Stretching for Weight Loss

Have you ever noticed why some people can eat a lot and still, you’d never see them gain too much weight and it’s not just about the metabolism or going to the gym to burn fat and doing a lot of body workout. Most of the time, all you need is a proper body posture and doing some regular body stretching on a daily basis would do the trick.

Did you know that Derek Ramsay, a Filipino-British model, actor, host in the Philippines, doesn’t gives too much time on AB workouts?


Most of the time, he states that he focuses more on sitting up straight and making sure he has a proper body posture.

In this time of age, most people would just sit in front of their laptops or computer having their eyes fixated and focus on its screen whether they are working, playing online games or maybe just facebook-ing and getting involved in a lot of social media networks.

Everything has become so technological that everything can be found on the internet, most of the things can be done just by using your computers and other gadgets.

Unfortunately, our body was not made to stay in one position for so long. As a human being, we are all made to move, be free, twist around in different directions – or simply jump for joy. It is very important to keep our blood flowing throughout our body, which is why most of the things can give immediate results in losing weight are yoga and boxing because these types of activity doesn’t just gives importance to stretching but it also gives us an overall workout.

While we all do understand that not everyone can give and commit so much time on these activity that can probably consume 60 to 90 minutes in a day, try to at least give 15 to 20 minutes every morning stretching out your body as you start the day. Doing some body stretching daily is not just good for your body but it is also good for your skin. It oxygenates the cells throughout your body, creating a radiant glow to the skin. It also helps removing toxins in our body and reduces cellulite as well.

So much to gain just by doing some stretching, right? Feel free to do this every morning as you start your day and every night before going to sleep.

April 26th, 2012
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12 Comments to Stretching for Weight Loss

  1. vainroxy

    This shall be my daily reminder! :)) Tamad ko ever magstretch ng body. lagi nalang nakaupo sa harapan ng pc. hhmm.. i’ll be doing some 30-minute briskwalking in a while! ;))

  2. jojomei

    I missed reading your tips, ate! :) I would definitely recommend this to my friends. Di ko kasi need and weight loss. Weight gain kailangan ko Haha
    btw ang hirap gamiting ng comment system mo :((

  3. Proper stretching lang pala ang kelangan. :) I gain weight talaga simula nung vacation. :( I feel upset talaga. 

  4. miiss_triish

    I don’t do stretching everyday :| I am scared that I may over-stretched :( :)) When I do that, I always end up having a muscle pain and parang may vain na naipit. I hate that feeling :| 

  5. JmCampos

    wow! I have to say that this is so useful to me. Thanks A for sharing, I will do this everyday. Not for weight loss because I’m skin enough but to be healthy ;)

  6. twinklepuff

    This one’s for me. Haha! But I’ve been doing work outs narin (although not everyday kasi may days na ang sakit ng katawan ko kakaexer since nagaadjust palang) I truly need this! Sakit na nga ng likod ko because of too much comp. Kaya lately mas prefer ko magonline mobile :(

  7. Chelsea Catingub

    I need to try those stretching to! haha ;)

  8. Ows, is that really true about D.Ramsay? With his tone, I find it hard to believe hehehe.

    • Yes. It was on a TV interview last time, hehe.. I do think he works out maybe what he means that stretching should just not be taken lightly. My boyfriend for some reason is always so toned – without even working out but he does a lot of stretching and kept bugging me to do stretches myself – so I guess that proves it too.

  9. a friend of mine does the stretching too well if it works for them, why not try it. right, thanks for the tips. very encouraging.

  10. Sitting can really bring in the flabs so it’s nice to have the core always activated by proper activity and stretching.

  11. I think stretching wont let you loose weight.

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