. they make it look like it will solve all your problems

  41. katherine

    I need one from my C-section

  42. I’m too scared of all the complication to even dream about a tummytuck. wish life were easy and there were magical solutions but usually there are none.

  43. This is definitely a big decision for anyone. Surgery can be dangerous and people need to be sure to do their research and make the best decision for them.

  44. I really want a tummy tuck after I lose my weight. I had three c-sections and I have no muscle tissues left.

  45. There really are no short cuts to being healthy and looking good. It is important to put the work in to make it happen.

  46. I’ll go for the healthy and natural way :)

  47. Surgery should always be complemented by exercise.

  48. Just to tone down your tummy and the whole body for a beautiful image.

  49. this new to me..but i think it very informative..good read!

  50. The best candidates for tummy tuck are those who are active, healthy, don’t smoke and have realistic expectations about what this surgery will achieve. After all, there will be scarring. There will be some sagging skin, and there is the possibility of complications.

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