Water, Water Everywhere… How To Save Money On Drinking Water


Saving money on drinking water is probably the simplest thing you can do to economize. And all you have to do is turn on the bloody tap! According to Tapwater.org, an organization devoted to discouraging the consumption of bottled water (and, it should be noted, selling their own refillable bottles and assorted supplies), the average consumer in the UK spends £25,000 on bottled water during the course of their lifetime. Why, that’s about enough to purchase a shiny new Jag or a couple of nice motorbikes, neither of which will do much to slake your thirst, but will go much farther in moving you higher on the “cool” scale. But corporate profit incentives and ego-fulfillment aside, there is a lot to be said for not consuming commercially bottled water. To wit:



British tap water costs approximately 0.09p per litre, meaning that £1 will buy roughly 1,000 litres. By comparison, that same £1 will purchase a one-litre bottle of “purified” water. It doesn’t take a university-trained mathematician to see how much more costly the bottled stuff is, but it is possible that some of those mathematicians work for the bottled water companies, just to keep track of the huge profits they make.



Yes, we know… some of the bottled stuff is “purified,” or perhaps “enhanced with essential minerals.” Sounds impressive, but the fact is that a goodly portion of that bottled stuff comes from a tap, anyway. So by boiling it and perhaps tossing in a virtually untraceable amount of calcium, or iron, or whatnot, and putting it into a pretty bottle, they can charge a thousand times as much for it. And according statements in The Telegraph by Prof Paul Younger of Glasgow University, author of Water: All That Matters, “Water coming from UK taps is the most stringently tested in the world. People think there must be something wrong with tap water because it is so cheap and plentiful. But from a safety and price perspective, tap water is better for you. There’s certainly a greater chance you could find something harmful in bottled water than from your taps.” (http://www.telegraph.co.uk/health/healthnews/9775158/Bottled-water-not-as-safe-as-tap-variety.html)

Ecological considerations


Aside from the much higher cost and concerns about the quality and even safety of bottled water, there’s also the impact upon the environment to be considered. According to The Environmental Technology Centre at the University of Nottingham (http://www.nottingham.ac.uk/etc/news-water.php), even in 2007, British consumers purchased thirteen billion plastic water bottles, only about three billion of which were recycled. Again, you needn’t be a mathematician to imagine where the other ten billion bottles ended up: in landfills, on road sides, and in the bellies of very uncomfortable marine animals.

But the bottled stuff is so convenient…


If you simply must have a bottle of water to take with you wherever you happen to be going, consider purchasing reusable bottles and filling them from the tap. If nothing else, some of the reusable bottles look infinitely more chic than the disposable ones anyway, and you’d have to pay an awful lot for the bottle before it came out to be more costly than buying bottled water over the long term. If you have some worries about purity (which are pretty well unfounded, we might remind you), you could always run the tap water through an inexpensive filter.

In summary, if you simply insist upon purchasing bottled water, at least be honest with yourself as to your reasons for doing so. You certainly aren’t doing it for economic or health reasons. If not having to be bothered with washing out and refilling your own bottles is worth sacrificing that Jag or those motorbikes, and the image of a river clogged with plastic rubbish doesn’t bother you, and you say “bollocks” to the notion of choking dolphins and whales, then by all means, carry on. It’s your money and health after all, and you probably can’t see the river – much less the dolphins – from your flat, anyway.

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  1. I’m quite picky on my water. Even bottled water. I grew up on a fresh mountain spring; so most bottled water tastes like plastic to me. Yuck. And city water is horrible. I always have to filter all my water. And Prefer refillable Nalgene bottles cause they don’t leave a weird flavor in my water.

  2. We use a Brita Filter here at our house and it saves us a bundle!

  3. Well, we DO use bottled water in our home, but we get it for free from my father-in-law, who works for the plant. And we also recycle the bottles :)

  4. How funny that it comes from the tap a lot of times anyway! We buy it because we have well water, but I’d rather have the tap. It’s way more convenient.

  5. since I been sick all I can drink most days is water.

  6. You don’t just save money, you also feel better and a lot more healthy with drinking only water.

  7. Amanda @ Erickson & Co.

    We save money on drinking water by not purchasing bottled water and making sure we always take our reusable stainless steel water bottles with us.

  8. My daughter has to drink a lot of water every day. I have been trying to convince her to get one of those Brita bottles that purifies as you drink it, because the quality of our tap water here is not very good.

  9. I use a filter and refillable water bottles at home, but I also keep bottled in the car for the kids. They are always thirsty and they have lost so many (not cheap) reusable water bottles.

  10. I use a Brita Pitcher here for our drinking water. I use a rain barrel outdoors for my garden’s needs.

  11. It’s sad that we even have to worry about saving money on drinking water because the water supply is sometimes unclean or unreliable. These are some great tips.

  12. It’s been 5 years since I started drinking only water; I have no idea what soda tastes like anymore and don’t care. :)

  13. We always filter our water and use a refillable stainless steel water bottle.

  14. I drink a lot of bottled water. We have well water and it tastes yucky!

  15. We have a water filter on our tap and don’t buy bottled. It’s so much easier and there isn’t all of that wasted plastic.

  16. We used to get the big 5 gallon bottles in at an office I worked at until we discovered they were just filling the bottles with tap water. After that we invested in a good filter for our tap water.

  17. lawna

    I really need to get a filter system for our sink water. I have such a hard time drinking water but with the ammount of money I spend buying cokes, I could definitely save a bunch by switching to water!

  18. Pam

    We use a Brita also and I fill my own water bottles to take with me. I don’t like all of the plastic either.

  19. Such great topics on how to save money on drinking water. Thanks for the advice

  20. We use the filtered water from our fridge and reusable glass water bottles. Water is so important for us us!

  21. Britas work great for me – we have the ability to filter our water from our fridge, but the filter hasn’t been working – I miss my fresh water from the spout!

  22. I would definitely use a refillable bottle if I drank it all day long. It’s just the responsible thing to do.

  23. Water, water water! SO important! We use a filter too, saves a bunch of money!

  24. I actually heard that bottled water isn’t quality controlled for pH levels unlike tap water. I will always go for tap versus bottled water. Such a waste…

  25. am one of those people who would opt for water at any given time. it is healthier + it is also helpful for when someone is trying to lose weight, and sure leaves anyone feeling refreshed after each drink!

  26. I hate water to be honest LOL> So I have to get certain brands and have to have it super cold.

  27. I drink water all the time and one way we use to cover any weird flavor that water might have is to add fruit. I love the way it makes the water taste.

  28. I can’t live without water, it’s my main beverage.

  29. We use a Brita Filter in my home. I cannot imagine if I had to pay for individual bottles or if I was drinking something other than water! My body craves the water. I need it!

  30. We have nasty tap water where we live here in CO so we always buy our water. Maybe if I get a filtration system that might be a good thing. In the meantime I’ll keep on buying water. :)

  31. With the Philippine heat the way it is, I’m running out of money because I’m constantly buying water. Thanks for the tips!

  32. That’s one of my main goal this year, to buy a water dispenser so we don’t have to buy bottled ones.

  33. bottled water do not come cheap so it is best to just bring your own water bottle, especially when on the road.

  34. I don’t drink as much water as I should, but I do drink more of the bottled stuff too just because it’s readily available. :P

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